First Coronavirus Case Confirmed in Rhode Island

Also this weekend, the US Surgeon General this weekend urged the average American to stop. buying. masks.

Bar-Ilan Chinese Alumni to Ship Vital Medical Equipment to Azrieli School of Medicine

The group, comprised of former postdoctoral, doctoral and master's students, wrote that they remember their studies at Bar-Ilan as a life-changing experience.

US Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 40,000; 14,451 Deaths in NYC; 173 Dead in Israel

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic infected 500 million people, one-third of the world population at the time (equivalent to roughly 2.5 billion people today).

Iran: ‘One Person Dies Every Ten Minutes of Coronavirus’

Iran has become the epicenter for the virus in the Middle East.

WHO Says People with Coronavirus Antibodies May Still Be Reinfected as World’s Deaths Pass...

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman on Friday told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his decision to leave his office is final.

Israel to Decorate Frontline Medical Teams in Coronavirus War

The specially designed pin will be awarded to some 200,000 Health Management System workers, doctors and nurses in hospitals and evacuation and rescue teams.

RJC Postpones Las Vegas Conference with Trump Over COVID-19 Concerns

"We were looking forward to welcoming the President, senior members of the administration, governors, and member of Congress along with 1000s of RJC activists from around the country."

Israel’s Social Welfare Department Drafts Colel Chabad for Emergency Effort

The Israeli government tasked Colel Chabad with providing Passover food security for 30,000 households affected by the Coronavirus economic crisis.

Muslim EMT Volunteer Brings Holiday Light to Quarantined Elderly Coronavirus Patient

She called her family in Bnei Brak for help, but Bnei Brak was under a lockdown, and no one would have been to leave town, much less enter the quarantine hotel.

Israeli Hospital Testing Effect of Cannabis Extract on Coronavirus Patients

The study is investigating whether if cannabidiol can slow down the inflammatory process that accompanies the deterioration of severe Coronavirus patients and alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

5 Israelis Dead, 2,030 Infected in Coronavirus Pandemic

As of Wednesday morning, there have been 423,478 coronavirus cases around the planet. So far, 18,910 died and 109,153 recovered.

3rd Israeli Dies of Coronavirus, 2nd in a Day

An 87-year-old Israeli man has become the third Israeli to die of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), according to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

200 Foreign Nationals Not Allowed to Disembark at Ben Gurion Airport

“There are claims regarding over-preparation; I prefer – and am directing – over-preparation as opposed to under-preparation.”

Trump Tests Negative for Coronavirus

"This evening I received confirmation that the test is negative."

Barkai Rabbinic Group Creates Volunteer Food Distribution for Home-Bound Israelis

The project involves more than 250 volunteers who deliver cooked meals to the elderly and other home-bound residents in each of Modiin’s 13 neighborhoods three times a week.

Iran’s Coronavirus: 19 Dead, 139 Infected

According to Monday's reports, Iran’s Ministry of Industries (MIMT) has ordered plants and factories producing protective face masks to ramp up production.

Coronavirus: 191 Dead in Israel, 46,784 in the US, 15,074 in NYC, Waiting for...

"Chances are that there will be a second wave, which will be bigger than the first wave."

Socialist Workers Party Condemns Mayor’s Anti-Semitic Tweet

Other folks, not just us, Orthodox Jews, think the mayor's attack on Haredi Jews was about as anti-Semitic as one can be in New York City in the post Father Coughlin era.

Israel Prepares to Reopen Eateries, Institutes New Sanitation Measures

Similar to shops and malls, restaurants and cafes will be required to post at their entrances the number of people allowed in at one time.

El Al Air Train Delivering Millions of Items of Medical Equipment from China to...

El Al has adapted 11 Dreamliner aircraft to carry cargo for this purpose.

IDF-Developed Respirators Deployed in Israeli Hospital

Soldiers from Unit 81, the Intelligence Division’s technological unit, collaborated with doctors at Sheba Medical Center and developed respirators for treating anesthetized Coronavirus (COVIS-19) patients in severe condition.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Tests Negative for COVID-19, Will Remain in Self-Quarantine

The tests for the prime minister’s family and close advisers likewise came back negative as well.

Thousands of Students and Teachers Sent into Coronavirus Quarantine

For safety, once a student or teacher is infected, the grade, and even the entire school are sent into quarantine.

New Rochelle Young Israel Members Donate Blood Antibodies to Fight COVID-19

Antibody levels will be studied by medical professionals from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.

Italy Gambles its Economy Against Coronavirus Quarantine

The total number of infections in Italy rose to 7,375 from 5,883 on Sunday, and those who died from the virus skyrocketed from 133 to 366.

Israeli Health Ministry, Medical Experts Strategize to Address Coronavirus in Israel

China's health officials: "Respiratory droplets is the major transmission route. But one can catch the disease by touch too. Asymptomatic patients can also transmit the disease.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Hospitalized for COVID-19, as Queen Elizabeth Invokes WWII ‘Resolve’

The news comes in the wake of a televised address to the nation delivered Sunday by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth about the impact of the virus.

Coronavirus Unleashes Panic In Brooklyn Supermarkets

When the butcher came, people lunged at him and began grabbing meat off his tray.

India, Italy & China Send Tons of Anti-Coronavirus Supplies After Netanyahu Call for Help

Included in the shipments were 2.5 tons of anesthetics from Italy, 2.4 million pills of chloroquine and millions of masks and overalls.


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