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The Mandela Effect and a Flat Earth [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the latest in Christian doctrines to explain away what some see as inconsistencies in biblical text that they cannot explain.

Beyond The Matrix – The U.S.-Turkish Connection [audio]

Ira and Rod are joined by national security expert Jerry Gordon to discuss the supposed coup that took place recently in Turkey, and how this impacts the United States.

Beyond The Matrix – From Black List to Honor Roll [audio]

Ira and Rod are joined by Cheri Dillion, who just two years ago put a black list together of teachers that Christians should not listen to.

Beyond The Matrix – Can A Pig Be Kosher? [audio]

It seems that Rod and his Netiv group are starting trouble in Houston.

Beyond The Matrix – Demigods, Demagogues, and Democrats [audio]

The guys takes on another discussion about politics and the chaos being played out on the world stage.

Beyond The Matrix – A “Termite” Speaks Back [audio]

Ira and Rod are joined by Rabbi Uri Pilichowski of Mitzpe Yericho.

Beyond The Matrix – First Annual “Golden Helium Balloon Award” [audio]

Ira and Rod have some more fun discussing politics in the U.S. election cycle, as well as a discussion on being right vs. seeking truth.

Beyond The Matrix – Letting the “Other Side” Speak

Ira and Rod are joined by Cody Pogue who is a Democrat that is involved in local politics and a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Beyond The Matrix – Political Gymnastics and Much More… [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the recent visit of Rav Dror to the Netiv Community in Texas, and then move on to continue a discussion on the political gymnastics going on in America.

Beyond The Matrix – A View From the Floor [audio]

Ira and Rod are joined by a Texas delegate to the Republic National Convention. She shares with us her thoughts as a delegate and as a former supporter of Ted Cruz.

Beyond The Matrix – Politics, Plagiarism and Parroting [audio]

Ira and Rod speak about the Republican National Convention, Melania Trump, and the latest political current events.

Beyond The Matrix – A World Gone Mad [audio]

Police shootings, the attack in Nice, France, an attempted suicide bomber in Jerusalem, and an attempted military coup in Turkey all point to a world gone mad.

Beyond The Matrix – All Facts Matter [audio]

Ira and Rod focus on the concepts of racism and anti-Semitism, two very hot topics on print and social media this past week.

Beyond The Matrix – Common Sense vs. Your Legal Rights [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the current situation taking place in the U.S. in the aftermath of police shootings in several states and the attack on police officers in Dallas, Texas.

Beyond The Matrix – It is Better to Feel Than Not to Feel [audio]

Ira and Rod continue the discussion on the pain we feel as Israelis when we deal with death.

Beyond The Matrix – Fighting Through the Pain [audio]

Ira and Rod speak about the pain of living in Eretz Yisrael (The Land of Israel) in the context of the most recent terrorist attacks.

Beyond The Matrix – Awake O My Soul [audio]

Ira and Rod break down the meaning of Hitbodedut - the concept of secluded persona prayer - and how it is meant to cause soul searching and soul awakening.

Beyond The Matrix – Is There a Conductor Leading the Orchestra? [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the chaos that seems to be taking place in the world, from radical Islam to the radical liberal ideology of people like the Clintons and the current president of the United States.

Beyond The Matrix – Bringing The Nations Closer to HaShem [audio]

Ira touches on his new job with the Emunah Project and bringing universal Torah wisdom to all nations.

Beyond The Matrix – We’re Having a Heat Wave: A Political Heatwave [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the physical and spiritual heat wave that seems to be affecting so many nations.

Beyond The Matrix – The Truth About Orlando [audio]

Ira and Rod speak about the terror attack in Orlando from a different perspective.

Beyond The Matrix – We Don’t Need Another Hero! [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the slanted definition of what a hero is today, and how the unraveling of the fabric of society has contributed to this phenomenon.

Beyond The Matrix – Can Muhammad Ali Change Your Perspective? [audio]

Ira and Rod discuss the death of Muhammad Ali and how this relates to our need for a change of perspective.


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