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Beyond The Matrix – Awake O My Soul [audio]

Ira and Rod break down the meaning of Hitbodedut - the concept of secluded persona prayer - and how it is meant to cause soul searching and soul awakening.

Beyond The Matrix – Is There a Conductor Leading the Orchestra? [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the chaos that seems to be taking place in the world, from radical Islam to the radical liberal ideology of people like the Clintons and the current president of the United States.

Beyond The Matrix – Bringing The Nations Closer to HaShem [audio]

Ira touches on his new job with the Emunah Project and bringing universal Torah wisdom to all nations.

Beyond The Matrix – We’re Having a Heat Wave: A Political Heatwave [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the physical and spiritual heat wave that seems to be affecting so many nations.

Beyond The Matrix – The Truth About Orlando [audio]

Ira and Rod speak about the terror attack in Orlando from a different perspective.

Beyond The Matrix – We Don’t Need Another Hero! [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the slanted definition of what a hero is today, and how the unraveling of the fabric of society has contributed to this phenomenon.

Beyond The Matrix – Can Muhammad Ali Change Your Perspective? [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the death of Muhammad Ali and how this relates to our need for a change of perspective.

Beyond The Matrix – Finding Your Purpose in Life [audio]

Ira and Rod are joined by Rav Dror, fresh off his North American visit to Toronto, New York and Miami.

Beyond The Matrix – Beard Oil, Coffee, and the Non-Jew [audio]

Rod is back from New York and the guys get into a discussion on beard oil, coffee and the Orthodox Jewish response to hearing about non-Jews coming to Torah.

Beyond The Matrix – Movin On Up! [audio]

Ira & Rod discuss the merit of living in Israel, and Ira's move to the holy city of Jerusalem.

Beyond The Matrix – One Couple’s Journey [audio]

With Rod still away, Ira is joined by his wife Lori (Leah) Michaelson, and they share a little bit about their return to Judaism, and how they are moving forward in their journey.

Beyond The Matrix – Going Down Life’s Path [audio]

Ira has a fascinating conversation with Emunah Channel's Obi Fink about his journey and experiences.

Beyond The Matrix – The Politics of Conversion [audio]

Rod and Ira break down the delicate politics of conversion.

Beyond The Matrix – Making It Through Tough Times Through Torah [audio]

Rod and Ira examine how to deal with the obstacles and difficulties in your life according to the principles of Torah.

Beyond The Matrix – The Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis [audio]

Rod and Ira speak with internationally-renowned expert Chaim Marcinkowski on the current state of Syrian refugees and the impact that the crisis is having on Europe.

Beyond the Matrix – Where Have All the Jews Gone? [audio]

What might the Biblical prophecies about those from the nations who are of Jewish descent mean for the State of Israel? Listen in.

Beyond the Matrix – The Death of the Righteous and Atonement [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the untimely death of Chabad Shaliach Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon OBM.

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