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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777

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Meretz Call to Boycott Restaurant Closing on Shabbat Backfires

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

A popular eatery in one of the more upscale communities along Israel’s Mediterranean coastline has decided to “go kosher” and close its doors on the Sabbath.”

But the decision made by the Raanana River restaurant has disgruntled members of the Meretz party. The local branch went so far as the launch a boycott of the restaurant via Facebook.

“Starting this weekend, the River Raanana has become a shomer Shabbat restaurant, closed on Friday nights and Saturdays,” wrote Idit Diamant on the Meretz Ra’anana Facebook page.

“As there are very few restaurants in Ra’anana that remain open on Friday nights and fewer that make deliveries I personally feel hurt by this change,” she wrote.

“I call upon all those for whom this is important to do as I do and to go also during the week to restaurants that remain open on the Sabbath.

“It is important that the greater public in Ra’anana will make known its opinion and support those businesses that stay open on the Sabbath if we want someone to care about our needs.”

Someone who saw the post was upset enough about the boycott to try and launch a counter demonstration.

“I want to point out that I personally oppose religious coercion in any form; I believe everyone should be free to practice their faith as they see fit, but this post disgusts me,” the writer commented.

“This week I have a meeting in Ra’anana, and of course I am going to eat there, to show my support for [this restaurant,]” the commenter wrote in the post.


Additional Details (JNi.Media)

Idit Diamante happens to represent Meretz on the Ra’anana city council, and serves as chair of the transportation committee and the ethics committee, and serves on the Audit Committee, the committee to promote the status of children, to anti-drugs committee, anti-violence committee, subcommittee for planning and construction, the budget distribution committee, and the support committee. She’s a busy lady.

The Ra’anana mayor, Zeev Bielski, represents an independent, local party, aptly named “Ra’anana that We Love.” They have 6 members on the council. Meretz is part of the coalition in Ra’anana, with one of three deputy mayors, Ronit Weintraub. Another deputy mayor is Haim Goldman, from the United Religious List. So it’s not as if Meretz doesn’t know how to get along with religious folks. But that’s a different story.

A mother of four grown boys, Dr. Idit Diamante is a physicist and an engineer, a researcher and hi-tech consultant, who has been in local public service since 1998. On her profile page she states her dedication to women’s causes and to reliable, transparent politics. Heaven knows why, in a moment’s rage, she trashed all that rich experience and seemingly a cool headedness and let her spoiled rich girl’s insensitive side shine through.

Now, here comes the wonderful part about this story: it received close to 300 responses since Friday afternoon, many of which were, predictably enough, from right-wingers who let her have it, as you can imagine. But the most wonderful responses came from people who defined themselves as Meretz members, left-wingers, atheists, who hated it just as much!

Nitay Sheinenzon: “As a member of the Meretz party I express objection and repulsion over this shocking post. Every time a place decides to become kosher and offers service to the religious public, it is blessed, every business that decides to rest on the Day of Rest according to our tradition is legitimate, and I wish them a good day of rest and Shabbat Shalom.”

Nir Koren: “Really? Boycotting a restaurant because it’s kosher? As a Meretz voter, activist and member of the Meretz Conference, I am ashamed that this announcement was posted on a page with my party’s name on it.”

Arik Meshulam: “As a complete atheist, I don’t give a hoot which restaurant is open on Shabbat and which is closed. If a person has decided to close his restaurant on Shabbat, it’s his business, why would you force him to keep it open? It’s his private restaurant. You’re just as bad as the religious people who force businesses to close on Shabbat.”

Erez Wohl: “I join the extreme leftists who think this post is embarrassing. We thought we were past the phase of hate for the religious in Meretz L.”

Finally, a cute post by Daniela Mizrachi: “A good week to everyone and good tidings. Ms. Idit, thank you so much for saving us a lot of advertising expenses, and thank you, everyone, for your support and understanding, we’ll be happy to have you over — River Restaurant, a river of oriental tastes.”

Bon appétit.

Hana Levi Julian

Increased Security Ordered for Education Minister Naftali Bennett

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Upgraded security has been ordered for Education Minister Naftali Bennett, chairman of the Bayit Yehudi party, and around his home in Ra’anana, Channel 2 television news reported.

The decision comes following threats received by Bennett after his public support for the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet/Shabak).

Bennett openly expressed support for interrogiation by Shin Bet security of Jewish suspects in the arson murder case involving the death of a mother, father and toddler in the Arab village of Duma this summer.

The minister also publicly condemned “Jewish terror,” which he bluntly said was aimed at toppling the Israeli government and the State of Israel.

Bennett said the threat posed by such extremists is as dangerous to the security of the state as any threat by Arab terrorists and should be treated as such.

Hana Levi Julian

Despite Worst Winter Storm Blackouts, Ra’anana Sticks to Deploying Fiber Optics Citywide

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

(JNi.media) The Ra’anana Municipality has begun a project to deploy fiber-optics throughout the city, DailyMaily reported Tuesday. Ra’anana Mayor Ze’ev Bielski announced that the city recently signed a $130,000 contract to this end with Mer group.

Bielski was the guest of honor at the municipal IT Conference 2015, at the Avenue convention center in Airport City, Israel. The conference was attended by hundreds of IT professionals from Israeli municipalities.

According to Bielski, “things are happening in Ra’anana. Right now we’re laying down the fiber-optic network throughout the city. We will complete the deployment in all our municipal institutions, they will all be in our network. This will allow, among other things, long distance learning, CCTV cameras and traffic light control. It will yield significant financial savings in communication costs and bring a quick return on our investment.”

Ra’anana, in the heart of the southern Sharon Valley in central Israel, boasts a population of 80,000, as of the 2014 census. Bordered by Kfar Saba on the east and Herzliya on the southwest, the city’s high tech industrial park, designated a “Green City” by the World Health Organization in 2005, is home to many leading global technology companies and local start up. A significant part of the Ra’anana population are immigrants from the Americas and Western Europe. Bielski has served as mayor from 1989-2005, and from 2013 to the present.

“Everybody’s talking all the time about computers and technology, but in the end there are people behind it,” said Bielski. “Our people, the municipal employees, are suffused with a sense of public mission, they bring about improvement in the quality of life at all levels. Everything depends on the people who run the city.”

A week or so ago, Israel, and especially the Sharon Valley communities, experienced one of the worst winter storms in recorded history, resulting in an area-wide blackout. The service interruption was made worse by an “Italian strike” of IEC union workers, which caused thousands of homes to remain dark for several days.

“We went through some difficult times in terms of power,” Bielski conceded, referring to the storm. “It was dark in the Sharon, it was very difficult, because it’s difficult to survive without electricity. The entire Ahuza Street (Ra’anana’s main drag) was dark and without traffic lights. But what was even more difficult was the fact that the electric company people wouldn’t talk to us. And so, I thought to myself, ‘one day we’ll have our own little electric company in this city.’ Ultimately, we are at the beginning of that process, in which the importance of the central government is decreasing, while the importance of local government is growing. The positive aspect of this is that in the end we can give a better service to our residents and save money.”

“In the not too distant future,” Bielski mused, “in only a few months, I will have in my office at City Hall my own computer which I will be able to use to direct traffic lights in Ra’anana. I’ll come in in the morning, turn on the computer after drinking my coffee, I’ll look at all the cameras, I’ll see all of Ra’anana. I’ll be able to fix the traffic lights as I see fit.” And he added with a smile, “I’ll be able to help all my friends who will ring me up to tell me they’re stuck in a traffic jam…”


1 Wounded in Ra’anana Terror Attack [video]

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

One person, age 32, was wounded Tuesday morning in a terror attack in the central Israeli city of Ra’anana, on Ahuza Street — a central location in the busy city.

The victim sustained wounds to the upper body, according to a Magen David Adom medic. He was evacuated to nearby Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba.

The terrorist who stabbed the victim was neutralized by a passerby and then continued to be beaten up by others in the immediate area.

The video below shows bystanders beating up the terrorist. (GRAPHIC)

The terrorist has been identified as a resident of an eastern Jerusalem Arab neighborhood, described as being in his early twenties. He is reported to be injured and listed in serious condition as a result of the beating from passersby after stabbing the victim.

Police arrested the terrorist, who was taken into custody. Forces from the Sharon Plains District arrived at the scene following the attack and have deployed around the area.

Hana Levi Julian

Teva Moving Headquarters to Ra’anana

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Teva Pharmaceutical is moving its global headquarters from Petach Tikva to Ra’anana, sources told the Globes business newspaper.

The giant generic drugs company reputedly will pay $125 million for the land and new buildings on a site owned by Toyota’s Israeli importer. Some of the land at Teva’s current headquarters will be sold, and the move is aimed at making the company’s administration, more efficient.

Teva, traded on NASDAQ, confirmed the report and told Globes:

Company officials confirmed the move by saying, “Teva will complete the purchase of land in Ra’anana in the coming days on which the company’s global headquarters in Israel will in the future be built. The campus, which will be completed in five years’ time, will unify operations in the global headquarters that are spread over many sites.

“The campus will provide Teva’s employees in Israel with an advanced and comfortable working environment that will encourage the scientific, technological and business excellence to which the company is committed while preserving the heritage of Teva and its founders .The campus will be situated in a green environment with an emphasis on low density construction and maintaining the special spirit of the company.

Jewish Press News Briefs

Blue and White, All the Waze

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Waze and Facebook have reached an impasse in their negotiations, but not over whether Facebook will buy Waze for 700 million dollars, or a clean billion, but over Israel, according to the Israeli site Telecom News.

Facebook wants to close down Waze’s Raanana office, and transfer some of the developers to the U.S.

While the proudly Zionist Waze wants the development facility to remain in Israel.

Both companies are holding their ground on this issue.

Of course, Facebook is also not noted for their particularly great coding skills, and the Waze people may be concerned about what will happen to their product if Facebook developers start playing with it without adult supervision.

Jewish Press News Briefs

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