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Palestinian Terrorism: Institutional or Random?

Palestinian terrorism is catalysed by the immoral moral equivalence it and Israeli counter-terrorism

The Honorable John F. Kerry, Anti-Semite

There is a strain of intellectual anti-Semitism; its expression is quite real. Example: John Kerry

Foreign investors demonstrate confidence in Israel

The "Blue and White" seems to be in the pink!

A Very “Syrious” Matter

The migration is "hijrah," a strategy of Islamic expansionism, which will subvert & subdue the host

Reality-based vs. Palestinian-based Demography

Defying doomsday demography, all bodes well for Israel economically, militarily, technologically

Annexation or Sovereignty: Winning Israel’s Word War

Words win:“Israel” NOT “Occupied Palestine” “Arab” NOT “Palestinian” “Judea&Samaria” NOT “West Bank”

Russians Buy Air Space with Cruise Missile Demo, as US Forces Retreat

Russia launched the cruise missiles for 2 reasons: To prove it can and to show it has Iraq's support

We Get it Obama

Obama, the Jewish people don’t trust you. We have a long history dealing with those who despise us

Palestinians: Why Our Leaders Are Hypocrites and Liars

Palestinian leaders believe Israel has no right to self-defense against those seeking to murder Jews

Wanted: A Somewhat Less Murderous Palestinian Authority

Fatah, founded by Arafat & now led by Abbas, brought us the Munich massacre and other bloody murders

Game change: Russia Can Now Warn Israel Against IAF Operations Over Syria

Israel has never faced the reality of Russia potentially vetoing its air defense decisions

Leveraging the Jewish Doctor

‘Jewish doctor’ is among world's strongest brands, so why isn't Israel a leader in medical tourism?

Abbas’ ‘UN Bomb” Might Be Proclamation of Independence of New Arab Country

Abbas may announce at the UN that the Palestinian Authority is an independent country, thereby winding up the clock on the time bomb for its extinction.

Iceland’s Meltdown

Nurtured in hate & usurpation, Muslim hordes historically bring rape, crime & death to Europe

Does It Really Matter Who the Next Palestinian President Is?

Is Abbas serious about stepping down? Critics claim he's bluffing, others believe he intends to

Azerbaijan & Israel: A Covert but Strategic Relationship

The $5b in annual trade between Israel and Azerbaijan is more trade than Israel does with France.

Syria: You Know this isn’t About Assad Anymore, Right?

Assad functions now as a cover for the real objective: Russia & Iran establishing control of Syria.

White House in Love with its Folly

The WH ignores what the Ayatollahs have been shouting from their rooftops since the fall of the Shah

The BDS Funding Paradox

For anti-Israel groups, product labeling is a first step towards a comprehensive boycott of Israel.

The Narrowness of the C-Span

C-Span's daily 3-hour talk show, Washington Journal is a uniquely anti-Israel/anti-Semitic hate-fest

A Rip in America’s Moral Fabric

If loyalty to Israel & US became incompatible something's gone wrong with their moral compass

The Immorality of the Jews

No one knows who killed Ali Dawabsha--perhaps Jews--but why rush judgment without hard evidence?

Oy Jerusalem

Recent governments sacrificed upgrading Jerusalem's infrastructure for phony peace process with PA

The Red Herring of the Definition Debate

A recent study found that 54% of Jewish college students experienced/witnessed anti-Semitism in 2014

Khomeinists: Threat to Civilization

A nuclear Khomenist Tehran will be a threat to Western democracies and to Jerusalem in particular

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