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Political Hitman – Why Won’t the Left Accept the Results? [audio]

Critics jumped on Donald Trump for refusing to pledge that he'd accept the results of the presidential election.

Political Hitman – A Rejection of the Left [audio]

Howie says the U.S. election was about a resounding rejection by Americans of leftism and liberalism, though it won't make American Jews happy.

Political Hitman – Through The Fire [audio]

Howie wouldn't even let a devastating house fire get in the way of bringing you his cutting analysis of the US presidential election.

Political Hitman – G-d’s Top 10 List – Do we listen?! [audio]

How well do we follow the 10 commandments and how do they make us a better person?

Political Hitman – Ode to Jewish Unity [audio]

Howie overheard a conversation where one Jew claimed to be superior to another Jew.

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