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Librarians Against Israel: The Outrage Continues

4 Adar 5764 – February 25, 2004
Is not such close-minded determination indicative of a lack of responsiveness from public employees mandated to serve everyone, without prejudice?

Don’t Demonize All On The Left

Those who insist that it be built only along the Green Line undermine the status of communities in Judea and Samaria that most Israelis want to permanently retain.

A Matter Of Mindset

Arafat himself had opposed the 1991 Gulf War that ousted Saddam's forces from Kuwait. Palestinians cheered when Iraqi Scud missiles crashed into Israeli cities.

Save The Golan

And so the Golan is in need. It needs Jews to recognize its unique importance.

Conservative Christians Put Principle Ahead Of Pragmatism

The behavior of those Christians who broke ranks deserves attention because it is a powerful rebuttal to the worst stereotypes about the Christian Right - stereotypes that critics are likely to dredge up as the debate over gay rights heats up.

The Blog Revolution: Holding Journalists’ Feet To The Fire

The Internet - particularly the blogosphere - has leveled the playing field, making it possible for anyone to hold media outlets accountable for what they publish or broadcast.

Letters To The Editor

Supports Bush, But Criticism OKI agree with Assemblyman Dov Hikind that George W. Bush seems the best choice for the Jewish community ("No Choice...

Israel’s Proposed Assassination Of Sheik Yassin: Targeted Killings Of Terrorist Leaders According To International...

According to Zeev Boim, Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense, Israel plans to target Sheik Ahmed Yassin, founder of the deadly Hamas terror group. Boim authoritatively cites numerous acts of barbarism authorized by Yassin, with particular reference to Yassin's recent religious ruling allowing women to become suicide bombers.

Aliyah: A Realistic Option

28 Shevat 5764 – February 20, 2004
Imagine what your great grandparents would think if they knew you were rejecting an aliyah that is only a short planeride away.

Letters To The Editor

Case StudyMemo to reader Joan Borenstein, whose anti-Bush rant was an amazing case study in liberal denial ('Jail to the Chief?' Letters, Jan. 16):The...

A Bad Case Of Stockholm

27 Shevat 5764 – February 18, 2004
As for Belgian Jews, in additional to their own EU taxes, they also have to fund the prosecution of Ariel Sharon as a war criminal.

Jack Kelley And The Hebron ‘Extremists’

"After a quick prayer, Avi Shapiro and 12 other Jewish settlers put on their religious skullcaps, grabbed their semi-automatic rifles and headed toward Highway 60.... As they crouched in a ditch beside the road, Shapiro, the leader of the group, gave the settlers orders: Surround any taxi, "open fire," and kill as many of the "blood-sucking Arab" passengers as possible. "We are doing what [Israeli Prime Minister] Sharon promised but has failed to do: drive these sons of Arab whores from the land of Israel," said Shapiro, 42, who moved here with his wife and four children three years ago from Brooklyn. "If he won't get rid of the Muslim filth, we will.""

Letter To An Anti-Zionist Jew

If this means that much of Judea and Samaria become Arab-free that is how it may need to be.

The Tears Of Soldiers

A strong knock, the door was opened, and three soldiers stood framed in the doorway.

No Choice But Bush

Four years ago the warnings and admonitions were rampant. Another Bush in the White House would threaten Israel.

Why Israel Needs Nuclear Weapons: A Response To Zeev Maoz

Israeli strategist Zeev Maoz, currently a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan, has written a controversial article calling for Israel to disband its nuclear weapons program and to join with Arab states in the region to create a "nuclear-weapons- free-zone."

A Radical Feminist Supports A Republican President

22 Shevat 5764 – February 14, 2004
Educated men who had returned to Afghanistan were virtually indistinguishable from those who had never left home.

A House Divided

21 Shevat 5764 – February 13, 2004
Whose land will be surrendered to the terrorists? Obviously Jewish land as defined in the Bible - land that Israel recovered during the Arabs' third war of aggression against the Jewish state.

My Niece Implements The Sharon Policy

"But isn't he breaking his promise to the Israelis?"

For 400 years, Europeans directed world events on a grand scale. Suddenly, they have evolved into political irrelevance.

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