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President Trump And The Iran Protests

All of this is coming in the context of Mr. Trump’s vow to gut some of the key sweetheart deals the Iranians wangled out of the Obama/Kerry team.

For Israel, Trump is a Glimmer of Hope After a Long Darkness

As a master negotiator, Trump understands that, unlike the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as structured by Oslo was never resolvable bilaterally because the PA had neither the desire nor the ability to resolve it.

Will Mass Protests Divert Iran’s attention Inward and Away from Fighting Israel?

85% of Iranians feel estranged from the regime, leaving it hollow and vulnerable. If this round of protests is quashed, as happened in 2009, the regime’s overthrow will be further delayed. But the counter-revolution is inevitable.

Trump Reverses Obama Doctrine On Iran

Obama jabbered endlessly about American leadership while simultaneously “leading from behind.” Trump actually pursues US leadership while simultaneously claiming the isolationist mantle of “America first.”

Regime Change Is the West’s Best Hope for Iran

Cracks are beginning to show as enraged demonstrators beat at the Islamic Republic’s foundations. Iran is a repressive regime that sacrificed its legitimacy long before its citizens took to the streets in revolt.

The Regime Chants “Death to America,” Iranians Chant “Death to Mullahs”

Now, people in Iran are demanding not just limited reforms but regime change. The government has been doing all it can to stoke the flames of hatred, but has been trying to deflect it to "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".

Eim Habanim Smeicha

Mingled with laughter came the tears as she described the terrifying fear she endured every month before she opened the envelope with her latest test results.

Protests Spread Across Iran

The demonstrations presently rocking Iran are the most widespread demonstrations in Iran since the suppression of the protests that followed Ahmadinejad’s reelection as president in 2009

Assessing the Islamic World’s Ho-Hum Response to Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital provoked dire warnings of imminent uproar--which never happened because the Islamic world is too mired in its own domestic problems to mobilize over Jerusalem.

My Broken Refrigerator And The Holocaust

When your yardstick for measuring pain and discomfort is the Holocaust, it’s difficult to get too upset about life’s minor problems – and that’s what they are.

The Mischlinge Expose

I wanted to try and begin to understand the unfathomable: How did such evil come about?

Obama, Hezbollah, and the End of Israel

Hezbollah, once just an Iranian proxy, has become a battle heartened army over the last few years of fighting to save Assad’s regime in Syria and now boasts over 100 thousand rockets aimed at Israel.

Debating BDS with Cornel West

West argued that BDS would encourage Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. I replied Israel would never be blackmailed into compromising its security, and that the Palestinians are disincentivized into making compromises by the fantasy that they will get a state through economic and cultural extortion.

An End To The Madness

And what about the Jewish singles themselves? What are they doing to help alleviate the painful problem of not having found their soulmate?

Defining ‘Occupied’ and the Semantic Battle for Peace

Using the term “occupied territories” or “West Bank" (favored by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman) is part of a high-stakes battle to determine the outcome of the debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Is Israel Reforming the Muslim Middle East?

One is left to wonder, where does the New York Times get its information?

Forward Thinking by Ambassador Friedman

I’m proud of Anbassador Friedman’s foresight on this issue. I hope that Pres.Trump sides with him and recognizes that the State Department’s adoption of the Palestinian narrative has only aggravated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Threats of 2017 – Mideast, Terror, Weapons – Will Linger in the New Year

Many of the problems of 2017 will follow us into the New Year, 2018

The Iran Protests — and The New York Times

The Iranian people rose up against their oppressive government in June 2009. Now we are again seeing that this regime rules by brute force, is widely despised.

2017 in Review: Five Key Moments in US-Israel Relations

A look back at the following five key moments in U.S.-Israel relations during the past year

Time To Defund The United Nations

The UN has always been a foolish fantasy, a League of Nations knockoff that's been about as productive and twice as irritating. There's no reason for the US us to continue cutting checks to prop it up,

INTO THE FRAY: The UN vote on Jerusalem: A disturbing diplomatic debacle

When India supports an anti-Israel resolution, while Croatia, Romania, and Ukraine do not—invoking ingrained anti-Semitism rings somewhat hollow, and alternative explanations are called for

Israel – Island of Success

Israel's economy had a robust 2017 and next year looks even brighter!

‘Fair’ Does Not Mean ‘The Same’

Learning from Yaakov Avinu the importance of recognizing the "unique" in everyone.

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