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Leftists, Arabs Can’t Make Peace With Idea Of A Jewish State

How can we expect the world's outrage against Israeli terrorism when Israel's own officials place the blame on the victims?

Hebron And The Pains Of Redemption: Personal Reflections

The tension was unbearable because it was already Shabbat in Israel which prevented me from communicating with our people there.

The Feminist Assault On Israel

The responses brought into focus the changes that have taken place among liberal intellectuals over the past three decades.

Goodbye To A Jewish Hero

Irv's voice was only on a few of the tapes and, according to his lawyers, he said nothing that could be construed as conspiring to perform a criminal act.

Left-Wing Jews On One-Way Guilt Trip

Hypothetically, if Canada sent suicide bombers into America to wantonly kill people, would the brains of Jewish university professors calcify enough to justify it? We doubt it.

Don’t Expel Arafat!

I'll admit that Israel hasn't been too smart in dealing with Arafat.

Dr. Fu Manchu And Osama Bin Laden

Fu Manchu did the unexpected and populated his environment with more creatures of death than Indiana Jones had to face in their natural environment.

Two People, One World

Why did the Orthodox rav agree to violate the decree of all the great roshei yeshiva and enter into this dialogue, giving Reform a platform to spew its blasphemy and disdain for Torah observant Jews?

The Torah Approach To Ecology

The great 19th century thinker Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch sees this Torah mandate as reaching beyond the letter of the law to underscore a fundamental axiom in religious life.

‘Peace Now’ Requires Brute Strength First

The fact that these groups are unwilling to reconsider this strategy despite all the contrary evidence only shows that peace never was their prime goal in the first place.

Shidduchim: Is This The Way It Should Be?

I wish it were just apocryphal that families, rabbis, doctors, and friends are asked the most intrusive, inappropriate, and invasive questions by shadchanim or other agents about the young man or woman.

The S.O.N.D.A. Shanda – Time To Fight Anti-Family Legislation

Is this the level of opposition that was mandated by our Gedolim of yesteryear?

Eco-Judaism: Nothing Jewish About This Fad

In recent years the American Jewish community has been the target of a campaign that tries to argue that Jews are theologically obligated to support each and every green fad to come along. Several organizations have arisen in the name of "eco-Judaism," which is nothing more than the endorsement of the environmentalist political agenda in the name of Judaism.

How To End The Suicide Attacks

Longer curfews is certainly a possibility. But then we are talking of years, not weeks.

The Importance Of A Jewish High School Education

There are quite a number of justifications often given by parents (and students) for choosing not to enroll in a Jewish day school.

Religious Ignorance Threatens Israel’s Existence

I had a long conversation with my children recently and explained to them that nearly 1000 Jews had been murdered in the past decade because Israeli children had never been taught to read the siddur (Jewish prayer book). Should that sound to you bizarre - if not medieval and superstitious -- then let me explain to you what I mean, the same way that I explained it to my children.

Rabbi Sacks Reflects The Fearful Timidity Of British Jews

Rabbi Sacks is a man with a sharp mind and an ability to appreciate wisdom whatever its source.

Selichos For Oslo Supporters

The Israeli and American Jewish supporters of Oslo are asked to say special Selichos prayers this year in light of the terrible catastrophes inflicted upon Israel by the policies they have forced on the country.

The new Oslo Selichos go something like this:

A True Friend Of Israel Faces A Tough Challenge: Why Jews Must Support Sen....

During his two terms in office, Bob Smith has consistently shown himself to be one of Israel's greatest allies in the U.S. government.

Jackson Just Another Airhead On Mideast

The terrorists would have simply rationalized those attacks by repeating their mantra that Israel is occupying Palestinian lands.

Hitler’s Children

I'm on a bus and a high school boy passes around Grandpa's red leather-bound copy of Mein Kampf to his friends who respond by saying coooool!?

Close To Home

I believe that "business as usual" is a healthy response to the devastation America, Israel and all of Klal Yisrael are experiencing.

Hitler’s Arab Allies

Britain was so concerned with Nazi inroads into the Arab world in 1938, the eve of World War II, that it issued the infamous White Paper limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine, contributing to a locking of Jews into a Europe that was being overrun by Hitler.

Overall, the survey found that anti-Semitism has increased.

The Alternative to Oslo: A Modest Proposal

If the Oslo carnage in Israel continues at its current pace, the number of Israelis murdered since the signing of the Rabin-Arafat 'Peace Accord' in 1993 soon will be larger - when measured as proportional to population size - than the total losses by the United States in the Vietnam War.

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