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Colel Chabad: Israel’s Longest Running Charity

Pantry Packers makes volunteering both fun and accessible, something beyond the scope of typical food-service organizations.

INTO THE FRAY- Bennett’s Academic Code: Right Sentiment, Wrong Strategy

In-depth 2013 study: “Israeli academics have been free to engage in ‘nazification’ of Israel”

With Shutdown of Power Plant, Hamas Again Prioritizes Tunnels and Rockets Over Gazan Lives

{Originally posted to the Tower Magazine website} Gaza’s sole power plant shut down on Sunday for lack of funds, leaving the nearly 2 million residents...

Why Didn’t Nikki Haley Visit Finland?

Why was it so important for the US Ambassador to the United Nations – in her second official trip - to visit Israel? Why didn’t she visit Finland, for example? I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit Finland?

Another Stunning Loss for Anti-Israel Academics

Naturally, the boycotters plan to continue the struggle. They are not deterred that their attempt to pass a pro-BDS resolution has resulted instead in an anti-BDS resolution.

Double Legal Standard: Anti-Muslim Bias Is Obvious, Anti-Jewish Bias Doesn’t Exist

10 federal appellate judges eradicated a presidential directive designed to protect the safety of US residents because the judges discerned religious prejudice against Muslims in the president’s motivation.

The Proud Fathers of Palestinian Terrorists

Father's Day in "Palestine": Consider the comments of some Palestinian Arabs about their children who murder Israelis. Shepping serious nachas

J Street’s Phony Condemnation Of Hamas

J Street’s “solution” to the Gaza“crisis”? Give more American taxpayers’ money to Gaza, promote the Palestinian Authority and PUSH for the implementation of the 2-State Solution, regardless of the consequences to Israel.

With Eyes To See: The Six-Day War, Fifty Years On

Parshat Shelach begins and ends with seeing. It opens with the meraglim and closes with the commandment to look at tzizis. The lesson of the two? That it is not enough to simply look. We must also SEE.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Prayer

Zuckerberg’s closing words at Harvard's commencement: I am reminded of a prayer, Mi Shebeirach, that I say whenever I face a challenge, that I sing to my daughter thinking about her future...

Israel was NEVER a British Colony; Judea and Samaria are NOT Israeli Colonies

Jews have lived throughout the holy land for millennia, including all over Judea and Samaria. International laws facilitated the ability of Jews to move back to, and throughout, their homeland.

British Jews: A Wake-up Call

The recent waves of anti-Semitism emanating from a combination of Left wing, liberal, Moslem and traditional anti-Semites, and the indifference of a substantial proportion of the electorate who voted for an overtly anti-Semitic leader, must surely switch on a clear red light for British Jews.

Don’t “Dismantle” UNRWA–It CAN’T Be Done; Reform UNRWA ​Policies, Which CAN Be Done

​Now that the Israeli government has finally come to the conclusion that UNRWA is an impediment to peace, it should act within reality to curb UNRWA policy, not fantasize about closing it

A Soldier’s Mother: Solving a Problem with Violence

How could some lunatic walk up to someone and say - are you a democrat or a republican and then shoot them....what the hell have you done to yourself, America. Is this really what you want?

Israel’s Diplomacy Gets Serious and Gets Results

This confidence to play hardball with the West undoubtedly stems in part from Israel’s growing diplomatic strength outside the West, as highlighted most recently by Netanyahu’s address to the recent summit of the ECOWAS

Sen. Feinstein’s Call For Lynch Probe

On its face, the request by Ms. Lynch raises the question of whether she was trying to give Mrs. Clinton political cover during the campaign.

Political Correctness, Leftist Style

Both the tribute to Mr. Lopez-Rivera and the portrayal and murder of a Trump-like Julius Caesar have been justified by supporters in the name of political and artistic freedom. Yet the sophistry in play with regard to both is unmistakable.

The Bernice Chronicles: The Courtship Of Bernice Cohen

At age 26 and having completed her graduate studies, Bernice returned to the Bronx Y, this time in a paid professional capacity.

The Unkindest Cut

It is no surprise for Israel to be vilified by the followers of Islam, because Islam, like Nazism, is the antithesis of Judaism. But when the Council of churches joins the accusers, it is the unkindest cut of all

‘Israel’s Technological Breakthroughs Are The Future’: An Interview With Haim Bibas, Israel’s ‘Mayor of...

After Netanyahu lost his bid for reelection in 1999, I met with him and discussed ideas of how he could again become Israel’s leader. We’ve worked together ever since then.

Someone Someone Should Tell Hamas — And The UN — That There Is No...

To all in doubt: There is no unalienable right of the remaining Palestinian Arab refugees to return, neither is there a right under international law to allow Palestinian Arab to violently attack Israelis.

Radiohead: My New Favorite Band

Radiohead is my new favorite band. Not because I love their music but because they’ve taken a public stand against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. They ROCK!

50 Years of Palestinian Rejection

. If the world behaved differently, the Palestinians might eventually conclude that a deal was in their interests.

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