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A Huge Crowd Of Lonely People

Recently, I came upon research about today’s teenagers – the first generation to have grown up with smartphones – that is really quite alarming.

Jordan Reportedly Furious Over Palestinian Reconciliation Deal

Add Jordan to the list of those who view the supposed reconciliation with concern and doubts.

The Embassy, the NIF, and the US-Israeli Jewish Divide

Previously, a Jewish organization spouting anti-Israel canards or advocating Israel boycotts would have been as toxic among US Jews as it was among Israelis. Today’s NIF instead has broad support among US Jewry, revealing the great divide between US and Israeli Jews

Good And Evil

Ideologies that forgo the struggle for good from the outset are ideologies that assume that if we forgo our search for the light switch, the light will somehow turn on by itself. Darkness loves those types of vapid ideologies.

Israel-Bashing, Biased Historian David Myers Should NOT Head Center for Jewish History

The Center for Jewish History should be led by an honest, carefully accurate historian or other executive – not by hostile-to-Israel propagandist David N. Myers.

East & West Palestine or Hamastan vs. Fatahland

No longer does Israel have to "pick its poison." The Palestinian unity agreement blends the two, and the world (including the US) is pressuring Israel to drink it.

David N. Myers: One Can Be a Racist Even With Black Friends

Myers radicalism is well known, and he is certainly entitled to his opinions but he is trying to save his job, but must not be permitted to.

Liberal Jews and that Inconvenient Israeli Consensus

While liberal consensus deems Netanyahu a problem, do they ask WHY he was elected prime minister 4 times. The answer is simple: There exists a broad consensus within Israeli society contradicting the assumptions held by most American Jews

Hillel at the Crossroads-Part V: Feud Resolution or Escalation

The sides are clearly defined: It is either Hillel International's version of the story--or everyone else's

Before Netanyahu vs. Obama There Was Netanyahu vs FDR

One could argue that the 1944 presidential election was the beginning of the bi-partisan support for Israel that despite its ups and downs continues to this day.with Benzion Netanyahu, Bibi's father, influencing the Republican platform

‘My Dad Was A Crackerjack Pilot…And Israel Had No Pilots At The Time’: Film...

He knew what happened in the Holocaust, and he didn’t want to see Israel [destroyed].

The Ebbing of Warfare in Syria Will Spell Catastrophe for Europe

Europe, reeling from successive waves of refugees and migrants, desperately needs the end of the Syrian civil war, which for the first time seems in the offing. But the emerging peace will only increase the emigration.

Middle East Drift?

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said Israel will not sit down with Hamas as presently constituted.

Seizing the Moment

Actually, when we first heard what Mr. Trump is reported to have said, we thought he was praising Sgt. Johnson’s sacrifice because he knowingly, and selflessly, put himself in harm’s way in defense of his country.

The Bernice Chronicles: A Son Makes Aliyah

It was a war that would change the country's destiny. It would also change the destiny of Joshua Schwartz of Teaneck, New Jersey.

Westerners: Guilty of Reading the News

Hypothetically, if large numbers of Eastern Europeans started to export terrorism globally, a majority of the public in a country might call for increased security checks on people of Eastern European origin not from racism but solely because the public merely followed the news

History Repeating: Jewish Voice for Britain’s Labour Party

The deployment of a number of Jews to take Corbyn's social revolution to the 'Jewish masses' are to deflect accusations of anti-Semitism. The number is tiny but their voices are amplified out of all proportion

Abbas’ Party Openly Refuses Recognition of Israel AND Demands Hamas Not Recognize Israel

They have never repudiated, revised or modified its Arab supremacist program of denying Jewish peoplehood, destroying Israel and replacing it with an Arab-dominated regime.

The World is Waiting for Us

In the first conversation HaShem had with him, Avraham was told to live in Israel, or in modern terms, make Aliyah.

Lectures of the Fat and Happy

An economic overview at the United Nations-and the hypocrites that pontificate there.

Chaos in Jerusalem

I have no words to describe my contempt for the "Rabbinic" leaders of the Peleg, who -- in their unbelievable arrogance and shortsightedness -- have stood by and not only allowed but ENCOURAGED this desecration of G-d, including fighting police and army, while in turn often calling them murderers and Nazis for simply trying to move them out of the way of traffic.

Iran: Will Congress Rise to the Challenge?

When examining the impact of the JCPOA on the US national security, Congress should assess the dramatic erosion of the US posture of deterrence, as reflected by the surging geo-strategic posture of Russia

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