Photo Credit: Heather Dean

She had it all, an exciting career where she worked for MTV and enjoyed a glitzy life in New York City. She regularly interviewed the TOP stars in show business. Celebrities like Madonna, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnny Depp, Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, Harrison Ford, Jon Stewart, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Rosie O’donnell, Robert Downey Jr., Howard Stern, etc, etc, etc.
But she later gave it all up…. for G-d, and Israel!
Meet Heather Dean, author of her autobiography called, ‘SEARCHING FOR HEATHER DEAN – My Extraordinary Career as a Celebrity Interviewer and Why I Left It’.
Tamar Yonah speaks with Heather Dean about her personal life growing up, her career talking with the Stars, and why she gave it all up to live in Israel as a Torah observant Jew. Visit her webpage to get her book and listen to her weekly podcast.


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