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Forward Thinking by Ambassador Friedman

I’m proud of Anbassador Friedman’s foresight on this issue. I hope that Pres.Trump sides with him and recognizes that the State Department’s adoption of the Palestinian narrative has only aggravated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Threats of 2017 – Mideast, Terror, Weapons – Will Linger in the New Year

Many of the problems of 2017 will follow us into the New Year, 2018

The Iran Protests — and The New York Times

The Iranian people rose up against their oppressive government in June 2009. Now we are again seeing that this regime rules by brute force, is widely despised.

2017 in Review: Five Key Moments in US-Israel Relations

A look back at the following five key moments in U.S.-Israel relations during the past year

Time To Defund The United Nations

The UN has always been a foolish fantasy, a League of Nations knockoff that's been about as productive and twice as irritating. There's no reason for the US us to continue cutting checks to prop it up,

INTO THE FRAY: The UN vote on Jerusalem: A disturbing diplomatic debacle

When India supports an anti-Israel resolution, while Croatia, Romania, and Ukraine do not—invoking ingrained anti-Semitism rings somewhat hollow, and alternative explanations are called for

Israel – Island of Success

Israel's economy had a robust 2017 and next year looks even brighter!

‘Fair’ Does Not Mean ‘The Same’

Learning from Yaakov Avinu the importance of recognizing the "unique" in everyone.

Dealing With The World

The same nations that condemn us daily in the UN and send money to Hamas and Hizbullah will one day run to Jerusalem to make peace with us.

Arab Apartheid Targets Palestinians

A Palestinian girl who punched an Israeli soldier in the face draws more media interest than Arab apartheid against the Palestinians.

The Right Thing To Do

The truly amazing thing about Trump’s announcement is that despite media’s incessant counter-narrative, there are still enough individuals, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who believe that the ONLY people who have ever called Jerusalem their capital deserve to do so again.

The Origin Of Yoatzot Halacha – Women Advising Women

Two decades and 116 yoatzot halacha later, we have addressed more than 200,000 questions, via our telephone hotline, our websites in 4 languages, and in communities we are bringing Torah observance into the 21st century.

Learning Torah With Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

A unique perspective on Sholom Rubashkin in prison-from a friend AND fellow inmate.

The Chutzpah of EU Intervention

The EU channels large-scale funding to fringe anti-Israel groups, turning these groups into instruments of European policy under the pretext of "civil society." There is no other democracy in the world that is treated similarly by the EU.

The U.S. And The UN

They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care.

The Freeing Of Sholom Rubashkin

Mr. Rubashkin has now served more than 8 years of that sentence, which many have called excessive in light of its disparity with sentences imposed for similar crimes....

‘So Many Roles Women Can Fill In Shul’: The OU’s New Department of Women’s...

Having had grandparents who were the rav and rebbetzin in Great Neck and in-laws who served in those roles in Montreal, the ideas of mission and contribution resonate very strongly with me.

The Bernice Chronicles: A Second Chance At ‘Honor Thy Mother’

Just as had happened when I was working on my grandmother’s book, here, too, previously unknown family members and those with whom my mother-in-law had lost touch suddenly emerged.

How Trump and Abbas Proved US Liberals Clueless About Peace

If Abbas were sincere about pursuing a two-state solution, he would have treated Trump’s carefully worded statement as a jumping-off point for an effort to persuade the US to endorse a Palestinian capital in part of Jerusalem, strengthening his position in negotiations that Trump hoped to restart.

Palestinians: Where Have They Gone?

US funding for UNRWA is problematic because the organization is inextricably intertwined with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. It is time to review the number of Palestinian "refugees" in the world and the world's obligation to them

Honor and Dishonor at the United Nations

The list of countries supporting the resolution is remarkable--supposed American friends. Their vote was a gratuitous insult because this was a resolution in essence denouncing the United States, rather than the usual U.N. resolution against Israel.

Treating Peace Process Delusional Disorder in Israel and Worldwide.

After having smoked the peace pipe for almost twenty five years, many Israelis on the left of the political spectrum, need help recovering from their delusions and peace addiction.

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