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Canada Reverses Boycott of Judea and Samaria Wineries

20 Tammuz 5777 – July 14, 2017
On Thursday afternoon, the same CFIA announced that it had not fully considered the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement.

Canadian Agency Removes Israeli Settlements’ Wines from Ontario Shelves

19 Tammuz 5777 – July 13, 2017
Vendors were asked to stop importing to wines from two specific wineries—Psagot Winery Ltd. in Psagot, and Shiloh Winery Ltd. in Ma’ale Levona—that label their wines as “Product of Israel,” and to remove all the wine from those two wineries from store shelves.

Faulty Arab Sewer Causing Ecological Disaster in Israeli Nature Reserve

According to a report issued by the IDF Civil Administration in 2014, the Arabs of Judea and Samaria produce 62 million cubic meters of sewage annually, of which only about 5 million cubic meters are treated.

Settlers Laugh Off Plan to Leave Them Under Palestinian Authority Rule

18 Sivan 5777 – June 11, 2017
“Palestinians themselves don't even have civil rights under Palestinian rule. What do you expect would happen to Jews?"

‘Regulation Act’ Nullifies Demolition Orders in Jewish Settlements

7 Nisan 5777 – April 3, 2017
'Starting now, there will be no more enforcement against long-standing construction.'

Firebombing and Stoning Attacks Kick Off New Week in Israel

5 Kislev 5777 – December 4, 2016
Terrorists firebombed the perimeter of a Jewish community in Samaria and carried out stoning attacks in Judea and Samaria.

Pipe Bomb, Molotov Cocktails Thrown in Hebron, Psagot

24 Nisan 5776 – May 1, 2016
No one was hurt in either attack.

Attempted Infiltration and Ramming Attack Near Psagot

3 Kislev 5776 – November 14, 2015
Four people were injured in a ramming attack between Kochav Yaacov and Psagot.

Arabs Firebomb Town of Psagot

24 Av 5775 – August 8, 2015
Arabs threw 3 firebombs at the Jewish town...

Samaria Wines Receive International Acclaim in France Despite Boycotts

29 Tevet 5774 – December 31, 2013
In keeping with ancient history of the location, the Psagot Winery ages its wines in an ancient underground cave.

This Sunday Tell Kerry: We’re Keeping Samaria for the Wine

11 Kislev 5774 – November 14, 2013
Will the secretary of State understand that the Israeli wine renaissance is taking place in the Shomron region, and therefore we're not letting it go?

9 Year Old Noam Glick Going Home to Psagot

5 Heshvan 5774 – October 9, 2013
Army Radio reports that Noam Glick, the 9 year old girl who was attacked in Psagot, by a Palestinian Authority terrorist, will be going...

Abbas’ Idea for Israeli Security: No IDF Arrests of Terrorists

Abbas is doing a great job to make the PA non-existent. He claims cooperation with the IDF is great but the IDF must stop entering Arab cities to arrests terrorists. Even Livni is not that naïve to agree.

Arrests in Al-Bireh, Near Psagot (+Video)

4 Heshvan 5774 – October 7, 2013
IDF troops entered the village of Al-Bireh near Psagot, and arrested two brothers.

Update on Condition of Noam Glick, Injured in Psagot Terror Attack

2 Heshvan 5774 – October 6, 2013
Following her surgery, Noam Glick is now listed in light to medium condition.

Schools Opened in Psagot as Searches Continue

Schools closed in Psagot until searches complete in the morning.

9 Year Old Shot in Terror Attack. Search Continues (+Photos)

2 Heshvan 5774 – October 5, 2013
A 9 year old girl in the town of Psagot has been shot in the chest, on Saturday night.

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