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Torah Journalism

With no shortage of leftist media that seek to distort the news, what should our Torah response be?

The Real Cause of Civilian Deaths in Gaza: What Israel Must Say

Because let’s face it: Hamas obviously can’t defeat the IDF in the field, soldier against soldier

Four Notes on The Situation

As Peres retires, Israel fights sour legacy: Insistence on setting policy in line with hopes, rather than with reality.

How Dare the UN Accuse Israel of War Crimes!

UNHRC High Commissioner Navi Pillay accuses the IDF of possible war crimes in Gaza again, cutting slack to Hamas.

Against Anti-Semitism, Self-Defense Is No Offense

Should Jews in Europe take more responsibility in self-defense of community and property?

Challenges And Creative Responses To Tefillah Education

The truth is we seldom explore with kids what prayer is supposed to be about.


Charges from the court of world public opinion and their refutations.

A Perspective on the War

It is up to our government to ensure that their sacrifices were not made for short-term gains.

Put the Israeli Flag in Your Window

Supporting Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, has become dangerous in Malmo.

The Doctrine of Proportionality

Proportionality Doctrine:The greater the military gain the greater the justifiable collateral damage

The Palestinian Issue in Perspective

Regional pro-US Arab countries rely on Israel as a deterrence to rogue Islamic regimes.

Rampant Anti-Semitism Is Flourishing across the World

Many Jews join the Israel-haters with their progressive ideology and politically correct obsessions.

‘Don’t You Ever Want To Leave Israel?’

How can you run away from Israel and all the things that have shaped your life?

Staying In Harm’s Way

It’s as if Hamas has pulled a page out of Pharaoh’s handbook.

A Message For Our Generation

“Am HaNetzach Eino Mefached Mi Derech Aruka” (An eternal people doesn’t fear the long journey).

Reflections On The Murder Of Our Boys

With a loud and strong voice we must say “no” to individuals who take the law into their own hands.

You’ve Got Mail: Brandeis Professors’ Hate-Filled Emails

Brandeis professors' emails reveal disdain for America, “Obomber” and “Israelists.”

Anti-Semitism is the New “Black” in California Public Schools

Teaching tolerance in the California Public School system means teaching that anti-Semitism is OK

EXCLUSIVE: MK Ayelet Shaked Exposes Daily Beast Reporter’s Deliberate Distortions

Shaked: Gideon Resnick's hatred renders him useless to his readers.

We’ve Been Here Before

Deja Vu. We will start this ceasefire by ignoring the rockets that continue to fall around us, until once again, we can't ignore them any longer.

Israeli Insanity

What would Putin do were his country to be faced with constant rocket barrages from over the border?

Prospects Of Peace In Gaza Strip Bleak

World leaders proposed a cessation of hostilities; a return to the Nov. 2012 ceasefire agreement.

Yet Another Fundamental Difference Between Us and Them

We hit their missiles in mid-air with computer-guided projectiles invented and built by Jews' between rounds of rigorous scientific education or yeshiva study.

Hamas Reaps Benefits From Terror

How will all this end? Hamas seems to think it will be Netanyahu who will blink first.

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