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One Wounded in Gush Etzion Stoning

8 Iyyar 5777 – May 4, 2017
The attack happened, once again, on the Husan bypass road.

Anti-Semitic Brooklyn Teens Attack Jewish Driver in Midwood

24 Sivan 5776 – June 30, 2016
Two teens in Brooklyn yelled slurs against Jews. One threw a rock at a Jewish driver, breaking the car window.

Rock Throwing Near Efrat

23 Sivan 5776 – June 28, 2016
One car was damaged from the stone..

Massive Stone Throwing Near Ofra

9 Iyyar 5776 – May 16, 2016
No one has been injured, but cars and buses have been damaged.

Update: Kiryat Arba and Police at Odds on Who Threw Rocks at Jews

1 Tevet 5776 – December 13, 2015
The child was lightly injured. Kiryat Arba official says police lied that Jews threw rocks,. Police: The boys testified on identify of the rock-throwers.

Masked Jerusalem Arabs Attack Police with Rocks

6 Kislev 5776 – November 18, 2015
Arabs from the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukahber bombarded Border Police with rocks in the adjacent Armon HaNatziv neighbor Wednesday morning. Police forced the...

Yehuda Glick Attacked 1 Year, 1 Hour, 1 Minute after Murder Attempt

17 Heshvan 5776 – October 30, 2015
The windows of the Temple Mount activist's car were smashed on "Rock-Throwing Lane," also known as Highway 60.

Jewish Press Guide for Drivers Faced with Arab Rock-Throwers

13 Heshvan 5776 – October 25, 2015
Don’t panic. Don’t stop your car. Don’t shoot. And most importantly, don’t give the enemy a victory by staying off the roads.

Palestinian Authority and Fatah at Odds on How to Kill Jews

10 Heshvan 5776 – October 22, 2015
The Abbas regime promotes hurling rocks to murder Jewish motorists, while his Fatah party prefers knives.

Arab Rock-Throwing Attacks in Judea and Samaria

1 Heshvan 5776 – October 14, 2015
Wednesday was relatively quiet, but everything is relative. On a "normal" day, today's rock-throwing attacks would be headlined.

Arab Rock-Throwers Injure Baby

24 Tishri 5776 – October 7, 2015
Violence continues throughout Judea and Samaria, and one Jewish motorist was injured by rocks after he stopped his car because of an accident.

Massive Rock-Throwing Attacks South of Gush Etzion

21 Tishri 5776 – October 4, 2015
Palestinian Authority Arabs hurled rocks at dozens of vehicles Sunday morning on Highway 60 south of Gush Etzion, causing damage to several cars but...

Attempted Murder on Road to Jerusalem

8 Tishri 5776 – September 20, 2015
Arab Palestinian tweets disappointment Israeli mother and infant weren't killed by rock attack.

Netanyahu May Allow Soldiers to Shoot at Terrorists

19 Elul 5775 – September 2, 2015
Another rash of life-threatening firebombing and rock-throwing attacks has prompted Israel to think twice about abandoning soldiers and civilians as sitting ducks.

Jerusalem Arabs Attack Jerusalem Light Rail with Rocks

17 Elul 5775 – August 31, 2015
Jerusalem Arabs on Monday returned to their masochistic hobby of throwing rocks at the Jerusalem Light Rail trains that passes though the Arab Shuafat...

Rock-Throwing Resumes on Highway 443 to Jerusalem

11 Elul 5775 – August 26, 2015
Palestinian Authority rock-throwing terrorists returned to action Wednesday morning and threw stone and rocks at passing Israeli cars on Highway 443, which connects Jerusalem...

Jerusalem Arabs Attack Bus Passengers near Gilo

1 Av 5775 – July 17, 2015
Jerusalem Arabs celebrated Ramadan Thursday night by pelting an Egged passenger bus with rocks. No injuries were reported after the rock-throwing assault on the No....

Dozens of Jerusalem Arabs Attack Police with Rocks

26 Tammuz 5775 – July 12, 2015
Police seriously injured one of the rioters with a "sponge" bullet.

Palestinian Authority Arabs Hurl Firebomb at Jews at Yosef’s Tomb

1 Tammuz 5775 – June 18, 2015
The foreign and local media are telling the world that a few lunatic Jews tried to burn a church but are silent on wholesale Palestinian Authority hate.

IDF to Question Soldiers Caught on Film Hitting Arab Provocateur [video]

27 Sivan 5775 – June 13, 2015
Soldiers allege that the Arab tried to snatch a rifle and hit them, but the Arab media footage, as usual, is damaging regardless of the truth.

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