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Has Worldwide anti-Semitism Become too HOT for the Jewish People?

It's imperative for Jews always to ask: Am I still safe here? Jews around the world cannot be blind to the reality surrounding us. We cannot ignore the rising heat levels of anti-Semitism

The Monumental Gap between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump

Racism has always existed in America; it is not new in the age of Trump. White racism has actually been on the decline for several years according to FBI reports, and is much less common in the South than liberal northern states like Massachusetts.

Goodbye, Good Riddance Rasmieh Odeh

Odeh became a national icon for anti-Israel forces throughout the United States and beyond, embraced both as a hero of Palestinian resistance and as a purported victim of an unjust, racist prosecution

Israel-Bashers Target Jews on Their Holidays

Opponents of Jews and the Jewish State exploit holidays to launch physical attacks. They have used such to launchpolitical, economic, and propaganda attacks designed to impose mental and emotional stress on Jews as they celebrate.

Turning Minuses Into Pluses

Rarely successful in the classroom, Simcha used his brilliant mind to teach himself anything he was interested in.

Alternative Facts Under NY Times Editor Matt Seaton

NY Times claims: Eilat Was an Egyptian Port, Abbas Accepts a Jewish State, Israel Built no Arab Cities, Palestinian Factions Don't Call for One-State Solution--Flat -earth anyone?

A Voice To Make Men Weep

His voice had the strength of a pipe organ and the gentleness of a violin, but most of all it had the power to make men weep.

Quo Vadis the Arab Tsunami (a.k.a. “the Arab Spring”)?

Where is the Arab Tsunami heading? The chaotic intra-Arab roller-coaster may have shifted, temporarily, to a relatively-lower gear, but it is surging on brutally!

Charlottesville Attack Was Domestic Terrorism

IPT believes that the deliberate decision to drive a car into a crowd of protesters was an act of domestic terrorism and the end product of the pure hatred spewed by white nationalists.

Accelerating Chaos Within the American Jewish Community

It is precisely at such a turbulent time as the present, when the leadership of American Jewry should assume a stabilizing role, that it seems to be losing control.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Aftermath of Charlottesville

A VERY different perspective on Charlottesville.

INTO THE FRAY: Neo-unilateralism: Futile, Fatal Folly

New calls for unilateral withdrawal are both pernicious—because of the calamitous consequences it will precipitate—and puerile—because of the naïve hope that it will not

Court Case Could Set Ominous Precedent For Shuls And Yeshivas

Did Alana Shultz, the fired program director for the Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue suffer “adverse employment action”? Was she fired because she was 19 weeks pregnant at her wedding? What broader impact will this have?

Explaining Trump’s Charlottesville Behavior

Trump's 'nucleolus' (fringe supporters) is governed by rage, hatred, a sense of being wronged, and the loathing of others due to race and national origin. They should be numerically insignificant to a man who secured 63 million votes in November 2016.

UNRWA: Perpetuating “Refugee-ism,” Condemning the Palestinians to Refugee Status Forever

If the goal of a future agreement is to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all, then UNRWA’s current configuration makes a final peace impossible to achieve.

Data Plan: Who Decides – You Or Your iPhone?

His point is that people cannot merely float, and to swim is to be actively engaged, to willfully employ skill to counter the physics of the water, of their environment.

After Charlottesville, What’s Next?

In 2017 America, the image of Jews quietly sneaking out of synagogue to avoid persecution is, for the moment, appropriately shocking.

Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Problem

Sanders has a very ugly track record vis à vis Israel and the Jewish people and considers Israeli intransigence to be the principal cause of disharmony and violence in the Middle East.

The Palestinians’ “Creativity for Hate”

Most comments posted by Palestinians and other Arabs in response to the joint Palestinian-Israeli camp vilify the Palestinian girls and their families. The postings brand them as traitors, sluts, filthy people who are not ashamed to be seen in the company of Israeli girls. Then there is the barrage of abuse that is not fit for print.

Want Diversity And Tolerance? Stop Demonizing Conservatives

If you think Dennis Prager must be boycotted or believe Morton Klein is as much of a threat to American Jewry as Islamist terrorists, then don’t blame Trump for how bad things have gotten.

City of Graveyards: The Demise of Jewish Newark

It is a story that should serve as the ultimate cautionary tale for any Jewish community tempted to mistake a period of vibrancy for a guarantee of immortality.

The Anti-Semitic Jewish Media

Politicians continue to recite the mantra "Muslims are today's Jews," even though in Europe today Muslims are the tormentors rather than the tormented, and Jews lead the list of victims of public abuse.

Gen. McMaster: Friend Or Foe?

We take a back seat to no one in taking seriously the role a national security adviser plays when it comes to U.S. interests and those of Israel.

President Trump’s Charlottesville Comments

So it was preordained, so to speak, that whatever he said about as electrifying an issue as Charlottesville would be seized upon by resistance members and turned into grist for their mill.

Supreme Court Should Weigh In On Employee’s Right To Observe Passover

According to the petition, although Ms. Abeles seems plainly to have followed agency procedures for requesting time off by fully notifying her supervisor via e-mail, the agency...

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