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Germany Provides $13.5 Million to Help Holocaust Survivors Get Vaccinated

The new Holocaust Survivor Vaccine Assistance Program is a one-time initiative to offer COVID-19 protection for survivors worldwide.

Five Infected in Newly Reopened Rehovot Elementary School

There has been concern that the government reopened the schools too soon due to public pressure.

Community Volunteers Cooperate to Transport Elderly and Disabled to their Vaccinations During Lockdown

The project has already received a high volume of requests, and hundreds of individuals are expected to use the service in the next two weeks, while the lockdown is on.

Serological Survey Shows Israel Far from COVID-19 ‘Herd Immunity’

Coronavirus antibodies were found in 5.5 percent of the population—far short of the figure required for “herd immunity,” according to the ministry.

Ben Gurion Intl Airport Shutting Down Till Jan. 31

“We are sealing our skies, except for limited exceptions, in order to prevent the entry of the virus mutations."

Survey: Despite Investments, Government Aid, Israel’s Hi-Tech Must Take ‘Painful Actions’ to Survive Crisis

"The State of Israel expects Israeli industry to solve these most complex challenges – mainly health and economic challenges. However, we will not be able to do so without the necessary assistance."

4M Israelis Already Vaccinated, Measures Considered to Persuade the Rest

The carrot: “Those who get vaccinated will be able to go out and enjoy theater, movies, sports events, flights abroad, restaurants and more.”

Israeli Hospitals’ Capacity at 120% and Doctors Warn Against Ending the Lockdown

"We do what we can, but these are really patients who, for the most part, we can't help, except for trying to keep them alive until the body does its thing."

Haredi Helpers

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox are helping those in need during the coronavirus crisis.

Israel Decides on Additional Corona Restrictions with an Eye on September Lockdown

The Corona cabinet is playing for time with these new restrictions.

Deri: Jerusalem Haredi Neighborhoods Have More Coronavirus Cases than Bnei Brak

The city with the largest number of coronavirus patients is Jerusalem, where 1,253 residents have been diagnosed, a 10% increase since Friday. Bnei Brak has 1,192 infections, up 12%.

UJA Giving Another $11 Million to Remedy Coronavirus Damage

Monday's announcement of additional funding came after UJA had pledged more than $23 million in immediate aid last week.

Israeli Government Deliberating Another Lockdown

"We will have 1,600 patients in serious condition within three weeks if we don’t have new restrictions."

Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Makor Chaim Is Israel’s Coronavirus Patient No. 67

Rabbi Dov Singer is the senior dean of Yeshivat Makor Chaim, which was established in 1985 under the visionary leadership of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.

2022 and 2023 Vaccine Purchases Delayed as Israeli Health Officials Expect Biannual Vaccinations

The accountant-general of the finance ministry attacked the health ministry, accusing it of serious irregularities in purchasing vaccines without signing proper agreements.

Corona Traffic-Light Map Updated Twice a Week Showing Which Municipalities May Reopen Schools

As of Sunday, the health ministry is updating the list of cities in the traffic light program twice a week instead of once.

‘Tight Lockdown’ in Effect Across Israel with 25 Police Highway Checkpoints

"The police will conduct searches in all the arteries around the country, and will also employ mobile blockades to locate civilians who defy the regulations."

Civilian Flyover Honors MDA, the IDF, Medical Staff

The planes flew over Poriah, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Hillel Yaffe and Laniado hospitals, and later over the beaches of Herzliya, Tel Aviv and Ashdod.

WATCH: The Busiest is Now Bleakest at Ben Gurion Intl Airport After COVID-19

“Thirty-thousand employees took about 25 million people who flew to 200 different destinations from . . .the most alive place in the world there is."

Record New Infections in Israel: 3,904 in One Day, 14 Dead, High Holiday Closure...

Experts advising the Corona Cabinet say the situation in hospitals is not encouraging, and more restrictions are needed.

Boro Park, Williamsburg Clinics in Criminal Probe for Unauthorized COVID-19 Vaccinations

"We take this very seriously and DOH will be assisting State Police in a criminal investigation into this matter."

Now Available to Israelis Ages 30 and Up: Third COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

A third dose of the vaccine was approved at the start of August for Israelis ages 60 and up, but the eligibility age changed weekly.

Over 100 Students and Teachers Infected in Jerusalem’s Gymnasia Rehavia School

New rules are being put into effect to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus in the schools.

AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Will Protect Against New COVID-19 Variants, CEO Says

“We think we have figured out the winning formula and how to get efficacy that . . . is up there with everybody else."

Israel Bans Flights from UK Where Covid-19 Mutation Raised Spread Speed by 70%

Israel and the Netherlands have banned flights from the UK this weekend.

Israel Issues Warning: Don’t Travel to Wuhan, China

The Health Ministry says it is “in contact with all the international bodies and experts in Israel and abroad."

Auschwitz-to-Birkenau March Postponed Over Fear of Coronavirus

While the march itself is being postponed, the March of the Living organization will launch a campaign under the slogan: “Never Means Never.”

As Corona Intensifies, Ohr Torah Stone High School Principal Reassumes Top Military Role in...

”Even if we’re far away from our students there’s no doubt that this remains an ultimate teaching moment.”


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