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April 30, 2016 / 22 Nisan, 5776

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1 Israeli Victim Identified in Istanbul Terror Attack

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

One of the three Israeli victims has been identified in the suicide bombing attack in Istanbul on Saturday. A fourth national was also killed.

The attack by a suicide bomber who blew himself up in central Istanbul occurred near two tour groups who were walking on Istiklal Street. The blast left 11 Israelis and 26 others wounded, including seven in critical condition.

Among the dead was Simha Demri, 60, of Dimona, who was on a culinary tour with her husband Avi, who suffered wounds to his legs and a punctured lung.

The terrorist detonated his bomb about four meters away from the group, according to Demri, who had spoken with Ynet about the attack before he was told about his wife’s death. He noted that both his legs were broken and that he could “barely breathe.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told media, “There is information that this was an attack by a member of ISIS. But this is preliminary information. In cases like this, we cooperate with other countries’ intelligence agencies.”

Hana Levi Julian

The Tamar Yonah Show – Rocks and Rockets on My Head [audio]

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Ever wonder what it is like to experience and live under rock and rocket attack?

Tamar describes her time under both, and invites on residents of Israel’s southern communities to take you through a real experience of what it is like to have 15 seconds or less to run for cover and save your life and the lives of your family.

Guests include Esther Blau Marcus, a social worker and resident of Kibbutz Alumim who also authored the book, ‘Tseva Adom‘ (Color Red, the alarm warning of incoming rockets). Also joining the show is Noam Bedein, Sderot resident and Director of the Sderot Media Center, who talks about the Friday night attack of rocket fire over Sderot.

Israel News Talk Radio

US VP Joe Biden: No Justification for This ‘Intolerable, Hateful Violence’

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Israel on what may have been one of the bloodiest days in the current wave of terror – but it did not deter him from teaching two of his grandchildren that their commitment to Israel runs deeper than the issue of security.

Biden is in Israel for a two-day visit, together with his wife Jill and the two children of his deceased son Beau, whose mother-in-law is Jewish.

The vice president commented Wednesday morning during a news briefing in Jerusalem that he deliberately brought his grandchildren to Israel this time around. He said he wants them “to see; they’re not too young to understand all of what [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] talked about – that this is a commitment that is deeper than security.”

That’s a pretty gutsy statement coming from a man whose wife and grandchildren were eating dinner just down the beach as one person was being murdered in an attack, nine others injured.

During the news conference Biden firmly condemned the escalation in violence he encountered upon his arrival.

Biden had headed for a meeting at the Peres Center for Peace while his wife Jill and two grandchildren went to the beach for dinner.

But the meeting had barely started before he began to receive messages about one terror attack after the next – including one about a particularly bloody, gruesome attack “not very far from where” his family was having dinner.

Taylor Allen Force, a U.S. citizen, Vanderbilt graduate student, a graduate of West Point and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, was murdered in that attack. Force’s wife was among the nine others who were wounded.

Biden’s comments about that nightmare followed a brief statement by Netanyahu in which he pointed out that Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas refused to condemn the terrorist attacks. His Fatah faction “actually praised the murderer of this American citizen as a Palestinian martyr and a hero,” Netanyahu said.

The prime minister also pointed out the dangers inherent in the “persistent incitement in Palestinian society” that “glorifies murders of innocent people and calls for a Palestinian state not to live in peace with Israel but to replace Israel.”

Gaza’s ruling Hamas terror organization – who will automatically gain citizenship in any Palestinian Authority sovereign state – released an official statement praising the attacks. The group called them “heroic operations” and cited them as proof the wave of terror remains.

“Hamas celebrates the martyrs that have ascended through these operations and confirms that their pure blood will, God willing, be the fuel for escalating the intifada,” the terrorist group wrote on its home page.

Not that this is anything new in our neighborhood; but it is most likely a new experience for Biden. He undoubtedly hears about this from Israelis with whom he speaks, but equally likely rarely gives it much thought.

Clearly, he gave it a lot of thought this time.

“Let me say in no uncertain terms: The United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts. This cannot become an accepted modus operandi,” Biden told reporters.

“This cannot be viewed by civilized leaders as an appropriate way in which to behave,” he continued. “It is just not tolerable in the 21st century.

“They’re targeting innocent civilians, mothers, pregnant women, teenagers, grandfathers, American citizens,” he exclaimed.

“There can be no justification for this hateful violence and the United States stands firmly behind Israel when it defends itself as we are defending ourselves at this moment as well.”

He commented that his own family was very close to the action. “I don’t know how [close], whether it was 100 meters or 1,000 meters,” he said, “but it just brings home that it can happen – it can happen anywhere at any time.”

Hana Levi Julian

Tragedy Avoided, Female Terrorist Caught in Kedumim

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

What could have become a massive tragedy has ended in the arrest of a female Arab terrorist in northwestern Samaria Jewish community of Kedumim, about 15 minutes east of Herzliya and Netanya.

The attacker infiltrated the community just before 11 am Wednesday morning, armed with a knife.

She was spotted by a female resident in the community who phoned security personnel as the terrorist approached the entrance to her home.

Security personnel arrived on the scene within seconds and shot the attacker who had the knife in her hand. She was then disarmed, taken into custody and provided with medical treatment.

No Israelis were physically wounded in the attack.

Hana Levi Julian

Uruguay Jewish Businessman Stabbed to Death in Islamist Anti-Semitic Attack

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

A local businessman in the western Uruguay border town of Paysande was stabbed to death Tuesday by a convicted criminal who yelled “Allahu Akbar!” as he wielded the knife.

David Fremd, 54, was active in his local Jewish community and served as the representative to the Uruguayan national Jewish umbrella organization.

His attacker stabbed him repeatedly – 15 times – but as all radical Islamic terrorists, first made sure to declare his Islamic faith by praising Allah before plunging the knife into his victim.

One of Fremd’s three sons was also injured in the attack, but his wounds are not life-threatening, according to a local report.

Police arrested the suspected killer, according to the local El Pais newspaper.

The suspect confessed under questioning that his attack was a deliberate attempt to target the Jewish community, according to Sergio Gorzy, president of Uruguay’s Jewish umbrella organization, who spoke with the local Subraydo news outlet.

Approximately 20,000 Jews live in Uruguay, the first country in South America to officially recognize the reborn State of Israel. The first Israeli Embassy on the continent was opened in the capital, Montevideo, in November 1948, where most of the country’s Jews live.

The 60 Jewish organizations in Uruguay are all under the auspices of the Israelite Central Committee, according to a report by the World Jewish Congress (WJC).

Hana Levi Julian

Phantom Nation: With Whom We Are Dealing [audio]

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

The horror on tape from Maaleh Adumim that exposes just who we are dealing with. And defending David Cameron’s anti-Jewish policies toward Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

Phantom Nation 29Feb2016

Israel News Talk Radio

SodaStream Forced to Lay Off Last PA Workers Thanks to Terror & BDS

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

The SodaStream plant in Lehavim was forced to lay off the remaining 74 Arab workers Monday who had transferred with the company in October from the Palestinian Authority.

SodaStream produces a small machine for homemakers to create their own fizzy drinks.

There was no choice. SodaStream had been forced to move from its site on the “other” side of the 1949 Armistice Line due to pressure from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement ending the jobs of 500 PA workers.

A boycott of Israeli products in PA-controlled territories had proved effective, persuading SodaStream there was no point in remaining in the area.

The BDS coordinator in the PA capital city of Ramallah – Mahmoud Nawaja’a – called the loss of the jobs at SodaStream “part of the price that should be paid in the process of ending the occupation.” But then, Nawaja’a was not one of those who lost his livelihood.

Last year’s European Union labeling requirements forcing Israeli companies to indicate whether their products were made in areas outside of pre-1967 Israel only aided and abetted the BDS boycotts.

The welcome move by the British government last month to ban the public sector boycotts of Israeli suppliers came too late for SodaStream’s PA Arab workers.

In addition, after the start of the terror wave, Israel cut off work permits because many of the murderous terrorists attacking innocent civilians were found to be PA residents with work permits and no criminal records.

That was the employment death knell for the PA workers who had been able to move with the company to its new location in Lehavim.

“There is no hope in Palestine,” Anas Abdul Wadud Ghayth told Voice of America. Ghayth is one of the Arab workers from the Palestinian Authority. “There is little work; we can’t be happy there like we were happy here.”

The company said it would fight to get the work permits back for its PA Arab employees.

“If the government of Israel does not allow the Palestinians to get to their jobs, I will bring those jobs to the Palestinians. That is not a threat. It is a fact,” said Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream’s CEO.

According to the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), 58,000 Palestinian Authority residents still hold permits to work in Israel. Another 27,000 are working for Israeli businesses in Jewish communities and industrial zones in Judea and Samaria.

Hana Levi Julian

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