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The Palestinian Christians Defending Hamas

There is at least one person, however, who has not gotten the memo about Hamas. It’s Rev. Alex Awad, a Palestinian Christian who resides in America and is a US citizen.

Havrelock Insists on Diaspora Rules for Sovereign Jews

These so-called peace activists can’t even bring themselves to rejoice when Arab and Muslims leaders in the Middle East come to their senses and establish normal diplomatic relations with Israel.

Interfaith Dialogue Necessary, But Risky

I understood that what I saw was a gambit to get people onside with blasphemy laws that would protect Muslim sensibilities at the expense of free speech in the United States

The World Council of Churches Must Come Clean About Support for BDS

In addition to declaring the Israeli presence in the West Bank a “sin against God and humanity” (without offering one word of condemnation of Palestinian terrorism, incitement, or pay-to-slay policies), the Kairos Palestine document promotes — you guessed it — BDS.

On the Rhodes to Antisemitism?

"...and by the way, there was a Jewishness to it … we had bagels.” BAGELS!!

Christian Century Still Keeping its Eye on Those Sovereign Jews in the Holy Land 

Those Sovereign Jews (TSJs for short) simply can’t catch a break in the pages of Christian Century, while the Poor Poor Palestinians (PPPs) get a pass. 

Time to Break the Code of Silence About “‘Til Kingdom Come”

’Til Kingdom Come,” which was a nasty and dishonest hit job on Evangelical Protestants in the United States who support Israel.


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