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Civil War, Assimilation and Miracles – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

Rod Bryant and Rabbi Federow breaks down the details of Chanukah from it's history to lessons for the post modern Jewish community.

Beyond the Matrix – Where Have All the Jews Gone? [audio]

What might the Biblical prophecies about those from the nations who are of Jewish descent mean for the State of Israel? Listen in.

US Special Forces Use Kurdish Intel to Bag ISIS leader Baghdad – Beyond the...

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon discuss the superbly executed US special operations raid, that, with Kurdish cooperation and critical intel, bagged the elusive founder of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. A separate attack took out ISIS spokesperson and possible successor, Abu Hassan al- Muhajir.

Beyond the Matrix – The Paradox of Belief [audio]

A former Evangelical Minister speaks with Rod about HaShem and the Torah.

Beyond The Matrix – Who is Really in Charge? [audio]

It is election day in the U.S. and with hours before the polls close, Ira and Rod discuss who really calls the shots in this world.

Why African Genocide Matters – Beyond The Matrix [audio]

Explore the history and details of the Sudan that will help you realize why something has to be done quick.

Antisemitic TruNews “Church,” Bethlehem Bible College, and Info-Op at UMASS – Beyond the Matrix...

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview Dexter Van Zile, Christian Media Analyst of Boston-based Committee for Accuracy for Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA). Van Zile gave the latest update on extremist Christian and sinister academic groups fostering anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism - “the likes of which we haven’t seen since Father Coughlin of the 1930’s and Henry Ford.” Top of the list is TruNews, a Vero Beach, Florida church with an antisemitic news podcast and YouTube Channel.

Will the US Honor Commitments to Protect Syria’s Kurds? – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back Diliman Abdulkader, director of the Kurdistan Project of the Washington, DC – based Endowment for Middle East Truth to review the current status of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Force and Council given developments in the northeastern region and hearings in Washington, DC.

Islamist Iran is Not Purim Shpiel – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon bring back intrepid American author and Middle East war correspondent, Ken Timmerman, author, most recently, of “ISIS begins; a novel of the Iraq War” to address the threat to Israel and the Middle East of Islamist hegemonic Iran. As we banter with Timmerman engaging in some Purim Shpiel, the revelations from his interview are deadly serious. We noted that the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai is in Hamadan, Iran

Courageous Sudanese oppose the brutal TMC, seek civilian rule. – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview a Sudanese academic, Professor “H”. He reveals the dynamics behind the massive civil protests throughout the country against the leaders of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) who rejected a civilian – led government and brutally usurped power in Khartoum. The occasion of this interview was a massacre of sit-in protesters in Khartoum that killed over one hundred, injured hundreds more and saw dozens of victims who were forcibly drowned in the Nile River. He considers the toll vastly undercounted. The emerging ‘warlord’ and deputy leader of the TMC, Hemeti, was responsible for the creation and launch of the Rapid Support Force Janjaweed – “the devils on horses”, who perpetrated the Darfur genocides in 2003.

Beyond The Matrix – It is Better to Feel Than Not to Feel [audio]

Ira and Rod continue the discussion on the pain we feel as Israelis when we deal with death.

The Secret Behind the Plagues – Beyond The Matrix [audio]

Join Rod Bryant and Rabbi Uzziel Danyiel in the special Beyond the Matrix Peach Special.

Beyond The Matrix – The U.S.-Turkish Connection [audio]

Ira and Rod are joined by national security expert Jerry Gordon to discuss the supposed coup that took place recently in Turkey, and how this impacts the United States.

Discover The Savior of Iraqi Jewish Archives – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon interviewed Dr. Harold Rhode while he was in Macedonia lecturing on the Iraqi Jewish archives and the importance of Jewish identity.

“It can be done” the Rescue of Jews from Nazi Occupied Europe – Beyond...

“It can be done” the rescue of Jews from Nazi Occupied Europe during the holocaust, Listen to Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview returning guest Dr. Rafael S. Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute on Holocaust discuss the 75th Anniversary of the rescue of 7,000 Danish Jews in October 1943 that demonstrate the infamy of the US British Bermuda Conference in April of that year convened but failed come up with options to rescue Jews because it would divert resources from the war effort defeating the Nazis. . .

What’s Behind the Historic Spike in Antisemitic Attacks in the US and Europe: Israelphobia?...

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant bring back Dan Diker of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs to address what is behind the disturbing rise of violent anti-Semitic attacks against Jews in the US and Europe. Diker is the Director of the Program to Counter Political Warfare at the JCPA.

Pesach, Israels Hope For The Nations – Beyond The Matrix [audio]

Join Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon in the intriguing discussion about, Pesach, Israels Hope For The Nations.

The Real Scoop on Iranian Protest – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

A clear understanding of Iranian politics, the Kurds and military operations in Syria.

Africa Scams and Questions US Rep. Ilhan Omar Family Story – Beyond the Matrix...

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview Yaacov Apelbaum, founder and CTO of New York -based XRVision, Ltd, an early stage start up technology company developing adaptive AI video analytics solutions for law enforcement, security, and intelligence applications called the Sentinel AI. This is the future of visual intelligence.

Beyond The Matrix – From Black List to Honor Roll [audio]

Ira and Rod are joined by Cheri Dillion, who just two years ago put a black list together of teachers that Christians should not listen to.

Is Russian Air Defense in Syria a threat To Israel? – Beyond the Matrix...

To find out the answers to this questions, Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon of Israel News Talk Radio – Beyond the Matrix interviewed noted Washington, DC defense technology expert, award-winning Reagan era former Defense official, and Asia Times columnist Dr. Stephen Bryen. Bryant and Gordon are, respectively, former US Army air defense and military intelligence specialists. Bryen discusses the circumstances behind Russia’s blaming Israel for Syria’s downing of a Russian Ilyushin reconnaissance plane and crew. . . READ MORE!

Beyond The Matrix – Politics, Plagiarism and Parroting [audio]

Ira and Rod speak about the Republican National Convention, Melania Trump, and the latest political current events.


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