In Tel Aviv, the Coronavirus Brings Back Legendary Drive-In Theater

Each screening will welcome a total of 200 vehicles, movie audio will be transmitted in high quality via an FM radio frequency.

Psychologists: Low Health Anxiety & Unrealistic Optimism Explain Why People Don’t Wear Face Masks

Having extreme health anxiety may prevent some people from returning to a normal routine once social distancing is no longer needed.

Fully Recovered from Coronavirus, United Hatzalah’s Eli Beer Donates Plasma

“I was made aware that I could donate plasma and that this would help save the lives of others who are suffering from this terrible disease,” Beer said on Sunday.

Lockheed Martin Engineers Boosted Israel’s F-35 Fleet Under Veil of Secrecy, Coronavirus Isolation

With the upgrades to the F-35's electronic systems, it will "do wild things in the Middle East skies."

Watch: Health Ministry Coronavirus Video Targeting Bedouin Women

As of Sunday, the Bedouin city of Rahat has an infection rate of 3.59 out of 1,000 residents, with 244 verified patients.

Meet Israel’s New Coronavirus Czar: Prof. Gabi Barbash

Barbash served as director of Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and director general of the Health Ministry.

Experts Warn Against Unethical Application of Triage Rules in Coronavirus Emergencies

"Just because triage is correct under some circumstances does not mean that it is correct under all circumstances."

Saudis Join Russia in Marketing Anti-Flu Drug as Cure for Covid-19

In Russia, favipiravir was approved for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospital settings on May 29, after an ongoing open-label randomized clinical trial with 60 subjects.

Get Your Coronavirus Test in Only 15 Minutes at Drive & Test

The tests are forwarded to the Health Ministry where they will be evaluated to determine whether the new technology produces reliable results.

New International Mental Health Service for Coronavirus First Responders and Health Workers

The program pairs psychologists and therapists who are part of the PCRU in Israel with frontline workers in the US for a completely anonymous and free session.

Coronavirus Simulation, Cue the Extras in 3… 2…

On Thursday, the staff of Ziv Medical Center in Tsfat conducted an exercise simulating the treatment of coronavirus patients at the coronavirus critical care unit.

New York City’s Changing School Landscape: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

“Blended learning simply means at some points in the week you’re learning in person, in the classroom, at other points in the week you’re learning remotely."

Another Holocaust Metaphor Kerplunks as Cartoonist Equates Wearing Facemasks with Boarding Cattle Cars

The publisher, Dane Hicks, refused to remove the cartoon from Facebook, and promised to run it in his paper's Tuesday's edition.

Worldometer Recognizes ‘State of Palestine,’ Pop. 5.1 Million, 3,835 Coronavirus Patients

The State of Palestine has its own virtual page on Worldometer's regularly updated coronavirus report, which on Sunday morning showed it to have 3,835 cases, 15 deaths and 463 recorded recoveries.

IDF Intelligence: Coronavirus Morbidity in Haredi Communities Much Higher than the Rest of the...

Restrictions on movement have been enforced as of Wednesday morning in Elad and in several neighborhoods in T'veria.

Hadassah Hospital First with Tested COVID-19 Vaccine

Two months ago, Hadassah Medical Center started collecting plasma rich with antibodies from recovered Coronavirus patients, with the aim of producing a treatment for severely ill patients.

Scientists Advise Use of UV-C Light to Reduce Coronavirus Transmission Indoors

The scientists recommend applying the UV-C light 'on the inside of the ventilation systems of buildings and in shared indoor spaces while not in use.'

Report: Babies with COVID-19 Tend to Have Mild Illness, Mostly with Fever

“It is unclear whether young infants with fever and a positive test for SARS-CoV-2 require hospital admission.”

Jewish Camp Operators Suing Gov. Cuomo for Banning Sleepaway Camps

According to the plaintiffs, "the need for Jewish overnight camps is particularly true this summer, after several months of shutdowns of the yeshiva schools."

Presidential Residence Cleansed following Coronavirus Scare

Cleaning was carried out in all offices at Beit HaNasi, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Israel Cancels Students’ Visits to Death Camps in Poland over Coronavirus

They will provide an alternative trip around Israel, dubbed "Holocaust and Resurrection."

PM, Health Ministry, Revise Coronavirus Emergency Regulations

The ratio of individuals present in ritual baths for men shall be identical to that for swimming pools – no more than one man per six square meters.

MDA Helps Set Up Coronavirus Drive-Thru Testing in the Congo

Congo's Minister of Health visited the "Drive and Test" facility that opened in their country in late May and expressed their gratitude to MDA.

Israeli Institute Developing COVID-19 Vaccine Warns of Fake Shots Circulating in Latin America

Ampoules of a fake Coronavirus vaccine labeled with a forged Migal Institute’s logo in Hebrew are illegally being manufactured and circulated in several South American countries.

Sweden’s Former State Epidemiologist: We Were Wrong

“This was like a dream that we could protect the elderly, with very little basis in reality,” Linde, who is 72, said.

Israeli Scientists Develop Self-Disinfecting Reusable Protective Face Mask

A patent was submitted in the US on March 31 and the research group is discussing commercialization with industrial companies.

CEO of Conference of Presidents Says Coronavirus Gave New Life to Old Anti-Semitism

OMG, the next line there should have been: "If we weren't optimists, we never would have picked up our suitcases and made Aliyah…"


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