Police Lockdown Check Posts Cause Huge Traffic Jams Countrywide

The Health Ministry supports the imposition of significant restrictions on working in the private sector, and tightening the enforcement in synagogues so prayers may be held only in open areas.

Colin Powell Succumbs to Covid-19 at 84, Believed Israel Could Take Criticism from Its...

Powell argued that “to be a strong friend of Israel, I have always felt we must also be a strong friend of Israel’s neighbors.”

COVID-19 Child Hospitalizations Rising in New York City

Booster shot bonuses of $100 per shot are still being offered in the city through December 31.

Israel Ranks 3rd Safest Place in World for COVID-19

Switzerland, Germany and Israel now rank in the top three positions.

South African Variant of COVID-19 is More Transmissible Than UK Variant

"My concern is that it seems even more easy to transmit than the new variant we've seen here."

Israel’s Coronavirus Case Count Jumps to 50

Patient 50 is a resident of the Haifa district, and returned to Israel from Tenerife via Madrid on March 3.

Sputnik-Vaccinated Tourists’ Welcome Delayed Till Dec. 1

Sputnik V, produced beginning August 20, has been approved in some 70 countries around the world.

Hebrew U Professor in Large-Scale Study Showing Corona’s Link to Strokes in Younger Patients

The researchers found a definite increase in stroke incidence among younger patients as compared to a similar age group before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Israeli, Emirati Companies Partner on Research to Combat COVID-19

Although Israel and the UAE don’t have formal diplomatic relations, the two nations have grown closer amid the Iranian threat.

Morocco Bans Arrivals for Next Two Weeks Due to Omicron

The new measure will be evaluated regularly and “adjustments” will be made “if necessary."

New York Approves Third Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

Health officials recommended the third shot be the same brand as that with which New Yorkers were inoculated the first and second times.

New Israeli-US Technology Filters COVID-19 Particles From the Air

“To understand the technology, imagine the porous graphene is an electric fence that functions like a mosquito zapper at the submicron level.”

Chinese Doctor Who First Raised Alarm on Coronavirus, Succumbs

There were 28,275 confirmed cases on Thursday, with more than 28,000 of them in China, and 15 percent confirmed one day earlier.

Israeli Study: Low vitamin D Associated with More Severe COVID-19 Infection

"This study can highlight the risks of vitamin D deficiency in terms of COVID-19."

Experimental Treatment at Hadassah Cures 5 Critically Ill Coronavirus Patients

“Allocetra is intended for the treatment of a wide range of cases in which there is an overactivity of the immune system, which leads to . . . a cytokine storm.

Health Ministry Data Show Corona Vaccinations Reduce Serious Illness by Half

From the moment one gets a negative result for the second test, one can exit the one-week isolation, no need to wait for an SMS from the health ministry.

Finance Minister Liberman (Finally) Authorizes Aid Package for Businesses Hurt by COVID

Businesses that prove annual revenue losses of at least 35% in January-February 2022 compared to the same months in 2019 will be eligible to receive up to $185,000.

Munich Bans Using Holocaust Symbol to Protest Coronavirus Rules

Rüdiger Erben, a Social Democrat MP from Saxony-Anhalt, said anyone who wears one of those upgraded stars is "an anti-Semite of the most repulsive kind."

Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS), Linked to COVID-19, Arrives in Israel

"The multifaceted nature of the disease course underlines the need for multispecialty input."

Kaplan Hospital Closes Coronavirus Ward, But Warns Against Complacency

"The disease is continuing to affect us . . . this wave is especially affecting young people."

Israel Tops 200 Critical Corona Patients in Fifth Wave

Israel is the first country in the world to urge its senior citizens and health workers to take a second booster shot, for a total of four shots of the vaccine.

Rabbi Haim Druckman Encourages Continued Small Prayer Minyanim

"Telling them, 'Stay home,' does not make them feel better in this reality."

Knesset Committee Extends Corona Restrictions in Public Transport, Aviation

MK Iman Khatib-Yasin (Joint Arab List) said she would oppose extending transportation restrictions due to what is happening in the industry.

Leading Israeli Entrepreneur Warns Corona Cabinet: New Lockdown Means Mass Layoffs, Economic Collapse

Margalit is the founder of the JVP Fund, a leading venture capital fund in Israel which has invested more than $ 1.4 billion in building 140 companies.

Japanese Firm Starts Testing Coronavirus DNA Vaccine on Animals

AnGes noted that unlike attenuated vaccines, created by reducing the virulence of a pathogen, but still keeping it viable (or "alive"), DNA vaccines are safe, as they have no pathogenicity.

Louvre Museum in Paris Shut Down Due to Coronavirus Concerns

The workers are demanding increased protective measures including provision of hand sanitizing gel and window barriers to separate cashiers from the public.

500 New COVID-19 Cases Per Day Expected by Next Week

“It is possible that if the morbidity increases flights will be stopped. . .If there is a significant outbreak, closing the airport is the solution.”

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett Orders Closure of Bethlehem

Seven residents of the city have been diagnosed with the virus, according to the Palestinian Authority government.


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