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UNESCO: Cave of the Patriarchs, Rachel’s Tomb Part of “Occupied Palestine”

UNESCO's anti-Semitism and attempt to erase Jewish history continues.

Rabbis for Human Rights: ‘Jews Won’t Keep Quiet’ Is Hate Speech

So, remember, never say out loud that Jews won't keep quiet or that Jews should take their destiny in their own hands – it could land you in The Hague.

Israeli Frankincense Farmer Faces Hostility in Europe and Next Door

Location, Location, Location, in this case, adds a touch of frustration and sadness to what otherwise is yet another story of Israeli ingenuity offering amazing goods to the world.

The Atlantic Wants Ayelet Shaked to Replace Bibi

Shaked is a ball of contradictions, which gives her power and makes her uniquely pan-Israeli.

2 and 4 Year Old Perish in Beitar Illit Apartment Fire

According to some eyewitnesses, rescue forces were delayed and arrived only about fifteen minutes after the fire had been reported.

IDF Manhunt Continues for Barkan Terrorist #videos #photos

The Barkan terrorist has still not been captured dead or alive.

Second Arab Employee Tied up Barkan Terror Victim

Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel was tied up before the terrorist shot and murdered her.

Israeli Public Broadcaster Opts Out of Soccer Deal that Excludes the Settlements

Benjamin Netanyahu has been reluctant to establish Israeli sovereignty in the liberated territories, so complaints regarding the broadcasts should be addressed to him.

US Envoys Call for ‘Universal Condemnation of Barkan Terror, Support for Grieving Families

“The Barkan industrial center is a beacon for coexistence and a model for the future,” wrote Greenblatt. "Today a terrorist shattered that harmony," Friedman pointed out.

Barkan Terrorist Left Suicide Note — 3 Days Ago

Both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad praised the attack, with Hamas saying in a statement that “it comes as a natural response to the Israeli occupation’s crimes at the expense of the Palestinian people.”

Barkan Terrorist Still on the Loose, Both Victims Identified

The terrorist is still at large and considered armed and dangerous.

Vogue Arabia Cover Girl Ahed Tamimi On Prison Experience: ‘We Were Not Allowed Outside’

“Life behind bars was very hard... I managed to pass my final exams in prison."

Rivlin, Netanyahu, Shocked by the Barkan Murders, the PA Not So Much

The PA has yet to comment on the murders, except to accuse "settlers" of closing many roads in the area "in retaliation for the deadly shooting."

Videos of Barkan Terrorist Escaping

Videos have been released of the terrorist from Sunday's attack in the Barkan Industrial Park escaping from the scene of his terror attack.

Israel’s Public Broadcaster Signed Soccer Tournaments Deal Excluding the Settlements

A Qatari company acquired the broadcasting rights for the Middle East and North Africa, including "the Palestinian territories."

2 Murdered, 1 Wounded in Barkan Industrial Park Terror Attack

The people were shot and wounded at the Barkan Industrial Park on Sunday morning.

Stoning Attack on Israeli Bus in Judea

No one was physically injured in the attack, according to the report, but the windshield of the bus was damaged.

Judea and Samaria IDF Commander: We Can Retake Joseph’s Tomb

"It would be a somewhat complex but possible task, it all depends on the discretion of the political echelon."

Terrorist Who Murdered Salomon Family: I Picked a House with Sounds of Laughter

"I tried to encourage people who carry out attacks on Facebook, but there was no response so I decided to carry out an attack myself."

Shin Bet Foils Terror Plot, Announces Indictments of Hamas Recruits from Judea, Samaria

“Recently another attempt by the terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip to intensify terrorist operations in Judea and Samaria was revealed and thwarted." Three terror cell members were arrested and indicted.

Arab Terror Continues in Samaria, No Physical Injuries Reported

Some 30 Arab teens and young adults also attacked IDF soldiers in the area of Jelazoun, hurling rocks and other items at the troops.

Incendiary Balloon Reaches Rosh Tzurim, Jewish Community in Heart of Gush Etzion

It's not yet clear where the terrorist cell behind the balloon launch was based, since Gush Etzion is quite a distance from Gaza.

Redemption of Firstborn Donkey Celebrated in Itamar

"And every firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb; and if thou wilt not redeem it, then thou shalt break his neck."

Stoning Attacks on Drivers Target Israeli Jews and Arabs in Samaria

This is not the first time Arab terrorists have hurled rocks at Israeli Arab, Druze and Bedouin travelers driving cars with Israeli license plates.

US Ambassador David Friedman Slams PA Payment to Family of Ari Fuld HY’D’s Killer

"This practice is unconscionable and must stop if there is to be any hope for peace."


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