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ISIS is to America as Hamas is to Israel

Just as we would never grant legitimacy to ISIS, we should not grant legitimacy to Hamas.

A Pundit’s Prophetic Words

Wye would be seen to have set the groundwork for the creation of a Palestinian state

David Grossman – The Pain And The Pity

Blaming Israel for the violence in Gaza, he ends up justifying Hamas’s terrorism.

When My Father Fought The Anti-Semites In Lodz: A Brief Tribute on his Yahrzeit...

In the Thirties it was common for anti-Semites to call on Jews to “go to Palestine!”

Last Defense Of Obama’s Defenders On Israel Has Evaporated

Obama never hid his contempt for the Israeli government or the majority of Israel’s voters.

Anti-Israel BDS Nuttery at the Port of Oakland

ZIM Piraeus isn’t Israeli-owned or flagged, incidentally, it is Greek operated.

Yet Again, Another Inconclusive Outcome

Foolish me, thinking the goals were the destruction of Hamas thereby giving peace a real chance.

Dear Sean: A Tribute to Sgt. Sean Carmeli, ZT”L

The free-spirted lifestyle didn’t hold your interest; the needs of your people did.

A Frank Discussion With The UN Secretary-General

We were quite disappointed with many of the points the secretary-general offered in response.

Stop Mowing the Lawn; Start Salting the Earth

Judging by history, every time Hamas rebuilds their infrastructure, they are stronger than before.

TEFILLIN, TEHILIM AND TILIM (Phylacteries, Psalms, and Rockets)

His father asked him to read Psalms from the Book of Tehilim every day.

It’s “Name The Enemy,” Not ‘Rename’ The Enemy

(Reposted with permission from author's website) Moderate truth-teller Daniel Pipes (Dream) has further moderated his stance on Islam by actually entertaining the idea of "Moderate...

The “One Day” Generation‏

Maimonides: "Your 1 mitzva may tip the scales and bring redemption to the entire world and creation"

Communists , Beware of Hamas !

Jerusalem has been aware of the importance of China to its growth and security.

The Jewish People are Amalek’s Amalek

In other words, how by any rational playbook can one even begin to explain anti-Semitism?

Sean Hannity, THANK YOU!

Israel has nine Iron Domes, but you Mr. Hannity are the tenth.

Talking To the Dead

Entire movements within "orthodoxy" propagate a Judaism of outlandish folklore and Jewish mysticism

My Jewish Constitution

Everything I imbibe is with my inimitable fervor for being Jewish.

The Moral Psychosis Of Demonstrating In Support Of Hamas

The multiculturalism that animates the hate-Israel crowd is sprinkled with code words of oppression

Israel And Hamas: Does No One Remember Anything?

The UN ignores humanity’s worst war criminals while incessantly condemning Israel.

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