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Palin Looks To Queen Esther As Role Model

If there were any doubt that Sen. John McCain will shake up Washington and institute real change, the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican vice-presidential nominee has put that question to rest. Few people can match McCain's maverick spirit and bipartisan nature like Gov. Palin.

There’s Something About Sarah

One of the most intriguing episodes of American political history, and one with particular resonance for observers of this year’s presidential race, took place at the Democratic National Convention in 1896.

Parents, Appreciate Your Blessings

It was the Chazon Ish’s custom that whenever a person with special needs walked into his office, his study, his home or his shul, he would stand up.

Boycotts And Consequences

The Beijing Summer Olympics represented the first time the United States and its Western allies unanimously participated in an Olympics hosted by a totalitarian regime since 1936, when the games were held in Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany.

Persecuting The Righteous, Protecting The Guilty

All week long my e-mail inbox and the comment threads on many of the frum blogs have been melting down with irate comments from frustrated members of our community expressing their justifiable anger at the horrible treatment my dear friend and colleague Dr. Benzion Twerski has received at the hands of askonim (activists) and kanoim (extremists). I actually think of them as baryonim (destructive fanatics; see Gittin 56a).

Cold Meat On Shabbos Afternoons

So much has been written about the Rubashkins, specifically the allegations made against their company. AgriProcessors has been filleted by writers, roasted by bloggers, and smoked by former employees. It’s not my purpose here to defend the company against those allegations; I'll let the public-relations professionals and attorneys handle that. I merely wish to share my personal experiences with Rubashkin meat.

Beneath Abbas’s Moderate Exterior Beats A Stone Cold Heart

There are countries that practice diplomacy as a form of fine art and there are countries that practice diplomacy as an “in your face” martial art. And there are countries that practice a mix of the two arts.

Something To Celebrate In Day-School Education

Schools have multiple missions. They primarily exist to educate children, to provide knowledge, and to develop skills that stimulate intellectual growth and prepare youngsters for a productive adulthood and success in life. They also serve a socialization function, inculcating in children behavioral patterns and attitudes that foster respect and the acceptance of appropriate norms and rules.

The Inevitability Of Media Bias

So powerful are the media that they have been referred to as the fourth branch of government. Indeed, they can make or break reputations.

What To Expect From The Next President

Nothing is certain except death and taxes -- but a few things come close. One is that, come November, either Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain will emerge as the next president. When that happens we'll be turning the page on eight years of rancorous political partisanship.

Igniting The Spark

It makes no sense. It defies logic. You've got two reliable statistics from two reputable sources and yet they stand in utter opposition to each other, like statistical non-sequiturs.

She’ll Be Better Than Biden For Israel

Critics are already trying to damn Sarah Palin for her perceived lack of foreign-policy experience, but what they are not allowing for is something more important -- that she has the right basic attitudes and sense of priorities.

15 Reasons Why Palin Is Perfect For McCain — And Jews

1. Coming from the conservative wing of the Republican party, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin unites the GOP by helping to secure support from the conservative base, which was not enthusiastic about all of John McCain’s positions. And McCain’s choice of Palin shows his willingness to work with conservatives and recognize their concerns. Donations for the campaign will now flow in.

Why Food Matters

We all eat to live, but the vast majority of us truly live to eat. We think about what we will have for lunch while we are still eating breakfast. We conjure up scrumptious dinners before we’ve digested lunch. While we are enjoying our delicious dinners, our most compelling conversations are about other wonderful meals we’ve enjoyed or what we will be eating the following evening. We imagine outlandish desserts. We think of food between meals.

Dr. Isaac Lewin And The Fight For Kosher Slaughter

Fifty years ago the battle over a federal humane slaughter law came to a close. On August 27, 1958, Congress adopted, which established the “use of humane methods of slaughter of livestock as a policy of the United States” – forbidding the federal government from purchasing meat slaughtered by inhumane methods and giving the Department of Agriculture inspection authority in this area.

The Benefits Of Rising Gas Prices

We are all too aware of the impact exorbitant gas prices have had on us as individuals and on the general economy. The surge in transportation expenses has fueled a rise in food prices and other necessities and driven our economy to the brink of recession (if not beyond).

Making Jewish Life Easier

Last year I wrote on the need to monitor students who go to Israel for a year of study.

Russia, Georgia, And The Left’s Double Standards

As a shrewd and brutal ploy to break up Georgia, Putin's Russia is in the process of inventing a new "nation in need of "self-determination.

Such a Small Country, And So Far Away . . .

For those of us who still remember World War II (either because we lived through it or because we grew up, as I did, in its immediate aftermath), what's happening today in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia looks strangely ominous.

What Their Signatures Tell Us About McCain And Obama

Our signature is the most practiced and utilized part of our handwriting, one we spend hours developing and perfecting to our satisfaction. And while, like any one aspect of handwriting, it does not portray the totality of the writer’s personality – any more than a doctor’s examination of an arm yields a full diagnosis of the body – our signature is nevertheless a very telling aspect of our writing, as it reveals a great deal of the persona of the writer and the image he wishes to project to the world.

What I Learned About Christians And Jews From The U.S. Military

Most Jews in America, from Orthodox to assimilated and everything in between, seem to view the world not as it is but as it was – 50, 60, or 70 years ago.

Hekhsher Tzedek: Theory And Practice

The kashrut certification industry is being galvanized by a provocative, innovative initiative called Hekhsher Tzedek (i.e., justice certification). The brainchild of Rabbi Morris Allen of St. Paul, Minnesota, Hekhsher Tzedek is a supplement to current kashrut certification.

How To Get The World To Hate Israel

As part of evaluating the competitive landscape of the popularity of nations, in a process referred to in marketing circles as “place branding,” Israel, to no one’s great surprise, came up short in brand likeability, ranking last out of 35 nations included in an August 2006 survey conducted by nation branding expert Simon Anholt – even less attractive to respondents than Indonesia, Estonia, and Turkey.

The Conservative Case For Cantor

Eric Cantor is being vetted by John McCain for the vice presidential slot. Congressman Cantor may very well be the best possible Republican to run with McCain – for several reasons.

Solzhenitsyn’s Example: Speak The Truth, Defeat The Lies

The White House said President Bush’s primary purpose while in Beijing for the start of the Olympics was to “show respect” to the Chinese people.

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