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Islamic television Hamas cleric Sheikh Iyad Abu Funun in Gaza vows to rid "the land" of every single Jew.

“We trampled on you time and again,” he insisted. “Our nation is invincible. We are killed, martyred, wounded… When a thousand are killed, thousands come in their place. When one commander is killed, a thousand take his place. We are a nation that cannot come to an end.

“Read the books of history carefully, and learn who were the men who were educated by the Prophet Muhammad. Go back to the history books,” he repeated.


“When we set out to fight the Byzantines in the battle of Mu’tah, we had 3,000 fighters, while the Byzantines numbered 200,000. We, the men educated by the Prophet Muhammad, are invincible.

“Don’t talk to me about security forces, airplanes, tanks, intelligence agencies, about detentions, deportations, destruction of homes, missiles… This is all meaningless.

“The Qu’ran is in our hearts, and you and all your forces cannot rip it out. Therefore, you should study the books of history because history repeats itself,” he warned.

“Our tragedies will not repeat themselves. This is where the equation ends,” he claimed.

“We and you are on the same land, but we have our complete faith in Allah and in the strength of the mujahideen, and we will not leave a single one of you, alive or dead, on this land. By Allah, we will dig up your bones from the graves and get them out of this country. We will not leave any trace of you on this land.”

One hate-filled sermon from a passionate Hamas terror cleric might be one thing – but there are endless examples of such “men of the cloth” among the Palestinian Arab population, particularly in Hamas, and especially in Gaza.

Not even two weeks ago, an Islamic cleric in Rafah brandished a knife from the podium in the Al-Abrar Mosque and taught worshipers how to stab a Jew.

The eyes of Sheikh Muhammad Salah, “Abu Rajab” were filled with fire on October 9 as he demonstrated the ways in which to stick in the knife, and suggested how to form groups for attacks.

With so many exceptional instructors broadcasting the traditions of terror over the Palestinian Authority airwaves, is it any surprise that every Ahmed, Muhammad and Mahmoud thinks that murder makes more sense than the two-state solution?



  1. You are correct. We should focus on how to end the growing shortage of civilization on this planet.

    The terrorists are both evil and agents to whom others have delegated evil. The solution is to reach those, no less so in the Jewish community, who who allege themselves civilized then blame Israel for the terroism.

  2. He forgot to mention how the Western Christian nations betrayed Byzantium, and helped to destroy it; and that is how the Caliphate won the trade currency war. It was not their 3,000 fighters; they would have been crushed, without Western duplicity.

    They live by the sword in hand; so, they are judged by the Sword of the Tongue; and they will all be slain, each and every one of them, by Fire Called Down From Heaven.

    No one is immune, who lives by the sword. Mashiach is duty-bound by Hashem to judge every one of them; Jew, Muslim, Christian, Atheist; all of them, alike. It is all there, in the Scriptures.

    I thank Hashem, that there is at least one Tzaddick alive amongst us today!

    Go read the Tanakh, for the history of all of that.

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