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Close To Home

29 Elul 5762 – September 6, 2002
I believe that "business as usual" is a healthy response to the devastation America, Israel and all of Klal Yisrael are experiencing.

Media Friends Top Ten

27 Elul 5762 – September 4, 2002
The responses are still coming in to last week's Top 25 (alphabetical order) listing of "Media Friends" of Israel as nominated by the Monitor's faithful readers. Most of you who've e-mailed or faxed your reactions agree with most or all of the names, though a number of readers were livid over the appearance on the list of long-time radio host Bob Grant (see this week's Letters to the Editor section for a taste of their wrath).

Hitler’s Arab Allies

23 Elul 5762 – August 31, 2002
Britain was so concerned with Nazi inroads into the Arab world in 1938, the eve of World War II, that it issued the infamous White Paper limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine, contributing to a locking of Jews into a Europe that was being overrun by Hitler.

The First-Ever Media Friends List

20 Elul 5762 – August 28, 2002
A hundred and thirty four. As in 134. Not submissions - those numbered close to a thousand (951 when we stopped the count, with more still coming) - but names. It quickly became obvious that the Monitor had some serious whittling down to do if this Media Friends List was going to work at all.

16 Elul 5762 – August 23, 2002
Overall, the survey found that anti-Semitism has increased.

The Alternative to Oslo: A Modest Proposal

If the Oslo carnage in Israel continues at its current pace, the number of Israelis murdered since the signing of the Rabin-Arafat 'Peace Accord' in 1993 soon will be larger - when measured as proportional to population size - than the total losses by the United States in the Vietnam War.

Welcome Home, New Immigrants

15 Elul 5762 – August 22, 2002
The State of Israel is beset by what conventional wisdom considers a huge demographic problem.

Murder In Toronto: A City’s Decline, Jewish Fears — And An Angel Of Death...

If indeed this cold-blooded murder was not motivated by unwarranted hatred, then David was the random victim of soul-less, unfeeling deviants, with no shred of empathy or human compassion.

Mike Wallace: A Ham-And-Cheese On Yom Kippur Kind Of Jew

13 Elul 5762 – August 21, 2002
This week the Monitor concludes its extended look at the anti-Israel proclivities of "60 Minutes" stalwart Mike Wallace. As we've noted in our earlier installments, Wallace has always displayed a palpable ambivalence - some would say that's too charitable a word - when dealing with Jewish issues, never more so than when he downplayed the plight of Soviet Jewry in the 1980's and Syrian Jewry in the 1970's.

Treat Arafat Like Eichmann

9 Elul 5762 – August 16, 2002
But if Arafat is not responsible for all those bombings and killings since 1993, on what grounds could we try him?


I guess the two geniuses were off the planet last September when four passenger jets were hijacked, and three of the four were rammed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon buildings.

ACLU: Atheist Civil Liberties Union

When their religious faith weakens, so does their moral strictness.

The Wallace Files (Part III)

6 Elul 5762 – August 14, 2002
"You and your friends won't like what you'll see on my program in a couple of weeks," Mike Wallace told an acquaintance in Jerusalem in November 1990, referring to a forthcoming "60 Minutes" report on the Temple Mount riot staged by Palestinians earlier that fall.

Liberals Quoting Scripture: Beware The Jewish Politically-Correct Bible Thumpers

1 Elul 5762 – August 9, 2002
When I was a lad we used to suffer from the frequent visits of missionaries who often canvassed our neighborhood, presumably because of the large number of Jewish families whose souls could be saved there.

Mike Wallace’s Fateful Encounter

29 Av 5762 – August 7, 2002
As the Monitor reported last month, veteran "60 Minutes" hatchet man Mike Wallace has, after a brief respite, resumed his familiar role as one of the media's most consistent Jewish critics of Israel. During a number of interviews in recent months Wallace seemed to go out of his way to inject an anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian perspective into the conversation, most notably during a May 22 chat with Stephen Hess of the Brookings Institution.

And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to The Israeli Defense Force

25 Av 5762 – August 2, 2002
Rumors were rife about Israeli soldiers hurriedly burying bodies - getting rid of the evidence of their foul deeds, and that Israeli soldiers were using 'Palestinian' children as human shields.

How To Judge Bush’s Speech

23 Av 5762 – August 1, 2002
For the best indication that President Bush's June 24 White House speech indeed amounted to what several Israeli officials described as the most pro-Israel statement ever made by a sitting U.S. president, one need look no further than the reactions it stirred in the American punditocracy.

A Mother’s Pride

15 Av 5762 – July 24, 2002
One of the problems with multi-part columns is that a breaking story or timely development can wreak havoc on any semblance of an orderly schedule. Such is the case with the conclusion of a critical look at Mike Wallace, the first part of which appeared here two weeks ago.

Teach Your Children

8 Av 5762 – July 17, 2002
The Monitor will return next week to the subject of veteran Israel-basher Mike Wallace. This week, though, with yet another horrific suicide bombing in Jerusalem, it seemed more relevant to focus on the fanatical hatred inculcated in Palestinian young people by their elders.

Mike Wallace, Loathsome Again

1 Av 5762 – July 10, 2002
Readers will recall that a few months back the Monitor had words of uncharacteristic praise for Mike Wallace, who had just conducted an interview with Yasir Arafat that was far more skeptical than the fawning media treatment usually accorded the Palestinian leader.

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