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The Left’s Islamo-Fascist Blindness Syndrome

American leftists have a pathological self-inflicted blindness to the dangers of political Islam

Trump Is Hillary’s Best Friend – His Record of Support for Liberal Causes Has...

Hillary should THANK Trump; By dominating the news he's overshadowed the implosion of her campaign

An Open Letter To Jewish College Students

Hard to remember when Jewish youth were so hostile to their heritage as they are on campuses today.

The Iranian Nuclear Program and the Final Solution

Names of the enablers of Iran's Nuclear weapons will be added next to Hitler's on the list of infamy

Why Huckabee’s Holocaust Statement Was Entirely Appropriate

Cavalier analogies to the Holocaust are unacceptable, but Huckabee's analogy was very appropriate.

Overjoyed and Angry at Jonathan Pollard’s Coming Release

Pollard was a Jewish-head-on-a-pike for all American Jews to see and to learn the explicit lesson.

Arab Violence on the Temple Mount

Magnanimity by Moshe Dayan, allowing Muslim control of the Temple Mount, led to today's situation.

J Street Fronts For Obama On The Iranian Deal

J Street is the vanguard (Jewish face)in support of Obama's Vienna Accords Nuclear Deal with Iran

My Heart, My Heart Aches for the Slain; My Innards Churn for Their Loss

On the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, Tisha B’av, a reflection on the dangerous deal with Iran

An Appeal to Those Who Finance Israel’s Boycotts

All Jews MUST stand together to oppose boycotts against Israel. So why does NIF & JCF support BDS?

Tisha B’Av and the Threat of a New Holocaust

This year it is hard to concentrate on anything but Iran building nuclear weapons to destroy Israel

Hardest Times Ever for Israel

Bibi failed the moment he transferred Israel’s Iran problem to the international arena.

God Of My Ancestors, God Of Mine

Like the Avos, we are invested with the mission to inspire humanity to become nobler and greater

Much Worse Than Munich

Iran accords are worse than Munich; even Chamberlain would be shocked at what is transpiring again.

‘I Want More’

An unhappy person cannot become happy by acquiring items. Happiness has to come from somewhere else.

You Have Dwelt Long Enough in Brooklyn and Beverly Hills!

Torah wasn’t given to be kept in Sinai; Brooklyn or Beverly Hills-It was meant to be kept in Israel!

Civil Society: Neither Civil nor Social

Technology must develop mechanisms to defeat the challenges posed by hate mongers on the Internet

Another Morgenthau Challenges A President

Morgenthau's speech echoes history, reprising his father's role of speaking truth to power: FDR

Lonely Sits The City

Fasting on Tisha B'Av helps to remember the past & recognize the miraculous nature of our history

The 1980s, the American Left, and Rubik’s Bomb

The US Left & the Obama admin, support an Iranian Jihadi bomb & a zero-sum effort against the Israel

Rights in Iran: Who cares?

Money may make the world go round but human rights makes the world better.

Is Israel Ostracized?

Based on Israel's record, current events are mere bumps on the road to great growth&acceptability

Climate Change, an Overarching Approach

Contrast the gloom&doom of global warming proponents to Jewish compelling&positive environmentalism

We, the Jewish people…

Dear World, Watch as we, the Jewish people, rise above a nuclear Iran, as we have all other threats.

How I Would Change Israel’s Gun Control Laws

Israel's gun control laws are too restrictive where they should be more liberal, and too negligent, where they should be more restrictive.

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