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Labels, Lies, and Libel: Words and Weapons

The protection and help that Israel extends to others does not stop at Israel’s borders.

The Palestinian Country of Lies

US global failures in dealing with radical Islam, Iran and Russia, should have taught them a lesson.

‘Breaking the Silence?’ I Was Silenced.

Why was someone misrepresenting Israel given credibility by Hillel and J Street U?

Mayo on Milah

Mayo Clinic study confirms health benefits of circumcision.

Pakistan Redux

The parallels between the Pakistani and Turkish situations are striking.

Jewish Religious Rituals: Conduits To Success

the observant individual has the seeds of self-discipline that can be applied to nonreligious endeavors

Kaddish: Bridging Two Worlds

Our loved ones seem present though we can no longer see them or be with them, just as it is with God

Celebrating Jewish Twitter Week

Where do we find this "size of following" concept in the Torah?

Vatican, EU, Join In Fighting Anti-Semitism

2015’s 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate will increase advances in Catholic-Jewish cooperation.

Kaballah of Sugar-Coated Cyanide (the ‘Peace Negotiations’)

Chemistry combined with Kabbalah reveals the 'peace process' will lead to forceful land concessions.

Pro-Israel Activists Must Go on the Offensive and Reach Out

Pro-Israel groups must broaden their coalitions and feature more pro-Israel minority speakers.

When Israel Supporters Use the Language of Delegitimization

Israel must assert its legitimate claim to the land or its credibility will be forever forfeited.

New York State Achieves Historic Funding Support for Yeshivas

We are certain of this: advocacy is important, but it's nothing without champions in elected office.

A Literary Analysis of Shir Ha-shirim

The sacred flames of passion between the Jewish people and the Almighty expressed in Shir Ha-Shirim.

California’s Ugly Anti-Semitism Spreads East to Vassar

Multiculturalism rules at Vassar, with one exception: It’s edgy, it’s cool, it’s hip to hate Israel.

Jewish Unity

The unity of the Jewish People and their tolerance for each other is of cosmic import.

Olmert’s Banana Republic (Boat) Song

It's six K, five K, four K, Graft ! (Daylight come and da jail's his new home)

Israel Boycott Promoters Do Not Belong in Israel Day Parade

Too many Jews join in the herd sport of anti-Semitism, now permitted to them as anti-Israelism.

Arabs No Longer Take Obama Administration Seriously

Abbas and the Arab leaders thumb their noses at U.S. conditions, instead they set their own.

J’Accuse the U.S. State Department! Again.

Eight years after our attack, after having sent DoJ reams of material, our file was somehow empty.

Why are Feminists Not Standing Up for Israel?

These feminists are so anti-Israel that they ignore Arab women's lack of political and social freedom

Seeking ‘Peace’ by Waging War?

Sabeel: all of the land is “Palestine,” Israel practices “apartheid,” the “occupation” began in '48.

Vassar and the BDS War on Campus

There is a growing militancy to the anti-Israel activists, especially on campuses.

California Students Testify About Anti-Semitism on Campus

Jewish students testified at a California government hearing about anti-Semitism on campuses.

The Jewish People Suffer a Collective Fate

God judges the Jewish People as a National Entity.

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