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Let’s Talk Truthfully About the Issues behind Mass Shootings

When Lori Alhadeff screamed at a camera from CNN and demanded that President Trump, “Please do something, do something, action, we need it now,” Americans instinctively sympathized with the grieving parent.

To Plant. To Believe. To Carry On.

'A Tree Grows in Sinai'--and the Jewish Nation is built.

Adar Enters, and the Joy Increases–Unless the ‘Joy’ is Comedienne j-‘OY’ Behar

Reflections on a vulgar act targeting Orthodox Jews at a UJA event.

Israeli Bombing Syria ENHANCED US National Security

Evidence of the high rate-of-return on the annual US investment in Israel, which is erroneously defined as “foreign aid.” Israel is neither foreign to the US, nor is it a supplicant; it has been an unconditional junior partner of the US in the liberty-driven battle against rogue regimes.

The Paradox Of The Platypus

Darwin deduced that the same Creator operated in Australia as in Europe. The platypus must, as all the other animals, be the handiwork of the same Creator. Baruch meshaneh habriyot!

An Open Letter to Poland

A creative, bold and bitter suggestion for solving the issue of naming Polands'camps'

Jerusalem, Israel’s Capital, Is a Peaceful City

Mention the word “Jerusalem,” which is derived from the word “peace,” and anything but peace comes to mind. Yet the city of Jerusalem is safer by far than San Francisco, thanks to good policing and traditional life among both the Jewish and Arab populations.

What’s Going On In Syria?

We can easily understand why Syria would have fired at Israeli warplanes as they crossed over Syrian territory and that they perhaps got lucky.

Again, Senator Schumer Disappoints

Mr. Schumer also comes up rather short on the merits of his Trump-as-hatemonger scenario.

On Rav Soloveitchik, Purim, And Pictures Of Women: An Interview with Noted Posek Rav...

It’s scandalous. Purim is supposed to be a celebration of kabalas haTorah, accepting the Torah.

A Settler’s Response to President Trump’s Interview with ‘Israel HaYom’

Pres. Trump, concerning the settlements of Judea and Samaria, which are no less vital to Israel's security than preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, you've fallen for FAKE NEWS

My Father, Buffalo Bill From Bochnia

Finding ourselves with a large merged family as a result of our marriage, we had little chance to contemplate a honeymoon of any kind.

Congress Laying Groundwork to Boycott U.N. Body After Rash of Anti-Israel Measures

U.N. Human Rights Council singled out for anti-Israel, anti-Semitic action

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman Unfairly Attacked–Again

Once again, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has spoken simple words of truth, and once again he’s under attack from the Palestinian Authority and the Jewish left.

Why is the World Silent When it Comes to Syrian Refugees?

Palestinians, African migrants and even Dreamers have everyone’s sympathy. Meanwhile, one of the great humanitarian crises of the century is unfolding in Syria, and the world just yawns.

Living in Peace or Resting in Peace?

Genuine progress in the Arab-Israeli conflict will not come about by the amount of land Israel cedes, but by the degree Israel’s neighbors embrace education for peace with Israel

Washington Post Claims Israel Used Iranian Drone As ‘Pretext’ For Attack

The Washington Post—without reason or explanation—sought to impugn the IDF’s motives and obfuscate on what happened

Why Netanyahu kicks the Palestinian Can Down the Road

It's not that Netanyahu lacks a backbone that compels him to postpone substantive action relating to the Palestinians, it’s the very serious assessment that the Jewish State will be in a better situation in the future.

Clash in the North – Israeli Success, Iran Frustrated

Former Head of IDF Intelligence Research Unit, Yossi Kuperwasser, says that Iran is seeking alternative ways to fight Israel. “Sending a drone into Israel was an aggressive gamble that failed”

Hamas Thanks Palestinian Sympathizers Who Post and Blog

The terrorist argued that the softening of support for Israel, through social media attacks,would make it easier to attack Israel’s “vulnerable underbelly,… its investments, its diaspora and its representations around the world.“

Iranian Drone, Israeli Counter-strike: Probing Defenses is New Normal

If Iran isn’t daunted by Israel’s pushback on Saturday, Israel will have to push back more. If Iran makes that “about” the strategic situation in Syria, the U.S. will have to push back more too.

Mahmoud Abbas’s Speech: Who Was the Real Audience?

Abbas’s blatantly skewed account of the nature of Zionism and the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict should bring Israel’s policymakers and opinion shapers to enunciate anew the story they tell their own people and the world at large.

Will Arabs and Muslims Never Accept Israel as the Jewish State?

Kedar concludes that 'Arabs and Muslims are incapable of accepting Israel as the Jewish State,' but can 'learn to live with it.'

The 2018 Winter Olympics: Divided We Stand

While liberals see the Olympics as an opportunity for negotiation, conservatives see Pyongyang’s agreement to attend as a tactic to gain benefits and not a genuine expression of warming relations.

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