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Democrats teaming up against Israel

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Of course, we owe the Democratic Party nothing. We can look at Roosevel’s shameful treatment of Jews persecuted in Europe and North Africa before and during the Shoah. Then there was Jimmy Carter’s hostility for Israel in the 1970s. And another low point was reached in the presidency of Barak Hussein Obama which saw support for Israel’s Islamist enemies and saw the     US undermining Israel at the UN Security Council  [for example, SC Res 2334 of December 2016], in which the Obama gang worked, as it had previously, in favor of apartheid against Jews in the Land of Israel.


Perhaps most damning is the complicity of the revered Democratic president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in the Shoah. Despite the liberal and humanitarian rhetoric that poured out of FDR, his administration did not work to stop the German nazi mass murder machine nor did they do more than token acts to help Jews escape from the Nazi-fascist domain in Europe. This was true in the 1930s before the Shoah actually got started but Hitler and his gang were already persecuting Jews. It was also true during the years when the Shoah was working at high speed.

Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits concluded in his book, Faith After the Holocaust, that Roosevelt and his government wanted the Jews to die. It certainly seems that way.

Even in the 1930s, when German Jews wanted to leave Germany because of the persecutions, FDR’s officials imposed obstacles in their way to coming to the United States. It is important to know that at that time immigration to the United States was governed by quotas for different countries. Germany had one of the biggest quotas. Yet this large quota was not filled in the years after Hitler took power [30 January 1933]. Officials of FDR’s State Department put up obstacles [on this episode see books and articles by David Wyman, a non-Jew, by the way].

During the war, American warplanes could and did reach the area of Poland where the Auschwitz camp was located in August 1943 when Sicily was liberated. US  bombers then bombed industrial plants in the area of Auschwitz but not the death camps. When in 1944 Jewish leaders implored the Allies to bomb the railroad tracks that led to Auschwitz and other camps, Roosevelt and Churchill refused, makiing the usual excuses. Jewish-American Democratic politicians were of little help in pushing FDR to help save Jews.

And Roosevelt, sometimes called Saint FDR by detractors, was a Democrat, a hero to the party, and most damning about the Democratic Party is that it still holds annual celebrations to honor and commemorate Roosevelt and his ill legacy.

In subsequent posts, we will look at anti-Israel policies by Democratic presidents Carter and Obama. Recall that both were advised by the sinister Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Democratic Party candidate for president, Joe Biden, was a willing partner in Obama administration schemes to harass and discriminate against Jews. I had a personal encounter with Biden in 1975 and I have disliked him ever since. God willing, he will not become the president of the USA.

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