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Assembly Line

You don't need to be a Prime Minister to make Matzah.

How to Use Pepper Spray and Disable Your Attacker

Alex from Caliber-3 explains (in Hebrew) how to use pepper spray, followed by a demonstration of an attack and defense.

Israel Uncensored: Did Israel Ignore the Brewing Storm at the UN? [audio]

Did Israel ignore the brewing storm? Did Israel ignore the warning signs that led to last week's UN Resolution? Dr. Martin Sherman speaks with Joshua Hasten and suggests that Israel's leadership didn't take the necessary steps in advance of last week's UNSC resolution on today's Israel Uncensored.

My Tu B’Shvat Resolution

In the Mahane Yehuda market in Jersalem, everything is ready for Tu B'shvat, the new year for trees. The Torah permits and prohibits different...

The Danger Zone – When Will We Learn? [audio]

The terrorist's daughter and the ridiculous UNESCO claims, that Jews have no connection with the Temple Mount!

Flamenco in Jerusalem

Israeli women dance at the Flamenco Natural Studio in Jerusalem. Flamenco Natural is a flamenco dance studio is for Israeli mothers who juggle between taking...

The Settler Invasion into the Al Aqsa Mosque Compound

Yishai is joined by Land of Israel guide and Bible teacher Meir Eisenman to talk about a recent Knesset tour given around Eastern Jerusalem.

When Yom Kippur and 9/11 Fall on the Same Week

Yishai and Malkah discuss Yom Kippur and September 11 and what it's like to have them both on the same week.

And the Rocket’s Red Glare, the Bombs Bursting in Air…

The Arab enemy launched a barrage of rockets over central Israel last night. Doesn't it look like pretty fireworks?

What You Need to Know About Foreign Currency

This week’s Goldstein on Gelt podcast has a cross-border theme. In Part 1, Doug meets Avner Buntman, founder and CEO of Forex Israel. Find...

On the Air in the Air with Chassidim on the Way to Meron

Yishai interviews new Oleh Chaim Messer along with Hassidim on their way to Meron for Lag B'Omer.

When Should You Teach Your Children About Money?

When your children are little, you can give them two small coins each day.

Rare Color Footage: a Shtetl in 1939

Amateur photographer David Teitelbaum, born in the town of Wielopole Skrzyńskie in 1891, probably shot this footage in June or July of 1939, only...

Helper’s Little Santas

You know what's the back story here, right? The father (pictured pushing the baby carriage) and the mother (walking next to him) had no...

Shalom Sesame Passover (2/3)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkBoYEkSeSY?rel=0&w=475&h=356]

Building an Airport

The Ilan and Asaf Ramon airport, currently under construction in Eilat. Ilan Ramon was an Israeli astronaut and fighter pilot. He was the youngest IAF...

The Soul of Israel: The Empowerment of Yaacov [audio]

This week on The Soul of Israel Rabbi's Ari Abramowitz, Jeremy Gimpel and Shlomo Katz discuss the family dynamics between the fathers of the Jewish People and this week's Torah portion.


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