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The Maersk Tigris Game Change

Iran stands unopposed by the “international community” and is racing to assert regional dominance.

Are Arabs the Indigenous People of Palestine?

Jewish settlement of the land and the resulting employment opportunities drew the Arabs to Palestine

Baltimore City Curfew Helps Taper Off Riots

A 10 pm curfew and strong show of force Tuesday night helped restore order to most of the city, and put an end to riots in Baltimore.

Is the International Criminal Court Biased Against Israel?  

There is cause to believe the ICC is an improper venue for sorting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Iran is like the film "The Matrix," where people live in an illusory world that seems entirely real.

The Non-Omnipotent US Presidency

The Constitution created history's most powerful legislature & inherent foreign policy power battle

Bad, or Worse? Depends on the Meaning of ‘S-300’

The S-300 poses a major problem; Israel will have to get creative as to if, when & where it strikes

Gaza: Egypt Responsible For Weapons Shortage

Egypt has been more effective against Gazan smuggling tunnels than Israel's military operations

Startling Admission from Team Obama About the Iran ‘deal’

In the last weeks of the talks the US excluded every other delegation from negotiations with Iran.

Tax Tips: Charitable Deductions

“Tzedakah tatzil mi-mavet: Charity saves from death"; No death & a tax break? Where do I sign up?

Obama Let 40-Year-Old Oil Supply Guarantee to Israel Expire in November 2014

Israel has never invoked the agreement, but Israel sources say that its importance lies in its very existence.

A Big Deal: Bipartisan Senate Panel Investigates Obama Link to Anti-Netanyahu Electioneering

The Senate formed a bipartisan panel investigating money from the Obama adm. to an anti-Bibi group

A Coalition of Brothers

We could see the Likud or the Zionist Union ending up as junior partners in a future coalition.

The Two Key Aspects of Netanyahu’s Speech (Video)

Bibi built the case for stopping Iran and showed there are more choices than "A Deal" or "Attack"

Was Mordechai Crazy? A Torah Thought for Purim

Just like Moses and Aaron, Mordechai decides to ruin the party…

The “Esther Moment” and Why There is Nothing “Random” About This Day

Obama's real problem is that he knows Netanyahu has more credibility on the Iran issue than he does.

Short Term Defiance, Long Term Gain

Netanyahu addresses a clear, present & lethal threat to the US/Israel/WORLD; NOT political bickering

Sleight of Hand at the White House Summit on Violent Extremism? What Do You...

Punishment of those waging war against Allah and his messenger...is they be murdered or crucified

UJA-President, Alisa Doctoroff, and Her Radical Support of Palestinian Non-Violent Activism, And New Israel...

Doctoroff is a donor to New Israel Fund, an extreme left-wing org working against Israel's interests

The Two-State Solution Is Plainly Illegal

Israel should stop “making nice” to its enemies and to the world and demand its right to keep YESHA

Israel’s BDS: Bounce, Develop and Surge

Israel is #2 most innovative country in the world attracting numerous global companies and investors

US-Israel Ties: The Mutually Beneficial, Two-Way Street

In recent years, the US-Israel relation has been transformed into a mutually-beneficial 2 way-street

EU Officials: Obama About to Redefine the ‘Munich Moment’ with Iran?

Making this deal with Iran would, in fact, guarantee an explosion of countermoves in the region.

William Schabas’ Resignation Letter Reveals His (and UNHRC’s) Character

The UNHRC chose Schabas because of his well-known attitudes towards Israel, not in spite of them!

A Nuclear Iran Threatening Vital US Interests

A nuclear Iran compounds the clear&present lethal threat Iran poses to critical US&Western interests

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