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January 20, 2017 / 22 Tevet, 5777

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Hunting Down a Terrorist in Haifa, City of Unity

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

It’s not easy to hunt down a terrorist in a place that’s known for its inclusive nature, its mixed neighborhoods and for the diverse population that has transformed the port city into a unique cultural capital.

But on Wednesday morning,social media chat boards were busy with members posting pleas to a nameless murderer in their midst to “turn yourself in, you’re turning our lives into hell on earth.” By Thursday, the posts were exchanging funeral information.

Guy Kafri, 48, was one of two people shot on Tuesday in a murder that went largely unreported for two days due to a gag order by police. They were reportedly trying to figure out whether the crime was one of passion, nationalism or due to an underworld dispute.

It has now become clear that the victims were attacked by a terrorist.

The second man who was shot, a rabbi on the Haifa conversion court, was seriously wounded in the attack, but has survived.

Kafri was laid to rest Thursday in Moshav Ofer. “No one had a bad word to say about him,” his brother-in-law, Shachar Dror, told the Hebrew-language Ynet site. A driver who transported disabled children, this was a victim who seems to have had no enemies.

“All the evidence points to the fact that Guy was murdered because he was Jewish,” Dror said.

Haifa residents have called on security personnel to release the name and photo of the suspect for whom they are searching – and whose identifying information is still protected by a gag order.

Hana Levi Julian

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Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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Moroccan King Restores Jewish Names of Marrakech Ghetto

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

The original names of the historic Jewish quarter of Marrakech, the famed Mellah (Arabic and Hebrew for salt), are being restored under the instructions of Moroccan King Mohammed VI, Maghreb Arabe Presse reported this week.

Morocco’s Interior Ministry announced that, following the King’s recent visit to the neighborhood which is currently known as the Essalam district, it will be renamed El Mellah. The original Jewish names of the area’s streets and squares will also be restored.

According to the Ministry’s statement, the “royal instructions emanate from the concern of the Sovereign […] to safeguard the civilized heritage of the Kingdom as well as the cultural heritage of all the components of Moroccan society.”

The royal intervention came in response to a request by the president of Marrakech Jewish community. There are an estimated few hundred Jews still living in El Mellah, situated in the city’s kasbah, east of Place des Ferblantiers. The Mellah was segregated for Jewish dwelling in 1558 by the Saadi dynasty which ruled Morocco from 1549 to 1659. The Mellah was established at the site of the sultan’s stables.

The Mellah ghetto kept its Jewish inhabitants separate from their Muslim neighbors by high surrounding walls.

According to the Huffington Post Arabic edition, the majority of the Muslims of Marrakech are pleased with the restoration, which they said would reawaken the history of their quarter – and possibly encourage Jewish travelers to stop by.

The Jewish cemetery outside the Mellah / Photo credit: Oliver Laumann

The Jewish cemetery outside the Mellah / Photo credit: Oliver Laumann

The Alzama Synagogue, built around a central courtyard, is located in the Mellah, as does the Jewish cemetery, the largest of its kind in Morocco. Characterized by white-washed tombs and sandy graves, the cemetery is located on land adjacent to the Mellah.


Haim Saban ‘Deeply Disturbed’ by US Abstention at UNSC, and Kerry’s ‘One-Sided Speech’

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Israeli American Jewish billionaire Haim Saban, has come out and publicly, intensely criticized last month’s American abstention at the United Nations Security Council, along with the “one sided speech” by Secretary of State John Kerry that followed.

Saban is known for being a superdonor to the Democratic Party for decades and founder of the Brooking Institution’s annual Saban Forum, which each year draws the mega stars of international leadership, politics and diplomacy to its panels.

The Egyptian-born Democrat gave more than $12.5 million to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. But this week he warned the Obama administration to veto any further “biased UNSC resolutions that may be introduced” in Paris later this month.

Saban, who owns Univision, has been – if not the highest, then certainly one of the highest – individual donors to the Democratic Party in history, funding construction of the Democratic National Committee headquarters building in Washington DC to the tune of a $7 million personal contribution together with his wife Sheryl. The couple is known for their philanthropy to the Jewish State, and for having established the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC, a public policy organization.

“As a longstanding Democrat who has supported and defended President Obama on his treatment of Israel throughout his presidency, I am deeply disturbed by the Administration’s decision not to veto UN Security Council Resolution 2334 and Secretary Kerry’s subsequent one sided speech. These actions undermine our country’s long-standing support for Israel and harm any long-term prospects for peace, which is in our national interest. Further, I urge the Obama Administration to stay true to our decades old policy by vetoing any additional biased UNSC resolutions that may be introduced at the Paris summit later this month, and refrain from issuing any other policy statements that would only make things worse. “Fostering the conditions for peace, security, and prosperity for both Israelis and Palestinians is a core American interest. In the months and years ahead, it is essential that the US — in its role as the only superpower today — take the necessary steps to maintain its credibility as an intermediary between the parties and work to advance a sustainable two-state solution, in which a Jewish, democratic State of Israel lives in peace and security alongside its neighbors or, until the conditions are ripe for peace, promote a separation between the two peoples.”

Hana Levi Julian

Happy Birthday! Israel News Talk Radio Celebrates Its First-Year Anniversary

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

It’s been a long year with some tweaks and upgrades, but in spite of countless dark predictions, Israel’s top English-language news talk radio station has managed to survive its trial by fire.

On Tuesday, Israel News Talk Radio officially celebrated its one-year anniversary.

No slogan was ever more accurate than “Straight talk from Israel,” as it says on the logo. Depending on the show, sometimes it can even be biting.

“We’re the only English-language radio station broadcasting live out of Israel,” says owner and general manager Tamar Yonah. “One of the great things about that is that it gives you local and international news in one place, so you always know what is going on. Our news team broadcasts the local news, and because we’re a Fox News Radio affiliate, we also deliver international news as well.”

Yonah made the decision to launch Israel News Talk Radio after more than 15 years as a radio talk show host, news anchor and program director at Arutz Sheva’s Israel National Radio. Before that, she worked at RadioWest, a terrestrial station was broadcasting out of Jerusalem.

In the year since the station launched, Yonah says its audience has grown exponentially, reaching listeners on every continent sans Antarctica. The station even has listeners from some of the Arab states, and the Palestinian Authority.

“INTR is accessible worldwide via the internet,” she explains, and is listed in the Media section of JewishPress.com but the station is also carried by iTunes and Tune-In radio, so we get picked up a lot by people who are in their cars or scanning for new stations on their smart phones. We’re also being carried now by other broadcasters in Toronto and in Australia,” she says, adding that JewishPress.com partnership has also brought homepage features and weekly promotions for the shows.

As much as half of the listening audience may not be Jewish, Yonah says; in fact, she’s had callers in to the live programs from Jordan, and emails from other Muslim countries.

People in Israel who miss “talk radio” in English, and international listeners curious about what’s happening in the Jewish State are the biggest beneficiaries, she says, “especially because they don’t have to pay a service fee or network subscription like they would if they were using a fee-for-service mobile network in the U.S., for instance.

“We have really unique, and some of the most talented show hosts in Israel delivering news and commentary, while allowing people to call in “live” and become part of the show.

“Programs include mostly news and politics, but there are also shows on Judaism, Torah, and spirituality — we even have a ‘good news’ show,” she adds.

“It’s our job to create a place for listeners to hear accurate news from Israel in English while also giving them a chance to hear from everyday people on the ground just sharing their lives, experiences, and opinions — these are things they wouldn’t hear from main-stream foreign stations.”

Jewish Press News Briefs

How Obama Cracked Jewish Solidarity

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

{Originally posted to the Israel Thrives website}

Fifty years from now Barack Obama will be known to most Americans as, quite simply, the first African-American president of the United States. Aside from this he will have precious little to distinguish himself other than in the notable electoral deterioration of the Democratic Party under his tenure.

While future historians may join Alan Dershowitz in considering him among the worst foreign policy presidents in U.S. history, he will probably hold a very special place in the hearts of Jewish people throughout the world. This is true because he will likely be known as the American president who, whatever his honest intentions, did more than any to divide the Jewish people from one another and from the Jewish state.

The genius in this bit of Jewish slicing-and-dicing is in its multifaceted aspect.

Obama did not merely rub poison into the cleavage between progressive-left Jews and the rest of us. Nor did he merely drive a wedge between American Jews and Israeli Jews. He even managed, much to my astonishment, to help divide pro-Democratic Party Jews among themselves and between themselves and, increasingly, the party as a whole.

Now that is quite an accomplishment.

Let’s briefly go through it.

Dividing American Jews from One Another

Barack Obama can hardly be blamed for creating Jewish divisions over Israel, as Edward Alexander and Paul Bogdanor would readily agree. Nonetheless, it must be understood that while Obama may appreciate certain Jews as individuals he has never been friendly or sympathetic to the Jewish people as a whole… or so we can reasonably deduce from his posture toward the Jewish state.

On the contrary, along with figures like Mahmoud Abbas, Louis Farrakhan, George Galloway, Rashid Khalidi, Jeremy Corbyn, and Keith Ellison, Obama regards Israel as a rogue state imposing itself upon the “indigenous” Palestinian-Arab population. The Jewish people who live there are considered by their very presence, an impediment to peace.

Among the various ways that Obama’s influence, therefore, served to crack Jewish solidarity, the first was in hammering the wedge between progressive-left Jewish Democrats, who generally show greater sympathy toward his views on Israel, and the rest of us who do not.

By insisting that Jews in Israel should be allowed to live in some places, like Tel Aviv, but not in others, like Hebron, the Obama administration animated a confrontation within American Jewry. Those loyal to the Democratic Party, like Peter Beinart, agree that the Jewish presence in Judea represents an appropriation of land that rightly belongs to Arabs and is, therefore, an obstacle toward resolving the conflict.Liberal democrats may not agree on much, but they definitely agree on that. Others, like Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), believe (along with me) that Jewish people have every right to build housing on the lands of our ancestry. Furthermore, in a recent piece for the Jerusalem Post Isi Liebler acknowledged Klein as the ONLY American Jewish leader of national consequence to be consistently critical of Obama’s transparent flaws and who, he says, “has been more than vindicated” in his views.

I couldn’t agree more.

Given the existential nature of the long Arab aggression against the Jews in the Middle East, Obama’s hostility toward Jews who live in the wrong place set Jew upon Jew in a manner that grew increasingly acrimonious throughout the period of his tenure. By supporting J-Street while devaluing AIPAC, Obama agitated this split. He also put his sincerest American-Jewish friends on the defensive before those of us who believe in Jewish property rights in Judea and Samaria. Obama thereby forced his Jewish devotees into the position of justifying an unjustly racist stance toward the Jews of Israel.
Dividing American Jews from Israeli Jews

If Obama encouraged political divisions within the American Jewish community he also encouraged political divisions between American Jews and Israeli Jews. Because Israeli Jews understood how Obama’s policies encouraged Palestinian-Arab violence and intransigence on the so-called “peace process,” the vast majority of Israeli Jews quickly learned to distrust the man. Jewish Democrats who wished to maintain their progressive bona fides were thereby leaned into ideological tensions with friends and relatives in Israel.

In order to maintain good-standing with their fellow Democrats, Jews who care about Israel were put into an exceedingly uncomfortable position. They could support Obama or they could support Jewish rights to property on ancestral Jewish land, but they could not do both. And, again, Obama did not create this dilemma, he simply forced the issue. Obama used the two-state solution as a reason for opposing Jews like our friends Joseph and Melody Hartuv who live in Hebron and thereby allegedly stand as an obstacle to peace. He was not even the first president of the United States to do so, but he was certainly the most insistent.

Hebron, of course, is the site of the Cave of the Patriarchs. This is a place that, with a little encouragement from Obama, the United Nations decided belongs to Arabs. Through the unjust, if not racist, insistence that the “settlers” represent an obstacle to peace by their mere presence, Obama encouraged his American Jewish supporters to join him in condemning their fellow Jews. He managed this while still maintaining a pro-Israel face to his Jewish followers. Furthermore, by playing along with the erasure of Jewish history on the ancestral lands of the Jewish people, Obama also encouraged the dilution of American-Jewish support for that country and those people.


Dividing American Jews within the Democratic Party


I have considerable sympathy for Jewish Democrats.

Many in their own party hold them in contempt for defending Israel, while much of the rest of the American Jewish population casts a gimlet eye upon their never-ending pro-Obama apologetics and sycophancy. These are Jews who, from political and ideological standpoints, are getting smacked around by all sides and finding it increasingly difficult to walk the “progressive Zionist” tightrope. Divisions thereby emerged between the true Obama devotees and those going wobbly watching Obama’s year-in-and-year-out hostility toward Israel.

In this way, within the Democratic Party, there are good Jews and bad Jews.

Good Jewish Democrats support Barack Obama while bad Jewish Democrats question the wisdom of breathing life into the corpse of Oslo. Good Jewish Democrats believe that if only Netanyahu had pushed Yosef and Melody out of their home in Hebron then peace could be achieved through the offices of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. Bad Jewish Democrats tend to doubt this. They understand that Palestinian-Arabs have no desire to create a state for themselves in peace with Israel. Indeed, why should Palestinian-Arabs hope for a conclusion of hostilities via a negotiated two-state settlement when Obama and the UN want to give them a state on Jewish land in a manner that maintains those hostilities?

Whatever happens going forward, however, the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel are, and will continue to be, one.

Michael Lumish

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