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November 25, 2015 / 13 Kislev, 5776
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Israeli-Arab Killed Fighting for ISIS

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

An Israeli-Arab from northern Israel was reportedly killed on Wednesday in a gun battle in Iraq, according to a YNET report.

The man went to Iraq around 2 years ago to join Islamic State.

Card-Carrying Israeli Arab Citizen Arrested for Joining ISIS

Monday, March 30th, 2015

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) has arrested a card-carrying Israeli Arab citizen from Jerusalem for allegedly trying to join the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Shin Bet pointed out that the latest arrest is only the latest that points to Israeli Arabs enlisting in the ISIS with the aim to use their new “skills” to carry out terrorist attacks in Israel.

The Shin Bet also arrested more than a dozen others suspected of planning to join the ISIS.

The eastern Jerusalem suspect was identified as 25-year-old Halil Adal Halil, 25 who had worked as a medical assistant at a psychiatric hospital near Jerusalem.

He was arrested earlier this month after having return from Syria. Before setting out for Greece and then Turkey last August, Halil worked out a gym at Hebrew University and then told relatives he was going away for a vacation and going to Mecca on a Muslim pilgrimage.

He and another suspect, Mohammed Sami al-Aziz Abu Snina, were drawn to the ISIS by its Internet propaganda.

Once in Turkey, Halil and Abu Snina met a contact agent and were smuggled across the border into Syria.

ISIS Posts Video of Child Shooting to Death Israeli Arab in the Head

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

The Islamic State (ISIS) has posted a video showing a child of around 12 years old purportedly killing Jerusalem Arab Mohammed Said Ismail Musallem with a gunshot in the head and shooting “Allahu Akbar (Allah is great).”

The video does not actually show the boy pulling the trigger.

Claims by the ISIS that the victim was a Mossad spy are preposterous and have been vigorously denied by his brother, who said that he was killed for trying to flee

The ISIS has claimed that he was trained by the Mossad for a month before being sent to Syria to spy for Israel, an allegation that only proves he was not a spy since becoming a Mossad spy after 30 days would be like graduating from university after having completed kindergarten.

The child executioner was shown next to another ISIS terrorist who spoke in French and spewed out threats against French Jews. The child aimed his revolver at the head of his 19-year-old victim.

Almost all news agencies decided not to post the video.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) confirmed last October that Musallem had left Israel for Syria, apparently after having been recruited online.

The ISIS previously has posted at least one video showing a child as an executioner.

The VOX website tried to look at the execution of Musallem through rose-colored glasses and said it shows how desperate the ISIS is. It wrote:

The turn to conscripts, including child soldiers, appears to be a sign that it’s having trouble filling its ranks with voluntary adult soldiers. That said, the grotesque use of a child in a taped execution tells us that, even if the trend is hopeful, the conflict in Syria and Iraq today remains horrific.

The problem is that the world is going to suffer many more executions and many more children trained as murderers before the U.S.-led task force can overcome the ISIS.

Looking back, the Obama administration’s decision to stay out of Syria created a bigger vacuum for the ISIS to capture oil fields and fund its sadism.

American intelligence experts knew of the ISIS long ago. The terrorist organization did not pop up out of nowhere last year.

Burned by previous failures in the “war on terror,” there does not seem to be a strong resolve to eradicate the ISIS.

ISIS child stands next to one of his "teachers" before executing an Arab from Jerusalem.

ISIS child stands next to one of his “teachers” before executing an Arab from Jerusalem.

Pres. Rivlin Launches Joint Project to Integrate Israeli Arabs into Private Business Sector

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

President Reuven Rivlin launched a joint project Sunday evening with Collective Impact, a group working to increase employment among Israeli Arabs, to integrate the population into the private sector.

CEOs and employers involved with the group met with Rivlin at the President’s Resident to discuss the project.

“The Arab public with all its diversity today makes up more than 20 percent of the general population and more than a quarter of children in first grade,” Rivlin pointed out.

“One may like it, one may fear it, but one cannot ignore it. This is a community, part and parcel of this land, for whom this land is their homeland.

Sadly, too few Israeli Jews are familiar with the Arab society, beyond assumptions of stereotype.  Therefore, there exists a significant gap, created over the years, between the two societies which live side by side, together – yet blind to one another.  Over this divide, this gap, we must build a bridge, step by step.  The mission to build a bridge, and a basis for a sense of cooperation between the Jewish and Arab communities, is for me a humanitarian, Jewish, Zionist, and national mission of the very highest priority,” he added. 

Rivlin pointed out that the project to integrate Israeli Arab workers into the private business sector could go a long way towards ending social gaps and perhaps some security issues as well. There would be no guarantees — but also every opportunity possible to succeed.

“The success of our journey may alter our long-term reality, yet its failure may lead to pain and distress,” he said. “We do not have the privilege to fail, nor to give up.  Good-will alone will not suffice. 

“One thing that I can assure you – as long as you stand by your commitment to this mission, I will be here with you and for you, and my door will always be open to you.  We are partners in this national mission which you have taken upon yourselves.  We are partners on this journey which is our duty to our children, for us all, each and every one of us.”
Among the companies that participated in the study that launched the project were The Strauss Group, Amdocs, Fattal, Check Point, Herzog-Fox-Ne’eman; Shikun&Binui; Teva Pharmaceuticals; HP; Migdal; Matrix and others. Ofra Strauss, chairwoman of the Strauss Group, Ilan Birnfeld, CEO of Deloitte, Shai Levy, CEO of Amdocs and Imad Telhami, CEO of Babcom were present at Sunday night’s meeting, along with a number of others as well.

Cleared for Publication: Another Israeli-Arab ISIS Recruit from Nazareth

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Another Israeli Arab from Nazareth has been arrested on suspicion of joining the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror organization.

It was cleared for publication today (Sunday, Feb. 1) that Mahran Yousef Hahkhmei Khalidi, age 20, was arrested three weeks ago in a joint operation by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency or ISA) and Israel Police.

Khalidi was not the first to join ISIS from Nazareth, however: attorney Adnan al Adin, self-proclaimed “chief of ISIS in Israel” also was a resident of Nazareth and a public defender for the city until last July. He was fired after posting alleged Qur’anic proclamations and Hadiths against Jews on Facebook, and arrested late last year with the ISIS cell that he led.

Khalidi was indicted today in Nazareth District Court on charges of membership and participation in a banned organization, contact with a foreign agent for the purpose of joining a terror group, taking part in paramilitary training, illegal travel abroad and conducting property transactions with terrorists.

Equally disturbing is the news that Khalidi met at least three other Israeli Arabs in the ISIS training camp where he learned his battle skills. Mohammad Saber Kanana, Marwan Mohammad Kilani and Hamza Magamza – the latter having been arrested on similar charges upon his return to Israel – all learned together with Khalidi in the Yafia ISIS training camp.

Magamza was one of the first young Israelis to join ISIS, but returned to Turkey within two weeks after leaving his hotel with three friends and soon was arrested by local police and returned to Israeli authorities. Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara, who chairs a group monitoring religious extremism, said the group of four appeared to have been “disappointed” with what they found at the ISIS camp, and thus dropped their plans.

Some don’t get the chance to reconsider. One of the youths who ran off to join the ISIS terror group last October ended up fighting in Iraq and never made it back home. Ahmad Habashi’s family, who live near Nazareth, was bewildered, not understanding why their 23-year-old who had everything to live for, had decided instead to throw his life away.

Likewise Alkian Othman a Negev Bedouin medical doctor, working as a resident at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, suddenly disappeared and ran off to join ISIS last May. Othman had earned his medical degree in Jordan, where apparently he had also been recruited to the terrorist organization as well. A resident of the southern Israeli Bedouin town of Hura, he was slated to begin work in the fall at Be’er Sheva’s Soroka Medical Center, but instead he donated his life to terror and died for jihad.

Khalidi, meanwhile, reached his destination in early October 2014, also via Turkey and an ISIS contact on Facebook, who guided him to the border with Syria and an ISIS escort. He spent three weeks undergoing rigorous physical fitness workouts and learned how to patrol and use weapons before he was placed in a permanent post with other “newbies.”

Khalida wanted to serve in a special ops unit. But ISIS sent him to guard a base in Fallujah, Iraq instead, where he was further trained in advanced weaponry and drafted to active combat. Allegedly the Israeli recruit took part in five battles in Fallujah; he was wounded in a US-led coalition air strike while planting roadside bombs to hold off advancing Shi’ite forces. Fellow terrorists took him to an ISIS-controlled hospital in Fallujah, and three weeks later he was permitted to return to Syria to visit with his family.

It’s not clear when, how or why Khalidi returned to Israel, but upon landing at Ben Gurion International Airport he was greeted by security personnel who immediately took him into custody. Upon his arrest he confessed that it was ISIS material online in the social networking sites he visited, and ISIS-produced videos that had caught his eye and influenced his decision to travel and join the group.

Syrian Forces Tortured Israeli Arab Who Tried to Join Jihadists

Monday, January 12th, 2015

The Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) lifted a gag order Monday on the arrest of an Arab with Israeli citizenship who was tortured by Syrian forces after they caught him last year trying to enlist with jihadists fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

The 20-year-old would-be terrorist was identified as Yousef Yaakub Nasrallah of Kalnsuwa, located east of Netanyahu. Security officials arrested him when he made his way back to Israel via Jordan.

Nasrallah’s father told Israel Radio that his son was in terrible shape emotionally as a result of the torture in Syria.

He travelled to Syria last April but enjoyed only several hours of the thrill of seeking out jihadist goons. Instead, pro-Syrian goons caught him and he was questioned, a euphemism for being tortured.

His captors forced him to tell them anything he knew about Israel and security locations.

The Shin Bet noted the growing trend of Arabs with Israeli citizenship travelling to Syria to join global jihad.


Is Jewish Home Big Enough to Accept Muslim Candidate for Knesset?

Monday, December 15th, 2014

An Israeli Arab from Akko (Acre) and who now lives on a kibbutz is campaigning to be a Jewish Home Knesset Member candidate because she “agrees with everything“ the party stands for.

“I support settlers. They are the true Jews,” Annette Khasikya said in an interview with Israel Radio Monday. She supports the concept of ”Greater Israel,” meaning all of Judea and Samaria as part of Israel, and dismisses the Oslo Accords and the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif in 2005 as tragic mistakes that “invited terror.”

She also thinks that the Jewish Home party is the only one that will care for the “rights of Arabs and not those who want to harm the State of Israel.”

To top it off, her three children, including a daughter, are or were soldiers. One son was decorated for his fighting in the Protective Edge campaign against Hamas in Gaza last summer, and the other son is a Golani combat soldier.

A Muslim in the Jewish Home party sounds like a contradiction in terms, but the party’s title expresses the idea of all of Israel being a home for the Jewish People. It does not mean it is a party for Jews, just as the Torah specifically provides for “resident aliens,” known in Hebrew as “Ger Toshav,” and not to be confused with the “Righteous Gentile (Ger Tzedek).”

The Torah specifically states that non-Jews – there were no Muslims or Palestinians at the time, no matter how much the Palestinian Authority tries to proclaim Jesus as one of theirs – are to be respected and given rights in Israel if they keep up their part of the deal as resident aliens.

The must surrender idol worship, observe the Seven Commandments of the children of Noah, testify as such before a rabbinic court and not be circumcised, which could be a problem for most Muslim men.

The concept of a “resident alien” is rooted in the Torah, but there is a difference of opinion –  did you expect otherwise? – if it is applicable today.

That does not get the Jewish Home party off the hook.

Here is a woman, a former Likud party supporter, who is proud to be a Zionist and is not afraid to say so.

“The Jewish Home party is not extremist,” she says. “It is very Zionist; it loves the country and wants to preserve the country.”

She complains that she suffers from the stigma of Arabs being anti-Zionists and terrorists to the point that Jews do not want to rent a home to her daughter, but Khasikya rejects the idea of joining a left-wing or Arab party.

“I don’t need the left or the Arab Knesset Members,” she declared. “If they would represent me, I would not have to stand up today and declare I am a Muslim, a Zionist and that I love the country.

“Arab Knesset Members represent a different people. The left presents itself as if they worry about Arabs. None of them worry about Arabs; I worry about Arabs. I know what we need.”

Her agenda includes setting up a “Gadna” pre-army unit for Arab youth “so they can discover love for the country, the IDF and their Israeli identity.”

Khasikya may sound like a nut case, but her views actually are consistent not only with the Torah concept but also with the doctrine of the Druze, whose motto is to be faithful to the country in which they live. She represents the ideal non-Jewish Israeli citizen.

The first thought that might come to mind when speaking of an Arab MK is Hanin Zoabi, the fiery anti-Zionist who supports Hamas and was on the Mavi Mamara boat sponsored by IHH terrorists who tried to break the maritime embargo on Hamas-controlled Gaza four years ago.

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