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The Rights of Widows and Daughters against the Estate (Gittin 51)

9 Adar I 5776 – February 18, 2016
The father does not need to worry about his daughters when they marry because the family bank of the husband’s family unit will support them.

Teaching Our Children Chesed And Rachamim

As a Jew, you can change, improve your reality; Chesed & rachamim are intrinsic parts of your nature

Tetzaveh: The Hidden Secrets In The Walls Of The Mishkan

8 Adar I 5776 – February 17, 2016
What are the secrets God encoded within the Mishkan's walls? How can we integrate it into our lives?

Redeeming Relevance: A Choshen Mishpat of our Very Own

7 Adar I 5776 – February 16, 2016
The sages believed each of the Kohen Gadol's vestments brought atonement for a different type of sin

The Life And Identity Of Chiram

4 Adar I 5776 – February 12, 2016
It is important to keep in mind that there are numerous midrashim that are not meant to be taken literally.

Room In The Sanctuary

They shall make a Sanctuary for Me so that I may dwell among them"

Materials Fit For The Mishkan

3 Adar I 5776 – February 11, 2016
One could suggest that we distinguish tamei animals from the items they produce.

An Apt Shidduch

One evening, that young man ‘happened’ to leave just as I did, and he chivalrously offered to walk me to my bus stop.

Shifting The Oath (Gittin 51a)

If the general rule is hamotzi machavero alav harayah, why do we not apply it to the $50,000 the defendant denies?

Balancing Bitachon And Hishtadlus

Amazingly, whenever we accomplish something in this world, the results are credited to us even though we are fully aware that Hashem is the One Who did it all.

Daf Yomi

Completing An Assignment ‘A Get May Be Written And Given Even 100 Times’ (Gittin 63b)

Q & A: Amen (Part VII)

What is the exact meaning of amen and where does the word come from? David H. (Via E-Mail)


"Mr. Stein is believed that he repaid," answered Rabbi Dayan, "since the loan document is invalid."

The Gift Of Giving

Why did God command Israel to make a sanctuary for Him? Shouldn't it be unnecessary? The Golden Calf

Incorporating Compassion Into Our Lives

Our generation lives when the footsteps of the Messiah are audible-- provided we know how to listen.

Aleph Beta: Terumah: Is God Talking To Me Through The Laws of the Mishkan?

How can we as 21st century Torah learners, find meaning and relevance in the Mishkan's construction?

Needed: A Remorseless Judaism

Judaism's about bold ideas & actions. Its goal isn't finding the truth but honestly searching for it

Impossible Reality

2 Adar I 5776 – February 10, 2016
The Sfat Emet explains that reality is malleable, and that the shaper of reality is...Humanity

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