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Liberman Orders Resumption of Fuel Supplies to Gaza as Border Violence, Arson Attacks Rage...

Liberman says he is trying to demonstrate a clear pattern of “cause and effect” for Arabs living in Gaza.

Teenage Gazan Rioter Dies in New Border Violence

The teenager who was shot was targeted while throwing a bomb at a soldier at the time he was hit, according to the IDF.

Agricultural, Environmental Arson Attacks Continue Despite Egyptian Mediation Efforts, Israeli Patience

Dozens of acres of beautiful forest land was destroyed in the blaze as firefighters spent hours battling the flames.

Gazan Infiltrator Caught in Israel, Being Returned by IDF

In many cases, Palestinian Authority and Gaza Arabs bring along knives or other weapons in their attempts to be arrested, hoping to receive a longer prison term in Israel.

Liberman Warns ‘All Options Exhausted’ in Gaza

"We need to deliver a powerful blow to Hamas. That is the only way to get the situation back to the way it was before, and to lower the level of violence to zero, or to nearly zero."

Gaza Border Crossings with Israel Reopened

No decision has yet been made on whether to reinstate delivery of the fuel purchased by Qatar for Gaza.

IDF Strikes Incendiary Terror Balloon Squad as Israeli Forests Set Ablaze, Again

IAF pilots likewise carried out an air strike Friday against a separate terror cell that was preparing more terror balloon attacks against Israel, eliminating the threat.

Hamas Continues Gaza Border Violence Despite Egyptian Demands

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were still hurled over the security fence at Israeli soldiers, as were Molotov cocktails and live grenades, as in previous weeks.

IDF at Peak Readiness for Gaza Border Confrontation Today

Eizenkot, who ended a US visit early following the rocket that hit a civilian neighborhood in Beersheba, found himself engaged in his own survival war .

UN Peace Envoy: Crucial to Avoid War in Gaza, End Occupation & Achieve 2-State...

"These steps are only temporary and aim at avoiding war. We must never forget that, at its heart, Gaza is not a humanitarian problem, it is a political problem."

Former NSC Chief: 99% of Israelis Not Harmed in Gaza Conflict – It’s Acceptable

When asked if after the restoration of the Gaza Strip Hamas would take care of the needs of its citizens, Eiland replied: "No. Extremist regimes operate according to short-term interests."

Al Hayat: Hamas Condemns Firing Rockets at Israel

The Hamas decision to ease the confrontations with the IDF "came to reduce the losses among the protesters."

‘Errant’ Iranian-Backed Terror Faction Fired the Missiles, Says IDF

The group is allegedly a radical faction that once was part of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction.

Mladenov Orders Israel to De-Escalate Situation ‘In Next 48 Hours,’ Work With UN, Egypt

“Last night, missiles were fired on us from Gaza. Only the quick response of a mother saved the lives of her children. Israel will not stand by while our people are under attack, and the world must know that."

As Egyptian Delegation Leaves Gaza, Hamas Remains Defiant

Come Friday, all hell should break loose around 2 PM, when the mosques in Gaza let people out.

Watch: The Moment a Terror Cell Was Hit by an IAF Rocket

IDF fighter jets attacked more than 20 Hamas terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning, in retaliation for the shooting of a...

Rocket Alert – Gaza Border

The rocket alert went off in the Ashkelon Beach region at 8:33 AM on Wednesday.

Arab Media: 8 Killed in IAF Retaliation in Gaza

Eyewitnesses said the Israeli raids had spread to the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, and a powerful explosion rocked Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

Overnight: Gaza Rocket Hits Be’er Sheva Home

The rocket hit the family's home, right after they closed the bomb shelter door.

Security Cabinet to Meet: 5,000 Rioters Resume Daily Violence at Gaza Border

Hamas also launched boats in an effort to break through Israel’s maritime blockade, but they were stopped by the IDF.

IDF Strikes Hamas Post in Gaza

“We are very close to a different kind of activity, an activity that will include very powerful blows. If it has sense, Hamas will ... stop these violent disturbances – now.”

Hamas Attacks Escalating: Explosive Balloons Land in Be’er Sheva School, Jordan Valley Moshav

A colorful cluster of balloons arrived at midday at the Be’er Sheva school attached to what appears to be a small explosive, with a cord ending in a detonator or ignition piece.

Bennett: Instead of Curbing Gaza Fuel Supplies – Kill Terrorists

"The big battle is between Habayit Hayehudi, which will be pulling to the right in all areas, versus the center-left, which is Yisrael Beiteinu."

Netanyahu Warns Hamas: It Will Be Painful – Very Painful

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday morning told the weekly Cabinet meeting that Hamas, apparently, has not internalized Israel's message. "If they do not stop...

Hamas Vows to Continue Violence Until Israel Lifts Blockade

“Our marches are not for the sake of solar (gasoline) or dollars. Our people have the right to live in dignity and end the blockade.”


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