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CNN No Longer Available in Israel

4 Tishri 5773 – September 20, 2012
Satellite broadcaster YES announced Wednesday that CNN broadcasts will no longer be available after December 31.

‘Innocence’ Actress Says the Cast Was Duped, Muhammad’s Character Was Named...

27 Elul 5772 – September 13, 2012
A casting call published in July 2011 in Backstage magazine and in other publications listed the movie title as "Desert Warrior," and presented it as an "historical Arabian Desert adventure film." An actress in the film who asked not to be identified said the original script did not include a character named Prophet Muhammad.

Atheists Target Religious Jews in Williamsburg

10 Adar 5772 – March 4, 2012
"You know it’s a myth … and you have a choice," the billboards declare, in Patterson in English and Arabic, and in Brooklyn in English and Hebrew. Next to the text on the Arabic billboard is the word Allah, and on the Hebrew sign is the Hebrew word for the Tetragrammaton, which Jews are not permitted to pronounce. Including the "Shem ham'forash" in the Hebrew billboard is particularly provocative, since it is sacred and so may not be erased in print, presenting protesters with a dilemma.

Klein: Funding Occupy

19 Kislev 5772 – December 14, 2011

Barak to CNN: One year to stop Iran

23 Heshvan 5772 – November 19, 2011
In an interview that will be aired tomorrow. Defense Minister Ehud Barak told CNN, "In another year there will be no way to stop...

The Desert of Death

19 Heshvan 5772 – November 16, 2011
Israel can put an end to phenomenon of death in the desert immediately by hermetically closing the border with Egypt

Bachmann’s Pro-Israel Stance Shaped By Summer Work On Kibbutz

27 Sivan 5771 – June 29, 2011
WASHINGTON - Newly declared presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's dedication to Israel dates back to 1974, when she was selected at age 17 to join a group of Minnesota teens to spend a summer in Israel.

The Ignorant American

5 Sivan 5771 – June 7, 2011
Two days after the 9/11 attacks, CNN and Time magazine released a joint poll asking whether the U.S. should declare war. Sixty-two percent of respondents said yes. Asked whom war should be declared against, 61 percent said they didn't know.

The Unbearable Lightness Of Larry King

1 Tevet 5771 – December 8, 2010
Larry King will host his last edition of "Larry King Live" on CNN next week, and the Monitor can only say Good Riddance. King built a reputation and made a fortune as the master of the soft toss interview, which was fine for doing Frank Sinatra retrospectives but made for cringe-inducing television whenever the subject at hand required a tad more seriousness.

‘There’s A Grand Deception Going On’: An Interview with Terrorism Expert...

30 Nisan 5770 – April 14, 2010
The New York Post called him "the nation's foremost journalistic expert on terrorism." Richard Clarke, former White House counterterrorism chief, called him the "Paul Revere of terrorism." For 16 years, Steven Emerson has been conducting research, reporting, writing, speaking, and testifying before Congress on the threat of radical Islam.

Quick Takes: News From Israel You May Have Missed

20 Kislev 5769 – December 17, 2008
  Hamas is willing to renew an expiring six-month truce with Israel but is delaying in hopes of extracting more concessions from the Jewish state,...

Two Candidates Walk Into A Bar… Comedy and Presidential Politics

30 Tishri 5769 – October 29, 2008
For days after the Al Smith Memorial Dinner, held in mid-October at the Waldorf Astoria, the media buzzed with clips of presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama delivering hilarious routines that put many professional comedians to shame.

Reconsidering Iraqi Women

10 Heshvan 5767 – November 1, 2006
"I try to tell momma she won't get stolen. Her hair is not that nice.

Bad News Dems? Not On The Networks

3 Av 5763 – August 1, 2003
Regular readers know by now of the Monitor's high regard for the Media Research Center (www.mrc.org).

Most Biased Network Of All

15 Sivan 5761 – June 6, 2001
Still dining out on the praise it garnered during the Gulf War a long decade ago, CNN (derided in its formative years as the 'Chicken Noodle Network' for its then ticky-tacky image and more recently as the 'Clinton News Network' for its unabashed infatuation with the former president) has for some time now been arguably the nation's most overrated news outlet.

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