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January 17, 2017 / 19 Tevet, 5777

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Friedman is the Real (pro-Israel) Deal

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

David Friedman is president-elect Donald Trump’s choice to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel. We could not be more thrilled.

We are members of the organizing committee of JewsChooseTrump.org. Many who joined us had little in common at the start of the most recent election cycle other than a staunch commitment to a safe America and a secure Israel. That, and the knowledge that Hillary Clinton was not committed to the security of either.

But previously non-receptive heads swiveled towards Donald Trump during his speech to AIPAC last summer. His speech was not just good, it was really good.

A cohort of staunchly pro-Israel American Jews began to unify around Donald Trump’s candidacy upon learning that Trump’s Israel advisers, attorneys David M. Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, were intimately involved in the crafting and passage of the strongest pro-Israel plank of any political party platform ever.

That GOP pro-Israel plank, with the fingerprints of Trump’s advisers, was met with a standing ovation when approved by the full platform committee. It was also received with open arms and hopeful hearts by those of us most focused on Israel as a top election priority.

JewsChooseTrump.org, created in mid-July, eventually expanded to a national and state leadership group of nearly two dozen, and was buttressed by thousands of volunteers spread across 48 states. We were committed to helping elect Donald Trump.

The time and energy expended on this effort, one met even by many other Jews with derision and worse, grew out of the promises set out in the Republican platform. Our bet on Trump was a bet that, unlike other candidates for president, he would keep his promises.

Those promises included: a firm commitment to completely upend the approach to Iran and the Iran Deal, a deeply flawed agreement which ultimately gave more protection to Iran’s nuclear goals than to the West’s security; the rejection of the notion that Israel is an occupier of any land; support for Israel’s right to defend itself against physical acts of terror, as well as economic, legal and cultural forms of warfare; the acknowledgment that the BDS Movement is anti-Semitic, and that its goal is the eradication of the Jewish State; opposition to efforts by non-regional parties to dictate or impose agreements or borders on Israel; treatment of Israel as a mature sovereign state, one entitled to determine its own future, not have one imposed upon it by outsiders.

But a quiet, painful fear remained lodged in our breasts. What if we were wrong and Donald Trump, as those mocking us claimed, was going to hold a flame to those pro-Israel promises once he won the election?

A joint statement issued by Friedman and Greenblatt on Nov. 2 went even further than the superb GOP platform and helped allay our fear.

It specifically pledged that under a Trump administration the US will not limit Congress’s support for Israel, as was required under the Memorandum of Understanding Obama imposed on Israel.

The pledge also explicitly stated something the GOP Platform had only implied. It rejected the long-failed policy of imposing a terrorist, genocidal state on Israel’s border, in the guise of the “Two State Solution.”

Sadly, the “solution” part of that plan evaporated long ago and instead, over the years, the idea of peace as the goal of the peace process was replaced with the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state. Anything that interferes with that secessionist goal is cast as an obstacle to peace, as shown vividly by the UNSC vote on Friday, Dec. 23.

But now we know that, with Trump’s Israel Dream Team, real peace will again be the goal of any negotiating efforts.

The new president will not permit the United States to help birth another terrorist, racist state, one that proudly proclaims no Jews can live there. We agree that is not something our president or American tax dollars (or American Jews) should support.

More: in the Trump administration, Jerusalem really will be recognized by the U.S. as the eternal, indivisible capital of the Jewish State. The U.S. Embassy really will move to Jerusalem, as it is required to do under U.S. law. Every other nation on earth gets to determine where its capital is located. Israel is entitled to that right as well.

At an event the night before the election, David Friedman spoke at a private gathering. Friedman spoke about his positions and why he holds them. Not only is he completely committed to helping fulfill Trump’s pro-Israel promises, but he justifies them using fact-filled, non-ideological language.

The arguments raised against Friedman would be laughable if they weren’t so widely repeated. He said J Street and its supporters aren’t Jewish? Jeremy Ben-Ami himself said “they’re all intermarried and doing Buddhist seders.” A quick look at J Street’s financial supporters and board members are similarly revealing. By the way, the president of J Street U is not Jewish, she’s Muslim.

The kapo argument? It’s an ugly word, but the wildly ideological Peter Beinart is the one who raised it in an article slamming Friedman. Friedman simply responded, explaining his position.

We agree that it is unconscionable to judge the kapos – they were in an unfathomable situation. From their comfy homes in America, J Street and its followers freely choose to support anti-Israel members of Congress; seek to influence elections in Israel; and consistently criticize Israel when she acts to protect her citizens from terrorism. Do you try to strip Israeli citizens of protection from those trying to kill them? Then own the natural consequences of your statements.

David Friedman is a bad choice for US Ambassador only to those who treat Israel as if it is not a sovereign nation, as if it isn’t entitled to determine its own capital, protect its own borders or safeguard its citizens.

Nor will he be the choice of those eager to elevate a Palestinian non-state which has supported, encouraged and rewarded terrorism since its founding. If you believe that privileging (and financing) such hatred, as if it deserves membership in the community of nations, David Friedman is not the choice for you either.

But for those of us who want someone who supports a Jewish, Democratic Israel, committed to civil rights for all of its citizens — including the right to not be murdered, David Friedman is exactly the right choice. And for those of us who oppose the creation of a terror-generating state, David Friedman is the best man for the job. He is the pro-Israel real deal.

David Friedman was not the only motivation for our support of Donald Trump. But his nomination as U.S. Ambassador to Israel, is the validation that our trust was properly placed. May he, and the cause of peace, and the leader of the free world for whom he works, go from strength to strength.



Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Shiloh Musings: Chanukah, The Real Story, Then and Now

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Chanukah is Not The “Jewish Christmas”

The simple fact that the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah and the Christian holiday of Christmas come in the same season get people very mixed up. There is no theological nor historic connection between the two. Nowadays it has become customary to give gifts on both of the holidays, so stores market to both Jews and Christians, and that’s it.

The Jewish Holiday of Chanukah celebrates a victory over the Greeks who had not only invaded and occupied the Jewish Historical Land, but they did everything they could to prevent the Jewish People from observing the Jewish Religion.

In modern terminology, the Greek “policy” should be considered immoral and against human, civil and religious rights, but in the shadow of the recent United Nations Security Council Resolution and the outrageous and notorious speech by lame duck Obama’s lame duck Secretary of State Kerry, and remembering how the “free world” ignored the Nazi Holocaust against European Jewry…

The Story of Chanukah, which happened only a century or two before the beginning of Christianity, is beginning to sound rather modern.

In the second century BCE, the Holy Land was ruled by the Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks), who tried to force the people of Israel to accept Greek culture and beliefs instead of mitzvah observance and belief in G‑d. Against all odds, a small band of faithful Jews, led by Judah the Maccabee, defeated one of the mightiest armies on earth, drove the Greeks from the land, reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and rededicated it to the service of G‑d. (Chabad)

Few Jews fought the Greeks, because many were assimilated. The Maccabees had no allies, no help. It was a miracle that the small band of fighters defeated the mighty Greeks. When things looked black, Gd came in and lit the world. This is so much like the 1967 Six Days War, when small, weak Israel with indefensible borders, was threatened with, destruction, and the United Nations quickly followed Egypt’s demands and took away their peacekeeping forces. Then the world patiently watched, expecting the Arab armies to destroy Israel. Jews all over the world prayed for Israel’s survival–a victory, and Gd made a miracle.

Yes, those wars were very similar, from the Jewish isolation to the illogical and inexplicable military victory.

There’s one big difference. The Maccabees rushed to the Holy Temple and consecrated it as quickly as they possibly could. They recognized that their victory was due to Gd Almighty and not any human prowess. Here in Israel, June 1967, as soon as the proverbial dust began to settle after the State of Israel’s great miraculous victory the government, instead of inviting the Jewish Nation to ascend Har Habayit, the Temple Mount and pray together to Gd to thank Him, gave the key back to the Muslims and then thanked the IDF for the victory.

That is why the United Nations, the United States, the European Union etc. keep insisting that we must give the fruits of that miraculous 1967 victory, including Jerusalem, to the Arab terrorists for a state they want to call Palestine, sic.

Going back to the Chanukah story, the rule of the Maccabees didn’t last very long, which is why the Romans ended up here and Christianity began… So, it seems we’re still fighting the same war. Gd keeps giving us chances. And now I hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu has gotten sufficiently angry and disgusted enough to recognize that his trying to be a reasonable “Centrist” isn’t working. We need a zealot who only tries to please Gd.

Gd willing, speedily in our time…

Chag Urim Sameach
May You Have an Enlightened Chanukah


Batya Medad

Israel-India Alliance is the Real Global Gamechanger

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

{Article by Micha Gefen, originally posted on the Israel Rising website}

In 1948 two former British colonies were partitioned and given independent status.  Like the British Mandate of Palestine, the Indian sub-continent had a rocky relationship with their colonial masters.  At the end the British pulled out of both places due to the yearning for independence within the ancestral peoples of the Land of Israel and India. With relations between the Hindu majority India and the Jewish state of Israel growing at a fast pace on all levels, the parallels appear divinely ordained.

In both areas, as they did in many of their colonies the British supported regime friendly leaders while backing Islamic insurgencies to pressure and weaken the hold of the real indigenous party over their ancestral land.  These policies proved successful as they led to the “necessary” partitioning of both Israel and India. By partitioning their former colonies the British, as well as other Western neo-colonialists would ensure the economic and even military dependency of their former colonies.

Nearly 70 years later, Israel and India are no longer dependent on British military and economic might and over the last decade and a half have forged a growing economic, technological, and now military alliance.

In the latest development Israeli Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis met his counterpart Harsh Vardhan last week in New Delhi. The ministers signed a scientific collaboration agreement between Israel and India under which each country will appropriate $1 million for joint research ventures in 2017.

“We are expanding our cooperation in many fields, including science, technology, and innovation,” Akunis said.

In November India signed a $1.4 billion contract with Israel Aerospace Industries and is waiting for ten armed Heron TP UAVs , set to be delivered within three years.  The deal is worth $400 million.

With a billion people in India, making it the largest democracy in the world, Israel finds a partner that has no cultural hint of anti-Semitism (Jews have been living in India for 2000 years) and fights against the same past and present enemies as itself.  Through technology and military partnerships as well long time cultural connections the two countries are set to impact the globe way beyond their regions.  It is the ultimate partnership that will shake the global order currently controlled by the US, Britain, EU, China, and Russia.

Watch PM Modi speak about the relationship below:

Israel Rising

The REAL Illegal Settlements

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

{Originally posted to the Gatestone Institute website}

As the international community continues to slam Israel for construction in Jewish settlement communities, Palestinians are quietly engaging in massive construction of entire neighborhoods in many parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem. In addition to overlooking the Palestinian building project, the West has clearly been neglecting a crucial difference between the two efforts: while the construction in the Jewish settlements of the West Bank and neighborhoods of Jerusalem has long been carried out within the frame of the law and in accordance with proper licenses issued by the relevant authorities, the Palestinian construction is illegal in every respect.

In this behind-the-scenes endeavor, which does not meet even the most minimum standards required by engineers, architects and housing planners, the Palestinian goal is to create irreversible facts on the ground.

A quick tour of the areas surrounding Jerusalem from the north, east and south easily exposes the colossal construction that is taking place there. In most cases, these high-rise buildings are slapped together without licenses or any adequate planning or safety concerns.

The Jewish outpost of Amona in the central West Bank, home to 42 families, is currently the subject of fiery controversy both in Israel and in the international arena. In 2006, the High Court of Israel ruled that the outpost is illegal under Israeli law because it lies on private Palestinian land. In 2014, the High Court ordered the government to evacuate and demolish the entire outpost within two years.

In Israel, as Amona demonstrates, no one is above the law. Israel boasts an independent judiciary system that is second to none.

Yet as the debate in Israel intensifies over the fate of Amona, the Palestinians are making a mockery of laws and building regulations by embarking on massive construction of illegal neighborhoods and buildings. Apparently, settlements are only a “major obstacle to peace” when they are constructed by Jews.

In recent years and continuing to the present, the Palestinians, with the aid of Western donors for whom only Jewish construction is anathema, are working night and day to create irreversible facts in the form of not just single-family houses, but masses of giant high-rise buildings. The sheer enormity of the project raises the question: Who has been funding these massive cities-within-cities? And why? There is good reason to believe that the PLO and some Arabs and Muslims, and especially the European Union are behind the Palestinian initiative.

Ironically, this has been taking place even when it means that the Palestinians have been stealing land from our own people.

The Palestinian building is taking place mostly in what is called Area C of the West Bank, which, under the terms of the Oslo Accords, is supposed to be under exclusive Israeli control. The building has also been mushrooming in many neighborhoods — even in entire villages — surrounding Jerusalem from the north, east and south, leaving the city with only one option: to expand towards the west, thereby building a giant collar of cement effectively to surround and choke off Jerusalem from the Jews.

Recently, entire Arab neighborhoods with crowded high-rises have shot up around Jerusalem. Only a handful of steps separate some of the buildings, and most lack proper sewage systems. Apartment prices range from $25,000 to $50,000 USD. These are ridiculous prices compared with the real costs of apartments in both Arab and Jewish (legal) neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Today, it is almost impossible to purchase a three-room apartment in the city for less than $250,000 USD.

The new neighborhoods are located in Kufr Akab, Samiramis, Kalandya, Beit Hanina, Shufat, Ras Khamis and Anata in the north of Jerusalem.

In the southern and eastern parts of the city, new neighborhoods have emerged with noticeable suddenness in Ras Al-Amoud, A-Tur, Al-Zaim, Jabal Mukaber, Um Tuba and Jabal Mukaber. These areas fall within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. However, failing to halt the illegal construction and leaving the city besieged from north, east and south, Jerusalem Municipality officials admit that Israel will have lost the war against illegal Palestinian construction unless immediate action is taken.

Alarmed by the ongoing illegal construction, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat recently took the unprecedented measure of petitioning the High Court to allow the city to demolish 14 illegally built structures in east Jerusalem.

Most importantly, there is no housing crisis for the Arab population; it is not an Arab housing crisis that is prompting this spree of illegal Palestinian construction. Rather, the goal is political: to show the world that Jerusalem is an Arab, and not a Jewish, city. By and large, the apartments remain empty: there is simply no real demand.

Who is behind the unprecedented wave of illegal construction? According to Arab residents of Jerusalem, many of the “contractors” are actually land-thieves and thugs who lay their hands on private Palestinian-owned land or on lands whose owners are living abroad. But they also point out that the EU, the PLO and some Arab and Islamic governments are funding the project.

“They spot an empty plot of land and quickly move in to seize control over it,” said a resident whose land was “confiscated” by the illegal contractors.

“They tell you if you don’t like it, go to court, knowing that by the time the legal procedures are over they would have succeeded in building another tall building and even selling some of the apartments.

“Many Arab land owners feel helpless. They tell us that it is their national duty to build as much as they can on any empty land, otherwise the Jews would be building there.”

Palestinians estimate that in the past few years they have managed to build more than 15,000 illegal housing units in areas surrounding Jerusalem as part of a plan to encircle the city. The construction continues to this moment, unabated. Partial funding comes from the Palestinian Authority (PA) and some Arab and Islamic countries These countries include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and other oil-rich countries in the Gulf. However, the Palestinians continue to complain that the Arab and Islamic funding is below expectations.

In Area C, a stretch of land accounting for 60% of the West Bank, the European Union, which bitterly condemns construction in Jewish settlements as illegal, openly funds illegal construction carried out by Palestinians. The EU argues that its support for Palestinian construction falls under the category of “humanitarian relief” and is permissible under international law.

The EU’s real goal is to help the Palestinians create these irreversible facts on the ground ahead of any possible future peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel. It is aimed at facilitating the mission of the Palestinians to seize as much land as possible, even if that means funding illegal construction or providing mobile homes to Palestinian communities in this area.

In short, it is the EU and some Arabs and Muslims who are paying for the construction of illegal Palestinian settlements, while demanding that Israel halt building new homes for Jewish families in Jerusalem neighborhoods or existing settlements in the West Bank.

The hypocrisy and raw malice of the EU and the rest of the international community toward the issue of Israeli settlements is blindingly transparent. Yet we are also witnessing the hypocrisy of many in the Western mainstream media — those dozens of correspondents who see with their own eyes the Palestinian settlements rising on every side of Jerusalem, but choose to report only about Jewish building.

Forty-two Jewish families in Amona have the world riveted, but what does the world think about the Palestinian land-grab? It is time to call out this treachery, this illegality and this double-standard, and demand that the Palestinians also cease the construction of illegal settlements, which are designed with one aim in mind: to pre-determine the outcome of any future peace deal.

Bassam Tawil

Breaking the Silence: Teaching Hebron’s Real Jewish History to Young Israelis

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

In recent years, radical-Left NGOs have marked Hebron as a strategic target through which to facilitate and promote international pressure on Israel. Rightwing Jewish movement Im Tirtzu is planning to change that, inviting thousands of Israeli students to visit the city of Hebron on regular tours aimed at strengthening the historical national connection to the city. The program, run by Im Tirtzu and the Jewish Community of Hebron, exposes students to the realities of Hebron, their main goal being “to connect more students to the history of Hebron and to strengthen each student’s deep connection to the place.”

Tour organizers expect a turnout of 5,000 students throughout the academic year.

The first tour takes place on Thursday, leaving from Bar-Ilan University on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. According to Im Tirtzu, the tours provides a balancing point of view in a milieu where radical, anti-Israel groups use tours of the city to slander and delegitimize Israel. They will visit the Cave of the Patriarchs, David HaMelech Street, the ancient Jewish cemetery, Tel Romeda, Beit Romano, and the Hebron Heritage Museum.

The program organizers have discussed potential run-ins with radical anti-Zionist groups during the tour, concluding that “if students on the tour encounter foreign journalists, European MPs, or anti-Israel propaganda tours led by radical Left NGOs, they will be permitted to provide them with educational materials that expose the hypocrisy and double standards of the delegitimization campaign against Israel.”

“Of course,” the organizers stress, “there must be an emphasis on appropriate conduct and politeness.”

The program is expected to run at all the Israeli universities and colleges with Im Tirtzu groups, including Hebrew University, the Technion, and Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion, Bar-Ilan, Haifa, and Ariel universities.

Spokesman for the Hebron Jewish Community Yishai Fleisher noted that “Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs are at the foundation of the People of Israel and represent our historical right to the land. It is astonishing that the anti-Zionist narrative brazenly chooses to rip out these deep historical roots – entrenched in Jewish consciousness and borne out by archaeological proof – in their slanderous tours of the city. Apparently, they believe that the Jews and the world have forgotten history, and so they promote a false narrative depicting Jews as foreigners and as occupiers of their own country.”

Fleisher expressed his hope that the Im Tirtzu tours will help “thousands of students to learn the historical truth of Hebron that will strengthen their connection to the city. They will also learn about the heroic spirit of Hebron that is much-needed today. In the end, the program will empower the students, the State of Israel’s presence in Hebron, and the entire Zionist narrative.”

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg has written the leaders of the Jewish Community of Hebron that “Im Tirtzu recognized that radical organizations are trying to harm one of the most important historical locations of the People of Israel. Bringing hundreds and thousands of students to Hebron this year and in upcoming years is the best answer to all those who are trying to rewrite the history of Israel.”

“These tours,” Peleg continued, “will ensure that the historical connection to Hebron will be passed on to the next generation of Israelis who will see with their own eyes what’s happening in the city and will learn about the lies perpetrated by radical organizations.”

Peleg expressed his commitment that Im Tirtzu would help keep Hebron at the heart of the Israeli consensus “despite the efforts of foreign-agent organizations.” Noting that Jewish history in Israel began in Hebron, with the purchase of the Cave of the Patriarchs some 3,500 years ago, Peleg promised that Im Tirtzu would help “the future of Israel continue to prosper in Hebron.”


BULLETPROOF – What’s the Real Reason World Leaders are Coming to Peres’ Funeral? [audio]

Friday, September 30th, 2016

What’s the real reason why world leaders, and even Mahmood Abbas are attending Peres’ funeral? It may not be why you think. Ari gives his take on the matter.


Israel News Talk Radio

Rosh Hashanah: The Real Election Day

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

We are living through unusually challenging times at the cusp of the year 5777. The manner in which secular society is evolving poses numerous challenges for us as Torah-observant Jews. In addition, the general political and social state of the world is one that engenders deep pessimism.

The decay of American society as we have known it for so long is deeply troubling. The institutions we have come to rely on to maintain an open, democratic society are crumbling before our very eyes. Government is less trusted now than ever before. The rule of law and the ability of law enforcement to do its job has been undermined by the elites of society, the press, and many elected officials. This has led to rioting and anarchy in several American inner cities. Rabble-rousers are waiting for the opportunity to inflame passions and light the powder keg of race riots with all that this entails.

It is not just America that has been affected. The world order as we know it is changing before our eyes. American power is not what it used to be. As America pulls back somewhat from the international stage, new actors fill the void. Regimes that have histories of repression and violence such as Russia and Iran are making pacts with each other.

A world from which America retreats is a dangerous world indeed.

To add to all of this, it appears the candidates running for the coveted office of president of the United States are the least popular to ever face the American voter. The qualifications, policies, temperaments, and ethics of the candidates leave much be desired – to the extent that many astute observers are truly afraid about the future of America and by extension the world.

These are the sobering thoughts that engulf us as we prepare for another Rosh Hashanah when Hashem will judge the world and seal the decree for the upcoming year.

So how can we strengthen ourselves? Is there a silver lining in the ominous clouds darkening the horizon? Most important, what can we do to invoke Divine Mercy on behalf of ourselves, our families, and all of the Jewish nation as we seek His favor and beg Him to inscribe us for a year of blessing and success?

* * * * *

Let us seek inspiration and insight from a fascinating pasuk in this week’s parshah. In the preceding parshah, the Torah enumerates the profound blessing we will receive for following Hashem’s commandments and conversely the terrible tochachah, punishment, we will undergo if we do not listen to His commandments. The pasuk in this week’s parshah continues by stating, “It will be when all these things come upon you – the blessings and the curse that I have presented before you – then you will return in your heart among all the nations where Hashem your God has dispersed you. And you will return to Hashem your God and listen to His voice… you and your children with all your heart and all your soul” (Devarim 30:1-2).

There are a number of words in this pasuk that require analysis. The pasuk states, “Vehasheivosa el levavech b’chol hagoyim – You will return in your heart among all the nations…” The simple understanding of this concept is that in the parshiyos of Ki Savo and Bechukosai Hashem enumerates the terrible curses and punishments that will befall the Jewish people if they stray from the proper path. The Torah is telling us that in order to stop the pain and suffering caused by the retribution or even to avoid it in the first place, Bnei Yisrael should engage in teshuvah and return to Hashem.

Certainly that is true, but we must still understand why the pasuk adds two seemingly extra words. The pasuk says, “Vehasheivosa el levavecha b’chol hagoyim – You will return in your heart among all the nations…” Where do the two words “bchol hagoyim” come into the picture? What is the connection between the nations of the world and the teshuvah that Klal Yisrael does after receiving the tochachah?

Perhaps we can suggest that there is an additional component that spurs bnei Yisrael to return to Hashem. When we engage in teshuvah, it is not solely because we wish to receive the infinite blessings of Hashem and avoid the terrible retribution heaped upon those who rebel against Him. There is another vitally important catalyst for returning to Hashem, and wanting to be part of the am Hashem, the nation of Hashem. This occurs when we come to the irrefutable realization that the nations surrounding us and in whose midst we live have nothing to offer us.

When looking at the host culture, we observe its modes of “recreation,” what people do for “fun,” and we realize they have little of lasting benefit to offer us. When we think about where society is headed, we realize that with all of the advancements and the tremendous strides – industrial, technological, medical – that humanity has made, the host culture is characterized by moral decadence combined with unbridled hedonism. Not only is it the diametric opposite of the way the Torah desires that we conduct our lives, but it also fails to bring the happiness and joy that is its purported purpose.

Engaging in the unrestrained pleasure seeking that has become the norm in the host culture does not satisfy our soul. Rather, it is akin to a thirsty person drinking saltwater and wondering why he is even thirstier than he was before, after the passing of the momentary feeling of satisfaction he feels as the wet liquid touches his mouth.

The pasuk is thus teaching us that another motivation for “vehasheivosa el levavechafor returning to Hashem, refraining from aveiros, and performing His mitzvos – is “b’chol hagoyim,” by looking around and seeing how the moral conduct of a society such as the one that surrounds us cannot guide us. This is a culture to which we do not really belong.

Rav Dovid Hofstedter

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