Guess the Twit & a Beer with Yair – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show Ross introduces a new game to listeners. It is called "Guess the Twit." Ross reads a tweet, and Jono and the listeners have to guess who said it. While they are on the subject of Twitter, your hosts talk about Yair's latest trouble in the social media world, and the IDF's trolling of Iran. They also provide an update on a story from last week, cover the world's most innovative countries, recommend a Netflix series and MUCH more. Don't miss Guess the Twit & a Beer with Yair!

Dedicated the memory of Ari Fuld z”l who was murdered by an Arab terrorist...

In the 1st segment, Ari Fuld HY"D talks about 'Standing Together' and how he came to dedicate himself to the cause. He also talks about how he rushes TO danger, to help save others ...reminiscent of his final moments.

Rebuilding Jerusalem & the redemptive process, and the legacy of Ari Fuld – Israel...

Joshua Wander has served as a commander in the IDF and an officer in the US Air Force. A native of Pennsylvania, he graduated from a rabbinical college in Israel with a Bachelor of Talmudic Law and subsequently earned a Masters in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. Politically in Israel, he has served as an adviser in the Knesset, he is a central committeeman for the Jewish Home Party, and has served as the online content editor for the Jerusalem Post. In the US, he was an elected State Constable and a Committeeman. He was also once the Republican nominee for Mayor of Pittsburgh. He is the commander of the Jewish War Veterans in Israel and a certified NRA instructor. He’s married with 6 children and lives on the Mount of Olives! He currently works as a public relations consultant and expert in Israel advocacy.

Anniversary Show – Israel On My Mind [audio]

Ross and Jono celebrate their 7 year Facebook Friendship

Peace to Prosperity Plan – Israel on My Mind [audio]

This week on Israel On My Mind, Jono and Ross discuss the recently released Peace to Prosperity plan. They cover a lot of ground for one show but clarify some of the details and misconceptions of the plan along the way. Ross has spent the past couple of days going through the entire plan in order to grasp the details of the plan. In addition to the content of this show, Ross is posting notes to explain various aspects of the plan on his personal Facebook page and sharing them on the official Israel on My Mind Facebook Page. Don't miss, Peace to Prosperity Plan this week on Israel on My Mind.

Common Sense and the Arabian Prince – Israel On My Mind [audio]

Our hosts focus on more surprises from Saudi Arabia. First it was the opening of theaters long shut down, then it was a promise to allow women to drive, and that's not all.

Tweets from the Ancient World – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this episode, your hosts relate how crazy things have become since last week. Last week's show ended with speculation concerning what was then to be a visit to Israel by Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar. That didn't happen after all and the fallout has been hard to keep up with. Progressives screamed, "I told you so....Israel is an apartheid state." Some conservatives even said Israel played right into the hands of Israel's enemies. As if that wasn't enough, President Trump shared a quote claiming his greatness for the Jews and Israel, and his opponents are having a field day. Is he claiming to be the messiah? The King of the Jews? Has the much anticipated Anti Christ finally been revealed? Ross and Jono discuss this and more as only they can do, but they also make a fascinating connection with an event that took place more than 2,500 years ago. Don't miss, Tweets from the Ancient World!

Lipstick On My Camel – Israel On My Mind [audio]

Ross and Jono cover news items which showcase the competitive advantage of Israel over those who hate her.

Wine and Whiners – Israel on My Mind [audio]

After several weeks in Israel, Ross is finally back. In this week's show, your hosts come out of the gate discussing President Trump's official recognition of Israel's sovereignty of the Golan Heights. Obviously, not everyone is as happy about this latest from the U.S. President. Springing from that topic, they talk about the nations who have either moved their embassies or announced plans to move their embassies to Jerusalem. Jono shares lists of the happiest countries and the most expensive cities to live in. They also share with their listeners about a call for wine boycott that backfires. Don't miss, Wine and Whiners - this week on Israel On My Mind.

SodaStream and Cannabis Ice Cream – Israel On My Mind

In this show, Jono and Ross discuss PepsiCo's recent purchase of the Israeli Company Soda Stream, the real reason that Israelis always turn out to be among the happiest people on earth, magicians in search of the lost ark, the Episcopal Bishop who got caught, Cannabis flavored ice cream, worms that do complicated math problems and MUCH more! Don't miss SodaStream and Cannabis Ice Cream.

Haifa Hogs and Fish Sauce – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this episode, your hosts share the Top 20 destinations for 2020 (spoiler alert - Tel Aviv is on the list). They also discuss a recent mishap involving an El Al flight in Las Vegas. It seems that Haifa is dealing with wild hogs, the IAA has a better understanding of old fish sauce, Brazil has joined an exclusive club and Boris Johnson defeats Corbyn. Don't miss Haifa Hogs and Fish Sauce this week on Israel on My Mind!

Biblical Beards – Where Manliness and Holiness Meet – Israel On My Mind [audio]

In this episode Ross and Jono discuss Beards. Specifically Biblical beards. In a previous show the duo announced that Ross will soon be launching a new company - Biblical Beard Balm, and based upon inquiries they decided to do a show on the topic of beards. What does the Bible say about the subject? Ross and Jono cover biblical passages from the Torah, and other stories about beards from the Bible. They also cover stats related to the topic and even talk about some of what goes into the new product. The goal is to officially launch the product in September. Don't miss Biblical Beards - Where Manliness and Holiness Meet!

Making Scents…of Israel – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's episode, Jono and Ross talk about a new Israeli invention designed to help drivers stay awake by emitting a foul odor. In keeping with the theme of smells, Jono asks Ross about America's love of Pumpkin spice. Snoop Dog gets a well-deserved spot as a spokesman for an Israeli Start-up. Your hosts also talk about new regulations for pork imports to Israel, a new super-wine, and a high-priced Hanukkiah. This and much more in "Making Scents...of Israel."

Spiders, Scorpions, and Serpents – Oh My! – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this episode, Jono and Ross discuss Ross' present stay in the wilderness of Israel. As many of our listeners know, Ross is volunteering at Biblical Tamar Park, located at the site of ancient Tamar (Ezekiel 47:19; 48:28), only a few miles / kilometers from the famous Ascent of Scorpions (Numbers 34:1-4; Joshua 15:1-3; Judges 1:33-36). They discuss Ross' encounter with some of the region's most feared inhabitants - camel spiders, scorpions, and serpents! You don't want to miss this week's show - Spiders, Scorpions, and Serpents - Oh My!

Israel On My Mind – Geeky Israeli Gifts and more! [audio]

The coolest new Israeli gadgets for your friends and family this season.

Talking Tours – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Ross and Jono, just back from their recent Tanakh Tour share some of the highlights from the trip. They describe adventures in the "great and awesome" wilderness and some of the exciting desert places they visited both on the tour and afterward. They also share some of their favorite stops along the way. Listeners will likely want to join the upcoming AJA & INTR 2020 Vision Tour, or next year's Tanakh Tour after listening to Jono and Ross. Sign up today for one of these tours while there is still room on the bus!

Israel On My Mind – Cocktails with Ricky Martin! [audio]

Exploring the good news that is pouring out of Israel and it's effect on the world we live in, join Jono and Jason in...


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