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December 5, 2016 / 5 Kislev, 5777

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Stop the Presses: Abbas Reelected Fatah Chief

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

In an astonishing move that caught the world by surprise, about 1,250 Fatah party politicians opened their seventh conference in Ramallah on Tuesday by reappointing Mahmoud Abbas chairman. At 81, an invigorated Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen, was voted in unanimously, despite speculations that this time the ruling party of the PA would entertain serious discussions of a post-Abbas future.

Fataḥ, formerly the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, is the largest faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Abbas was elected in January 2005 as President of the Palestinian National Authority until January 2009, but in December 2009 was voted into office indefinitely by the PLO Central Council.

An estimated 75 Fatah representatives from Gaza were not granted permits by Israel to leave the Strip to attend the conference. But its doubtful the vote in Ramallah would have been any different had they been allowed to go through.

The date picked for the conference, as it is done every conference, was November 29, the anniversary of the last time the Arabs in the Land of Israel had a real chance for statehood, which they blew, in the spirit of the late Abba Eban, who said, The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. For the record, Eban did not focus solely on the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, since he made his immortal observation after the 1973 Geneva Peace Conference with Arab countries (which Syria refused to attend).

November 29 was commemorated by the UN on Tuesday, as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. UN General Assembly president Peter Thomson honored the occasion by wearing a Palestinian flag scarf, just like the one Yasser Arafat wore when he first appeared at the General Assembly back in 1974 as the chief of Fatah – which was established back in 1959 to “organize the armed resistance against Israel,” almost a decade before the 1967 war.

Which brings to mind another Abba Eban immortal observation, from 2004: If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions.

David Israel

Goldstein on Gelt: Financial Fitness and How to Stop Stressing About Money

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Financial fitness isn’t only about staying within your budget and savings. It’s also about monitoring your stress level on financial issues. Shannon McLay, founder of The Financial Gym, discusses financial health and why every individual needs their own personal “diet” and “workout.” Find out why it’s important to work on your money habits while you are still young.

Should you sell your house when you retire?
Doug Goldstein, CFP®, answers the question of whether it’s a good idea to sell your house before you retire. He also gives tips on when you should hand over financial control to the next generation.
Watch the 12-minute video of a recent seminar on this subject at: http://www.profile-financial.com/letting-go
The Goldstein On Gelt Show is a financial podcast. Click on the player below to listen. For show notes and contact details of the guest, go to www.GoldsteinOnGelt.com

Doug Goldstein, CFP®

Bennett: If Law to Save Amona Fails, We’ll Stop Voting with Netanyahu Coalition

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

As the Arrangement Act, compelling Arab claimants against government initiated Jewish settlements to accept market value for their lands, comes up for an initial vote at the Knesset plenum, two coalition partners — Kulanu and Habayit Hayehudi — have accused Prime Minister Netanyahu and Coalition Chairman MK David Bitan (Likud) of attempting to sabotage the vote. Bitan announced on Tuesday that there may be some difficulties in rustling support for the bill.

In response, Habayit Hayehudi faction informed Bitan that should the coalition partners not honor the coalition discipline rule and help defeat the government-supported legislation, Habayit Hayehudi would no longer vote in support of future coalition bills.

The threat was intended to pressure Likud to make sure all the coalition partners indeed show up to support the bill. As of Tuesday night, there have been rumors that Kulanu and the Haredi parties were considering a no-show during the vote. Now it appears those rumors were manufactured on behalf of the PM, who never was in favor of the proposed law.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected a coalition request to postpone the demolition of Amona, in Samaria, on December 25.

David Israel

Israeli UN Envoy: Stop Funding B’Tselem

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Israel’s UN envoy Danny Danon will call on the UN Security Council to suspend UN funding for the anti-Israeli NGO B’Tselem, Israel’s Army Radio reported Wednesday morning. In his speech before a special session of the UNSC on the Middle East, Danon will reveal the funding provided the leftwing NGO by the UN, blaming the latter for orchestrating attacks on Israel through this funding. “It is no coincidence that this specific organization is invited to speak at the UN, to damage the State of Israel,” Danon will tell the special Thursday session.

On a related topic, Danon announced on Tuesday a new “political struggle against aid money which is transferred to Hamas in Gaza.” He noted that intelligence reaching Israeli security forces points to a worrisome increase of humanitarian funds ending up in Hamas hands. “Today we launch a political war against funding Hamas terror infrastructure with money from aid organization,” Danon declared, adding, “We will not rest until the UN and the aid organizations keep track of every dollar being transferred to the Gaza Strip.”

Danon said that he had approached directly the UN secretary-general regarding the creation of control mechanisms to stop the leakage of funds into the hands of Hamas. He also called on international aid organizations to do the same. In recent months, Israeli security forces detained two Arab officials of international aid groups who confessed to diverting tens of millions of dollars in aid money to Hamas. Israel has reported that Hamas invests $110 million annually in constructing terror tunnels, using, among other sources, International aid money.

“We must put an end to the unacceptable phenomenon whereby the international community believes it is funding hothouse construction while, in reality, the money goes to digging tunnels and buying arms,” the envoy said.

At the same time, Danon also praised the forum of donor countries to the Palestinian Authority, whose annual meeting is coming up, saying “Israel welcomes the contribution of these countries to the Palestinian Authority and sees great value in it.”


Stop Skirting the Issue: Pants vs. Skirts

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Over the past couple of months, one topic has come up in a number of conversations that I have had with some parents: Clothing. It usually goes something like this: “Hi, rabbi, I have a serious problem in my home and was wondering if you could give me some guidance. You see, my daughter is going off the derech and I am greatly concerned! She is—rachmana litzlan—wearing pants.”

The term “going off the derech” (or as it is known by its abbreviation “OTD”) is a clarion call for many but misunderstood by most. It probably would be a good idea first to define what “The Derech” is before claiming one is going off that derech.

The “derech” generally means (in very broad strokes) living one’s life according to Halacha and maintaining what is called an Orthodox lifestyle. This would include things such as Shabbat, Kashrut, Taharat HaMishpacha, etc. If one were to give up one of these areas of Halacha, such as Shabbat, then we would say he or she had “gone OTD.”

It is at that moment, when the parent is aghast that their daughter is wearing pants that I often ask: Does she keep Shabbat still? The answer is affirmative. Does she still keep kosher? Yes, of course, I am told. And I ask a few more questions like that and the answers remain in the affirmative.

Then, I say something that generally shakes them up: “I assume you want your daughter to go off the derech.”

After a brief pause (did I hear the phone go dead?), I am asked what in the world did I mean by that?! G-d forbid I would want my daughter to go OTD! And here, as they say, comes the knockout punch: I tell them that if they make an issue over the wearing of pants vs. skirts; that if their lives revolve around a “war” about clothing; that if there are threats and punishments discussed, then you can bet your  bottom dollar that this daughter of yours will likely go OTD.

At that point, if the parent is still speaking to me or has not yet outright called me an apikores, I continue to try and make my point in a cogent and direct way.

I ask them: If your daughter says that she wants to be able to wear pants or she will not keep kosher any more, what is your answer to that. What if she says it is pants or Shabbat? What do you say to that challenge? Depending on the family, the answer is not so forthcoming. GENERALLY, the answer is that they would prefer their daughter wear pants. Why, I ask. Why do you prefer they wear pants rather than leave Shabbat and Kashrut in the dust? As I hear them trying to seek an answer from deep inside themselves, I begin to hear the light go on.

In the minds of these parents, who make a war out of pants vs skirts, they are “fighting” a noble cause. After all, tzniut and the way a person dresses is a critical factor in a Bat Yisrael. True…but, when one makes that the DEFINING factor of a Bat Yisrael and makes a push that it is my way or the highway, then, as I said above, you have just set your daughter up to do exactly what you fear: to go off the derech. I have seen it many times, where a girl has thrown away her religiosity because her parents would not bend on the clothing issue.

The parent lost both the battle and the war. They have lost their daughter—not only in terms of religion but also in terms of their relationship.

Yes, Poskim have said and continue to say that a woman should indeed wear a skirt, l’chatchila (best case scenario). However, if a woman chooses to NOT wear a skirt, but instead to wear pants, the truth is that it is NOT in any way, shape or form an issue over having a child leave her religious lifestyle and going OTD. Is it worth battling about Kosher, Shabbat and things of that nature? Of course.

But, I can almost guarantee you that the more you push on the pants issue, the farther away you will push your daughter; possibly to the point of her not wanting to be שומרת תורה ומצוות ,and that would be on your head, as parents.

If the child is in a school and the rules of the school include skirts/no pants, then as having accepted this policy when signing up for the school, that is indeed your position and must be enforced. Barring that situation, I urge you to listen to your daughters. No, one need not “give in” at the first request. But…if it goes beyond requests and into the stage of “I am going to do this,” please believe me, it is not worth THAT fight.

Stop skirting the issue. Begin to listen and begin to understand. You have all to gain…and, G-d forbid, a daughter to lose.

Rav Zev Shandalov

NY Cops Stage Traffic Stop So Jewish Guy Can Propose to Girlfriend [video]

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Three NY police officers from the 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway last Wednesday faked a traffic stop so help Yehuda Coriat, 22, could propose to his girlfriend Sara Oppen, 20, in Queens, the NY Post reported Friday. The officers, asked to help a guy in need by Yoel Tyrnauer, a member of the Borough Park Shomrim volunteer society, pulled over Sara’s car, on suspicion that she and her boyfriend were trafficking weapons and drugs in the trunk.

After grilling the poor woman about her boyfriend’s supposedly shady activities, the officers insisted that she open her trunk, which she did, releasing the balloons that had been stashed inside.

Yehuda then got down on one knee and asked Sara to be his betrothed.

The Post, in its unique fashion, used the story to rehash the NYPD bribery scandal involving accusations against the Shomrim, and so Tyrnauer told the Post he had asked for the favor not as a member of the Shomrim group but just as a guy asking his local cops for a favor. “I don’t know the cops. This whole thing has nothing to do with Shomrim,” he said.

Sara said the cops “weren’t on duty at the time. They did him a favor. They came in dressed up, got the car and did the whole getup just as a favor.”

Which goes to show you that good deeds rarely go unpunished, and sweet gestures can get a man in deep trouble.


The Walter Bingham File – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: We Must Stop Talking…And Start Acting [audio]

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

This programme demonstrates the futility of the world’s pressure to negotiate, with the Palestinian Arab leadership whoever they are, while at the same time ignoring that their stated aim is to destroy their supposed partner for peace, the State of Israel.

The Bad: Walter reluctantly came to the conclusion that all previous attempts to come to an accommodation with our neighbours were interpreted by them as weakness, encouraging ever more ugly and murderous violence – and that only firm and drastic action will ensure the security of the Jewish State and it’s people. Listen to his plan.

The Good: Because Aliyah to Israel is the foundation on which the Zionist enterprise stands, we rejoice when immigrants arrive and we celebrate as they step off the plane. Join in the welcome.

The Ugly: How the international media distorts the facts.

And: More.

The Walter Bingham File 24Jul – PODCAST

Israel News Talk Radio

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