Inside Israel Jews, Outside Israel Jews – Israel Unplugged [audio]

An examination on how some Jews relate to the Land of Israel and how being outside the Holy Land can influence their perceptions of Torah edicts. Also, the appeals of living in the West: the 3-Cs: Comfort, Convenience and Cosco.

Is Florida the Future Jewish Homeland? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we discuss a recently printed article about Jews in NY moving to greener pastures in Florida and whether Uman is the place to go from Rosh Hashana

Are You Practicing Judaism or Living Judaism? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

We speak with Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko and Meir Eisenman about touring the Land and what is really so unique and special that every Jew should live here.

8 Lessons Learned from our Forefather, Yaakov – Israel Unplugged [audio]

in this episode we discuss the Torah Portion and want practical lessons learned can be gleaned from it today about living in the Land.

Fast Day or Christmas? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we discuss the upcoming fast day of the 10th of Tevet and it's meaning for the Jew in exile.

The Aliyah Song – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we play the newest hit Jewish song, The Aliyah Song, , and talk about Jewish in Israel vs. Jews in exile mode

Are Diaspora Jews Sincere in their Observance? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

Join us as we discuss what it means to be a Jew in exile today and how we are all obligated to see ourselves leaving the exile behind and creating the reality of redemption.

Global Economic Collapse? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

Josh gives an URGENT plea for World Jewry to return home to Israel now!

Ukrainians Arrive in Israel – Does it Matter That Many Are Not Jewish? –...

Josh Wander & Rabbi Moshe Lichtman discuss the arrival of thousands of Ukrainians to Israel who will be processed as new immigrants. But many are not Jewish. Does it matter? Hear what they have to say!

Order your Trees and your Passports – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we discuss current events in the US, the importance of being prepared, and the upcoming holiday of Tu B'Shvat

Surviving Aliyah with Teens – Israel Unplugged [audio]

Never before were there so many resources for families with teens to help them transition into Israeli life. We speak with Tzippora Felsenthal about her experience and her initiative to help teen Olim in Israel.

Practical Aliyah in the Era of Corona – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show on Tzom Gedalya, we discuss with Eli Bialik from Nefesh B’ Nefesh details about the Aliyah process today.

Need Help Making Aliyah? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

We interview two inspiring individuals who have taken it upon themselves to assist new immigrants in Israel to have an easier transition.

Tu B’Shvat and Anti-Semitism – Israel Unplugged [audio]

Has the world gone nuts? Maybe this will help explain why…

Can Haredi Jews in the US Feel Comfortable in Israel? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

At least one rabbi believes so! We speak with Rabbi Danny Myers of Ramat Beit Shemesh about his new initiative to encourage ultra-Orthodox Aliyah from America.

American Jews or Jewish Americans? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we speak with Rabbi Pesach Lerner of the WZO and speak about the upcoming US elections.

Modern Day Israel: Redemption or Historical Coincidence? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we discuss the different Jewish viewpoints about the modern State of Israel being an integral part of the redemption process or, God forbid, an impediment

How to Convince Diaspora Jews to Make Aliyah without Shaming Them? – Israel Unplugged...

Rabbi Lichtman and Josh Wander respond to an article that downplays the importance of aliyah to Israel. This episode really sums up some of the most important ideas that the hosts have been trying to convey over the past few years. You don't want to miss it!

Can you be Jewish in the Diaspora? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

On this show we speak with former MK Rabbi Dov Lipman about the great merit of being able to participate in the democratic system today in a Jewish State and why Jews abroad don't hold the same status as Jews who have come home.

Should Jews in America Get Out of Dodge? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this episode we were honored to speak with Rav Nachman Kahana about the connection between the Holocaust and North America today, and whether or not a Jew who do not have a natural built in love for the Land or Israel can develop it.

Ultra Orthodox Jews from Lakewood are Flocking Home – Israel Unplugged [audio]

Kiryas Lakewood is soon to be a reality in the Ma’ale Amos settlement as Yeshivish Jews finally come home

Is There a Torah Obligation to Live in Israel Today? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we continue to discuss the book of Tzvi Glatt HY"D and the famous response of Rav Moshe Feinstein regarding this most important topic.

Is Neturei Karta Really Ultra-Orthodox? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

On this show we discuss Neturei Karta with our guest Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen and how the 12 tribes relate to today's Jews.

Israel’s Ban on World Jewry – Moral Disgrace or Responsible Governance? – Israel Unplugged...

In this show we discuss whether recent regulations to ban Jews from entering Israel are responsible policy decisions.

Jews May Once Again Be Locked Inside Russia – Israel Unplugged [audio]

Josh Wander and Rabbi Moshe Lichtman talk about the new situation when it comes to blaming the Jews regarding the Ukrainian-Russian war: Both sides blame Israel that it is not doing enough to support them, and the Jews in Russia might now receive the brunt.

Are we Living in the Beginning of the Redemptive Process? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

On this show the hosts discuss whether we are indeed living in the redemptive process and what that means for you!

Rebuild Jerusalem Today! – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we discuss the ability to not only pray about the rebuilding of Jerusalem, to to actually rebuild it!

The Vilna Gaon and the Final Redemption – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we speak about different aspects of the redemptive process proscribed by the Vilna Gaon and implemented to this very day through his students in Israel.

Use Your Free Will, While You Still Have It! – Israel Unplugged [audio]

We speak about the Torah Portions and current events. Is world Jewry being given its last chance to choose life?

Is Israel the Redemption or the Work of Satan? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this episode we discuss with our special guest, Rabbi Danny Myers, the concept of whether Jews are meant to act towards bringing their redemption or should they just sit and wait for God to bring it about?


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