PM, Health Ministry, Revise Coronavirus Emergency Regulations

The ratio of individuals present in ritual baths for men shall be identical to that for swimming pools – no more than one man per six square meters.

MDA Helps Set Up Coronavirus Drive-Thru Testing in the Congo

Congo's Minister of Health visited the "Drive and Test" facility that opened in their country in late May and expressed their gratitude to MDA.

Israeli Institute Developing COVID-19 Vaccine Warns of Fake Shots Circulating in Latin America

Ampoules of a fake Coronavirus vaccine labeled with a forged Migal Institute’s logo in Hebrew are illegally being manufactured and circulated in several South American countries.

Sweden’s Former State Epidemiologist: We Were Wrong

“This was like a dream that we could protect the elderly, with very little basis in reality,” Linde, who is 72, said.

Israeli Scientists Develop Self-Disinfecting Reusable Protective Face Mask

A patent was submitted in the US on March 31 and the research group is discussing commercialization with industrial companies.

CEO of Conference of Presidents Says Coronavirus Gave New Life to Old Anti-Semitism

OMG, the next line there should have been: "If we weren't optimists, we never would have picked up our suitcases and made Aliyah…"

Israeli Kashrut Supervisors Fly to Argentina Despite Tough Coronavirus Ban in Both Countries

Israel is Argentina' third largest buyer of beef, to the tune of $100 million annually.

NY Gov Cuomo: No Answer on Camps, COVID-Linked Inflammatory Syndrome Cases Rising

"Last Thursday there were seven countries and 17 states that found cases. Today, there are 13 countries and 25 states that investigated and found cases."

COVID-19 Returns, May Be Mutating in Northeastern China

Patients in northeastern China are carrying the virus for a longer period and taking longer to recover as defined by a negative nucleic acid test.

5,003,155 Coronavirus Cases Worldwide, 325,218 Deaths as of Wednesday Morning

As of Wednesday, the CDC projects 143,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the US by August 1.

Hebrew U to Host Online Open House for International Students May 24

"We’re thrilled to see an increase in top-notch students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities who are choosing to study at Hebrew University."

Is it Harmful to Wear a Face Mask? NY Gov Cuomo Calls it a...

"“When you wear a mask, you say, ‘I respect you. I respect your health. And out of respect for you I wear this mask.'"

Research Shows 70% of Israeli Coronavirus Infections Came Via the US

The arrivals from the United States included a number of "super infectors" – individual patients who travel to many locations in country, do not obey the guidelines and contribute to mass infection.

Israel’s Coronavirus Dead at 272; US to Reach 100,000 June 1; Fed Chair: Another...

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the current economic slump in the US “could stretch through the end of next year.”

Newsweek: CIA Believes China Blocked WHO Alarm on Coronavirus Outbreak in January

The US Navy assumes the Chinese navy will make use of the COVID-19-related absence of all US aircraft carriers in the Pacific to deliberately increase military pressure on countries in the entire region.

Lubavitch Summer Camps Plan Around Coronavirus Pandemic

Given that some places may not lift their stay-at-home orders for weeks yet, just how would a “virtual” camp program work?

Dr. Fauci Tells Senators Early Return to Norm Would Bring Coronavirus Resurgence

As of Wednesday morning, the US has seen 82,387 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, with 27,284 deaths in New York State.

Global Survey of 4,000 Coronavirus Patients Shows Link to Loss of Smell and Taste

These findings will eventually help distinguish COVID-19 patients from those with common viral infections.

Lubavitch Fundraiser Celebrates Pesach Sheni after Recovering from Coronavirus

His wife showed up at his bedside after his recovery, her face covered with a mask, he asked her when was Pesach, and she said, Two weeks ago.

Israel’s Open Markets Are Coming Back and They’re Spectacular

Olivier Fitoussi went to Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market to check out the preparations for working in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.

MDA Logistics Operations: 2 Months, 24/7, at Forefront of Fight Against Covid-19

The work day at MDA's Logistics Center started about two months ago and has not stopped since, even for one minute.

PM, Health Ministry, Amend Coronavirus Emergency Regulations, Here Are the Main Points

Circumcisions may be held with up to 19 people (as opposed to ten) in attendance.

MDA Mobile Unit Takes 3,166 Swab Samples in Geula, Jerusalem

The MDA sampling teams sitting inside the container are protected by a high pressure air system that pushes out the air and maintains a fully sterile environment inside.

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Postpone Gay Pride Parades 2020

Feel free to add this to you list of #coronavirusbenefits…

Eerie Silence in Israeli Parks on Independence Day, Compared with Previous Years

And just to help you appreciate the rare beauty of Park HaYarkon on this Independence Day, see how the same park looked on Independence Day, 2014.

Hebrew U Study: Israel Could Control Covid-19 Without Lockdown

The lockdown was unnecessary and could be stopped and replaced with a responsible policy of hygienic behavior in public places.

‘Celebrate Israel’ New York Parade Canceled, Potentially Replaced by Virtual Event

“It’s not a happy announcement, but it’s one we have to make,” said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Arab Looters Use Pandemic Lull in Law Enforcement to Rob Ancient Treasures

COGAT's enforcement activity was cut to only 30% in the wake of the pandemic, and as a result, grave robbers and treasure hunters have been roaming unmolested throughout the ancient sites of Judea and Samaria.

Crowdfunding Outfit Raises $12 Million for Promising Israeli Covid-19 Vaccine

“We feel that the vaccine has already shown high safety and efficiency in animal models and we believe the approach we are taking is safer with a higher likelihood of achieving a meaningful immune response.”

Watch: Eli Beer Recovered from Coronavirus, Arrives in Israel

He left Florida for Israel on Monday, on the private plane of Dr. Miriam Adelson.


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