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No Trump To Blame, US Anti-Semitism Suddenly Not Newsworthy

Could worldwide anti-Semitism actually all be traced back to Pres. Trump? Or is the world's oldest hatred only of interest to the media if it can be used as another stick to bash the President?

Snakes In The Vineyard

The Jewish supporters of the evangelical labor force of Hayovel speak of these people as Christian friends. These deceitful duplicitous types are not our friends. Far from it.

INTO THE FRAY:The Humanitarian Paradigm- Hobson’s Choice for Israel (Part I)

Only one policy paradigm can sustain Israel as the nation-state of the Jews and prevent it becoming untenable either geographically or demographically—or both

Anti-Israel Boycott Act Targets Discrimination, Not Free Speech

44 companies from around the world operate freely in occupied territory without consequence, while only Jewish companies operating in the West Bank face repercussions.

Ya Think?

The hearts and minds of average Palestinians have to be prepared for peace through a completely different set of messages.

The Next Israel-Hezbollah Conflict

Israel’s security focus is changing: to the growing Iranian military presence in Syria, the growing military strength of Hezbollah, and the possibility of a devastating Israel-Hezbollah conflict.

Jared Kushner’s Right: There’s NO Solution

All the professional peace processors and self-appointed Middle East “experts” don’t grasp the simple fact that an unassuming real estate developer-turned-presidential son-in-law understands:: the conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Israel has no solution.

Jews Can Learn From Evangelicals’ Unconditional Love For Israel

Despite their staunch support for Israel, evangelical and fundamentalist Christians are disliked by many American Jews. Why?


Moshe’s final lesson is that we must do each mitzvah to the extent we are able. We are not to be compared to others in their performance or accomplishments. This is the Torah Moshe placed before us.

Despite Recent Ruling, ‘Second Get Law’ Is Constitutional

The Second Get Law has been around for fifteen years and has been upheld by appellate courts and will continue to be despite Judge Bartlett's reversal

The Mount Was Empty!

We have just missed an extraordinary opportunity. Israel’s weakness on the Temple Mount will bring a very serious conflict because, with our capitulation, we have lost our sense of justice.

State Department Continues To Whitewash Arab Terrorism

The State Dept’s new Israel-bashing, falsehood-filled “Country Reports on Terrorism 2016” – which blames Israel for Palestinian terrorism against innocent Israelis – has caused us to lose confidence in Tillerson’s ability to promote Trump’s Mideast agenda.

Time to Reconsider Misleading Terms Used in Middle East Coverage ​

"But words can never hurt me" is just a silly, inaccurate line from a rhyme. Words do MATTER.


Learn more about today's Middle East in this interview with leading pundit and regular Jewish Press Online contributor, Dr. Martin Sherman.

Deadly False Narratives Drove the Temple Mount Crisis

Islamists in Gaza, Jordan, east Jerusalem, and within the Israeli Arab community, had the upper hand in their ability to push their interpretation of events claiming Israel intended to destroy the mosque to make way for a third Temple

The Disturbing Mr. De Blasio

He told a German TV station that his appearance was in part to provide an opposing position to President Trump’s worldview.

Time To End The Charades

Financial packages? Reintegrating cold-blooded murderers into society? And so the report went, simply glossing over the damning evidence of Palestinian malevolence.

A Slander Against A Zionist Leader That Just Won’t Go Away

Wise was especially furious when Silver helped persuade Republican leaders to insert a pro-Zionist plank in their 1944 party platform.

Palestinians: Metal Detectors or Lie Detectors – Who Is Violating What?

To clarify: To the Palestinians this crisis is not about a metal detector or a security camera they want dismantled. It is Israel that they want dismantled.

Countering Contemptuous Palestinians

Sinai-stan, Hamas-stan, Hezbollah-stan, and Syria-stan already have emerged on Israel’s southern and northern borders. This is more than enough for Israel to handle. A Pales-stan on Israel’s eastern border would be unbearable. Israel can’t and won’t let it rise.

Picturing A World

Known for his images of common street life, Vishniac displayed his early talents in the snapshots he took on the streets of Berlin.

“Baseless Hatred” and the Temple Mount

The reason we’re still banished from the Temple Mount is not because some women want to pray at the Kotel with tefillin and Torah scrolls; it’s not because other Jews, who believe this is prohibited, attempt to block them. But it may well because of the type of rhetoric and methods that both sides use against each other.

Do You Feel the Churban Yet?

After several days of Arab rioting and violence, Trump sent his Jewish emissaries to pressure Netanyahu to remove the metal detectors and other security enhancements, which he and his cabinet agreed to do. Talk about giving into evil…

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