Photo Credit: SANA
President Assad interviewed by European media

The European Union, the United States and Israel have been supporting terrorists, according to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who spoke on Monday to the Italian news website TGCOM.

“Terrorist attacks in Syria have been happening on a daily basis,” Assad said, adding that “as long as we have terrorists in Syria, every Syrian citizen is in danger.”


“The question here is who supports those terrorists?” the Syrian tyrant wondered aloud. “I would like to raise this question before the European officials that went the wrong way since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, paving the way for the destruction of Syria and the spread of terrorism in the region. That led to terrorist attacks in many European countries and the refugee crisis.”

“Israel, from the other side, has been supporting the terrorists, logistically or through directs raids on our army in the neighboring area,” Bashar al-Assad suggested.

“Now, if you want to talk about the European role, or the Western role, because it’s been led by the Americans, the only role was to support terrorists. They didn’t support any political process. They only talk about political process but there is no real commitment to the political action,” Assad continued.

At the same time, the Syrian leader praised the role of Iran in his country’s civil war, saying that “they support Syria in fighting terrorists, they support Syria politically.”

But the Syrian dictator’s knight in shining armor is Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Let’s talk about the reality, about the facts: since the Russians started their raids against ISIS in cooperation with the Syrian Army – of course, after we asked them to come and support us in our fight against the terrorists – ISIS has been shrinking.”

Assad added that “before sending their troops to Syria – I’m talking about the beginning of the war six years ago – since that time, every political step and later military step that has been taken regarding the Syrian issue was in consultation with the Syrian government.”

That’s because, according to Assad, “this is their policy, and this is their behavior.”

Tell it to the Ukrainians…

“Their policy and their relation with Syria are based on two things,” Assad praised his great democratic ally to the north. “First of all, the sovereignty of Syria, which is part of the Charter of the United Nations. The second one is based on morals, that’s why there’s no colonization, there’s a relation that goes back to more than six decades between Syria and Russia, and it has always been like that in different circumstances.”