Civilian Flyover Honors MDA, the IDF, Medical Staff

The planes flew over Poriah, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Hillel Yaffe and Laniado hospitals, and later over the beaches of Herzliya, Tel Aviv and Ashdod.

First Israeli Hi-Tech Delegation Takes Off for the Emirates

“This is not just a business opportunity, but a political opportunity for a new page between the Israeli hi-tech community and the entire Middle East."

Israeli Government to Mandate 30% of Energy be Renewable by 2030

The government has been criticized harshly recently by the State Comptroller for failing to properly advance targets in the field of renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Chomsky, Waters, Demand Banning Canadian Jewish Schools’ Salute to IDF Events, Calling Them ‘Recruitment’

The authors of the open letter also launched a formal legal complaint with the Justice Minister, since it's a crime in Canada to recruit anyone for a foreign military.

Why Donald Trump Should Be Reelected

That the mainstream media last week largely sat on – and sometimes tried to actively squelch – the explosive story of e-mails indicating that Joe Biden used his position as vice president to advance his son’s business interests in Ukraine suggests what’s at stake.

Endorsements For The November 3 Elections

Endorsements For The November 3 Elections

Health Ministry: Children’s COVID-19 Morbidity in Israel Higher than Adults’

In only four or five days the morbidity in Israel will go down to one thousand diagnosed new patients per day.

Israeli Company Signs Deal to Transport Oil from UAE to Europe via Eilat-Ashkelon

The EAPC-MED-RED plan, which will include other countries as well, is to avoid crossing the Suez Canal and save time for Asia buyers.

Indiana Police Terminates Neo-Nazi Officer

Chief Patrick Flannelly of the Lafayette, Indiana, Police Dept. told the Journal&Courier that missing Zacharek's neo-Nazi posts "was a gut punch."

Finance Minister Disallows Fast Internet for Judea & Samaria to Spite Communications Minister

Meanwhile, if you're reading this on your computer screen in, say, Efrat, in Gush Etzion, it's probably done downloading by now…

Free: NYU Online International Conference on Recent Studies of Ancient Israel

The online conference, titled "The Land that I Will Show You," will run Sunday, October 25, through Wednesday, October 28.

Medical Team Quarantined after Saving Girl Who Later Tested Positive for Corona

"We saved a life that day, and I would do it again in a heartbeat, even knowing the risk.”

Rebbetzin Malka Piotrkowski: We should Reexamine Prohibition of Touching During Nida

"When giving birth, the touch is a mixture of affection and support, when halachically the woman is Nida."

Ex-Haredi Volunteer EMT Helping Corona Patients with Love and Kindness

With his vibrant purple hair and multiple piercings, Dvir does not look like a guy who grew up in a Haredi home, but he did, in Jerusalem.

Canadian Federal Court Lets Samaria Wineries Have a Say on Marketing as ‘Made in...

The judge invited the wineries to be added as a full party to the proceedings – for the first time since the beginning of the brouhaha in 2017.

First-Temple 2-Shekel Weight Unearthed Near the Western Wall in Jerusalem

The weight, corresponding to the known measurement unit of two shekalim, was retrieved during the sifting of earthen fills by the City of David sifting project.

Exclusive: Reason for Ron Lauder’s Visit to Palestinian Authority Revealed

Lauder was allegedly sent on Trump's behalf, after learning that Joe Biden is opening lines of communications with Abbas.

Committee Chair Haimovich Who Joined Violent Protests Runs Debate on Proper Police Protocol

"The Likud must demand the dismissal of MK Haimovich from her position as chairman of the Interior Committee immediately," MK Karhi demanded.

Brooklyn Diocese Loses Lawsuit over Corona Restrictions Blamed on Chasidim

On Thursday, a federal judge rejected Agudath Israel's petition and upheld the governor's decision to shut down Jewish houses of worship.

New Live Camera Captures Pelicans in Israel’s Lake Hula En Route to Africa

At the beginning of the migration season, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority installed live cameras in the Hula Nature Reserve north of Lake Kinneret.

12% Haredim, 16% Arabs Among Corona Fatalities in Israel

Morbidity trends in children in recent days are on an increase, especially in adolescents ages 12 to 17 in all the sectors.

Athens’ Jewish Cemetery Desecrated with Neo-Nazi Slogans

The Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas, Education Minister Niki Kerameus, and Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias condemned the anti-Semitic crime.

Kotel Rabbi Asks for Trump’s Recovery on Day of Priestly Blessing

The event was attended by the Chief Rabbis Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef and Rabbi David Lau, Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, and US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

Scientific Journal Rejects Research by Israeli Chemist Because She Works for Ariel University

The Molecules editors contacted Prof. Levin and asked her to delete the name "Israel" from her address, after "Ariel."

Ancient Copper Smelting Workshop Unearthed in Be’er Sheva

The copper vessels that were produced were not useful but had a symbolic significance.

Ari Fuld on Sukkot: The Symbolism of Sukkot and its Lesson for Modern Times

On Sukkot we are told to be joyful, but why should we be more joyful on Sukkot than any other holiday, and what is the message for us today?


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