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Aliyah: A Realistic Option

28 Shevat 5764 – February 20, 2004
Imagine what your great grandparents would think if they knew you were rejecting an aliyah that is only a short planeride away.

A Bad Case Of Stockholm

27 Shevat 5764 – February 18, 2004
As for Belgian Jews, in additional to their own EU taxes, they also have to fund the prosecution of Ariel Sharon as a war criminal.

Letter To An Anti-Zionist Jew

If this means that much of Judea and Samaria become Arab-free that is how it may need to be.

The Tears Of Soldiers

A strong knock, the door was opened, and three soldiers stood framed in the doorway.

No Choice But Bush

Four years ago the warnings and admonitions were rampant. Another Bush in the White House would threaten Israel.

A Radical Feminist Supports A Republican President

22 Shevat 5764 – February 14, 2004
Educated men who had returned to Afghanistan were virtually indistinguishable from those who had never left home.

A House Divided

21 Shevat 5764 – February 13, 2004
Whose land will be surrendered to the terrorists? Obviously Jewish land as defined in the Bible - land that Israel recovered during the Arabs' third war of aggression against the Jewish state.

My Niece Implements The Sharon Policy

"But isn't he breaking his promise to the Israelis?"

For 400 years, Europeans directed world events on a grand scale. Suddenly, they have evolved into political irrelevance.

So You Want To Be A Shadchan? Dos and Don’ts of Setting Singles Up

20 Shevat 5764 – February 12, 2004
The singles become more frustrated at their continued misfortune. Some of them become annoyed - even angry - at the person who set them up with someone from left field.

An Envelope From Texas

12 Shevat 5764 – February 4, 2004
A year ago, the White House asked me to speak at a conference in Philadelphia. I was glad to learn that the president would be there, but I was surprised to hear him again mention Met Council's work in his remarks.

Equal Earthquakes, Unequal Results

Of the twenty, only three have taken place in nations where Christianity has had a profound influence.

Lightness In The Midst Of A War Zone

As soon as I arrived at my undisclosable location, I began scouting for Yiddin in the area. I found a total of five other Jews on our base.

The Nameless Victims

7 Shevat 5764 – January 30, 2004
We've grown too jaded because of the sheer numbers of Jews killed and maimed by Arab terrorists.

A Glimpse Behind Columbia’s Middle East Mask

Two afternoon and evening panels presented uniform, monochrome anti-imperialist, anti-American and anti-Israel scripts.

A Time To Pity

Just as there are horrific diseases (lupus, multiple sclerosis, etc.) that result from a warped auto-immune system that causes the body to attack itself, certain individuals have a sick sense of self that attacks the soul.

Orthodox Hellenism, 5764

4 Shevat 5764 – January 26, 2004
The period of Chanukah is referred to by our rabbis as Golus Yavan -- the Grecian Exile.

The ‘December Dilemma’ – Bah! Humbug!

3 Shevat 5764 – January 25, 2004
Joseph taught us that you don't succeed in a non-Jewish environment by throwing away your values and mimicking those around you.

Olmert, Demographics And The Right

If there is a myth about Rabin that must be debunked, it is that the Clinton Plan, the Geneva Accord and similar ideas are somehow consistent with his legacy.

New Director Ushers In New Era For Orthodox Caucus

23 Tevet 5764 – January 16, 2004
The Orthodox Caucus seeks to work on situations that exist in the Orthodox community that have not been dealt with adequately - and remedy them.

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