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GOP Candidates On Social Media: Trump Winning, Carson Doing Well

With the Iowa primaries fast approaching, let's consider the candidate’s social media platforms.

New Year’s Wish: A Worthwhile Palestinian Partner for Peace

Abbas: "How long will this protracted Israeli occupation of our land last? After 67 years how long?"

Top Ten Middle East Media Mangles for 2015

"Best of the Worst" CAMERA's Top 10 selections for media’s biggest blunders in Mid-East reporting.

Trump? Cruz? Rubio? How GOP Race Will Play Out

Polls indicate Trump, Cruz & Rubio will each end the primary season with about 1/3 of the votes

Overseas Investors Are Attracted to Israel

The "Blue and White" is looking in the "black" for 2016

PA Payments Plan? Storms Ahead? Not Everyone Notices

Several terrorists convicted of Sbarro Massacre (August 2001) are included in the PA payments plan.

Trump isn’t the real GOP Frontrunner

Trump's finally committed to GOP; Cruz is trending up; Rubio is holding steady, Iowa is 6 weeks away

What Makes Trump Tick (so far)?

Trump's leveraging not shaping the frustration in US state of mind, especially of Republican voters

AP’s Sub-Laban Eviction Story Spotlights Journalistic Failure

The Sub-Labans NEVER owned the property but had "protected tenant" status which can be legally lost


NWSA fears the difficulties inherent in life in a free society, changing economy & free enterprise

Appreciating Azerbaijani Acumen for U.S. Sake

Since late 1980s Armenian forces control near 20% of Azerbaijan land despite world's objection.

When All Else Fails, Call Israel

Turkey's foreign policy choices and current crises compelled Erdogan to reach out to Israel for help

Analysis: ADL ‘Disturbed’ by Video Depicting Left-Wing NGOs as Foreign Agents, But Aren’t They?

The problem is that these organizations mentioned in the video are funded from anti-Israeli foreign sources.

Analysis: How Kerry Could and May Still Ruin Israel, in 10,000 Words or Less

David Remnick’s drawn-out portrait of the Secretary of State reveals a man with enormous stores of energy and optimism and no idea how to use them wisely.

EU Makes Up Bogus Laws to Target — Guess Who?

Faced with an immigration nightmare, the EU chose to label products from YESHA,the Golan & Jerusalem

BOMBSHELL: Obama agencies shut down probe that could have flagged Farook and Malik

Political correctness kills-That’s the message from the San Bernardino terror massacre

The Palestinians’ Window of Opportunity Is Closing

Paradoxically, the more resolve Israel shows, the more willing Arabs will be to reach an agreement

San Bernardino and the State of Israel

Israel and the free world are fighting the same battle. When will the world realize this?

Yossi Sarid – In Life and In Death

I have not come to praise Yossi Sarid but to bury him. Sarid, the epitome of failure.

Host Countries, Beware of Islamic Terrorism

By Europe's failing to read the bloody writing on the wall it has sacrificed its long-term security

Palestinians: The Real Goal of the Intifada

The Palestinian terror campaign enters its 3rd month; What are the Palestinians trying to achieve?

Do Palestinian Politicians Want Peace ?

Palestinian "moderates" may claim commitment to peace with Israel but ONLY in English, not in Arabic

Analysis: In the Long Run, Clinton’s ‘War with Islam’ Problem Could Trip her Campaign

Hillary's problem is not in defining who the bad Muslims are, her problem is doing so while not alienating the good Muslims.

How Can Anyone Be Shocked?

Europe continues to be "shocked" every time a new terror attack occurs as if each one were the first

Setting the Record Straight: Why the Rabbinical Council of America “banned women rabbis.”

(Guest contributor, Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin is a member of the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America} Why would anyone want to ban women...

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