Behind Coronavirus’ Cover, Ramallah Dumps 2.2 Millions Gallons of Garbage in Binyamin

"Pirate landfills throughout Judea and Samaria are a challenge that reappears every summer, but this particular landfill is something we haven't encountered yet."

Shuls And Schools Across New York And New Jersey Close Their Doors

At Monsey's Yeshiva Ketana Ohr Reuven, four-year-old Tani Kahana has been davening together with his class on a video chat.

First COVID-19 Death in Gaza

To date, 39 people in Gaza have been diagnosed with the virus.

NYC Public Schools Close, Effective Immediately

"To say the least, this is a very troubling moment, a moment where I am just distraught at having to take this action."

COVID-19: Another Day, Another Scary Broken Record, 48 Hours to Lockdown

As of Thursday morning, there will be no kindergarten and daycare, and there will be no classes in elementary, middle and high schools.

Hadassah Hospital Chief: We Ordered 1.5 Million Russian Vaccines

"If we disqualify the Russian vaccine in advance and then it turns out that other countries have received it, we would only have ourselves to blame," Prof. Rothstein warned.

Israeli Scientists Show 100% of Hamsters Given New Covid-19 Vaccine Survived

"We show that the VSV-∆G-spike vaccine is safe, well tolerated, elicits antibodies, is able to bind and neutralize SARSCoV-2 efficiently, and offers protection from high-dose SARS-CoV-2 challenge in concordance with viral clearance."

Netanyahu Announces ‘Economic Safety Net’ as Israel’s Public Sector Put on ‘Emergency Footing’;

Up to 80 percent of Israel’s public-sector workers and 70 percent of its private-sector office workers to go on leave until after Passover.

Israel’s Social Welfare Department Drafts Colel Chabad for Emergency Effort

The Israeli government tasked Colel Chabad with providing Passover food security for 30,000 households affected by the Coronavirus economic crisis.

Israel’s Rate of Corona Positive Tests Declines for Third Straight Day

"This is a fake lockdown, it's causing the public to lose faith. We need to allow people to go out into nature, to permit small businesses to work."

Mazel Tov: Israelis Find Safer Ways to Marry and Help Their Fellow Citizens

Forgoing rent, free venues for ad-hoc weddings, free babysitting, food donations, and more. Israelis are finding ways to help one another through this crisis.

65 Chabadniks Came Home from 770 with Coronavirus

The health ministry continues to discuss tightening movement restrictions on the Israeli public, and one of the options being considered is to instruct all adults over 60 not to leave their homes at all.

Hezbollah Abductor of Late IDF Reservists Goldwasser & Regev Dies of COVID-19 Complications

The bodies of Goldwasser and Regev were only returned to Israel on July 16, 2008. Their abductors were never captured.

Jewish Groups Show solidarity with Chinese Americans Amid Coronavirus Scare

“We pledge to help ensure that Chinese people feel safe and supported, and to combat attacks and stereotyping on social media,” the letter said. “We know from history that such fearmongering can be devastating.”

COVID-19 Changes Flight Plan for Independence Day Flyovers

Military and government officials decided to prevent crowds from forming on beaches and in national parks to watch the breathtaking show in the skies.

Hebrew U Professor in Large-Scale Study Showing Corona’s Link to Strokes in Younger Patients

The researchers found a definite increase in stroke incidence among younger patients as compared to a similar age group before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Possible Carriers of Coronavirus Quarantined in Israel

Israel's health ministry expects that in the coming days there will be many suspected cases of Coronavirus in arrivals from China, most of which will likely turn out to be other diseases.

Israelis Over the Age of 40 Now Eligible to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Meanwhile, Israel’s Ministry of Health recommends that pregnant and nursing women get inoculated, in consultation with their doctors.

IAF Officer Publishes Open Source Code for Production of Cheap Automatic Respirators

The Haifa Technology Center had joined Israeli Air Force (IAF) Major David Alkahar in developing a computerized automatic respirator and has published the code online for the world’s benefit.

MK Nir Barkat Suggests ‘Turbo Retraining’ to Fight Spiking Unemployment

Barkat thinks the plan could bring 100,000 workers back to the job market within two years.

First Confirmed Coronavirus Patient in Israel

"Obviously, as soon as there's the first patient, this changes reality."

Saeb Erekat’s condition at Hadassah Hospital Deteriorating: Critical, Anesthetized and Ventilated

"Erekat poses a huge challenge to the treatment of the corona, having undergone a lung transplant which involves the suppression of the immune system."

Religious Kibbutzniks Rally to Save Unmarketable Flowers Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Setting up an ad hoc distribution center, the Kibbutz elders sorted the flowers and the youth set up a circulation point, all working 18 hours a day to save the flowers.

IDF Intelligence: Daily Covid-19 Cases Will Soon Exceed 2,500, the Threshold for ‘Tight Restraints’

"About 30% of the people don't want to be vaccinated, or are afraid of the vaccine. Our success depends on the number of those being vaccinated."

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Amar to be Forced to Self-Quarantine Upon Return from Singapore

The rabbi is expected to return this week from visiting Singapore after supervising the opening of a new Jewish cemetery.

Update: Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, Global Addiction Expert, Passes Away

Rabbi Twerski is survived by his second wife Dr. Gail Twerski, three sons, a daughter and numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

Israel’s Health Ministry Frustrated as Recovery Models Collapse, Number of Corona Infections Steady

"People refuse to go to hotels. They shout and curse, using phrases like 'you are racist,' 'you are Nazis,' sometimes even throwing chairs."

Moderna Tells FDA Covid-19 Vaccine ‘100% Effective’ in Preventing Severe Cases

Moderna may have the edge over its competitors because of its reported advantage in the storage it requires.


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