Mossad Trained Spy Dolphins, Oh My – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt talk about Israeli trained dolphins spying on Hamas, Gaza's version of Fauda (playing a Jew can be dangerous in Gaza) and the Texas synagogue standoff.

Happy Purim, Lighten Up style – Lighten Up! [audio]

On this special Purim Edition, Steven and Matt talk about their favorite holiday and relate in to modern times. Sort of. They also discuss the "Jewish plot to degrade white men", how climate change is racist, and the US director of Amnesty International doesn't think Israel should be a Jewish State.

The Summer Time Blues – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt talk about summer break, and how great it is to have our kids home. How great is your faith in the almighty? Probably not as good as this woman's. Also, the Iran follies continue. They claim to have gotten a big Mossad agent, but they're full of hot air. Something about their story stinks!. And Lighten Up as sleep therapy?

Biden Goes to Israel – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt review President Biden's trip to Israel and the Middle East. Gaffes galore! Jill Biden's fascination with breakfast tacos, a newly discovered self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh. And Snoop Dog pays homage to Joe Biden. All this, and more, on tis weeks Lighten Up

Waking Up Dead! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Steven and Roya talk about the Black National Anthem, living in the Golden Girls community & much much more

Chanukah Omicron Edition – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steve and Matt discuss Biden's Chanukah message (no Joe, it's not an American story), The Israeli Pork Industry, Lucky Jew dolls in Poland, and stupid celebrity Seth Rogan out dumbs himself.

Misadventures in Dating – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt explore misadventures in dating, scams and crazy dating ads. The Jewish Federation group

Kanye 2024!!! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Matt Zucker returns to Guest Host on Lighten Up! We close out Hannukah and list the 10 craziest Florida man headlines for 2022.

Florida Man! – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt discuss the newest Ami Horowitz video, Hitler's Watch sells for 1.1 million dollars, another bible movie review, and Florida Man. What is up with the Sunshine State?

Composting and Slurpees!! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Roya and Steven discuss being buried with food and Racist stoves! And much much more on Lighten Up

Soul Caps and Yid Lids – Lighten Up! [audio]

On this week's Lighten Up Steven and Matt laugh at crazy leftists, the difficulty with Jewish stand-up, Dr. Ruth puts the moves on Bill Clinton, more Get drama, and of course, Florida Man and Schadenfreude. All this and more on Lighten Up!

The Alluring Power of the K’nish – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt discuss how woke corporatism ruins anything fun, using the promise of a k'nish to lure a love interest, what's with the Jewish taboo of pork, and the Taliban goes to Norway to learn about human rights and girl's education. I'm sure their sincere. This and much more on this weeks episode.

No Side Salad for You!!! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Roya and Steven talk about the dumbest story ever, Angry School Board members & George Santos dream of becoming Ms Gay Rio Dijenero. And much much more on Lighten Up

I Married a Ferris Wheel – Lighten Up! [audio]

Tamar Yonah joins Steve as a co host due to technical difficulties with Matt. Where we discussed marrying inadament objects, Dating Leftists, and another Segment of Quotes from Kamala!!

Can People Really Be That Dumb? – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steve and Matt talk about the family who tried to bring the craziest souvenir back from Israel. Hint: They weren't allowed to take it with them. Also, adventures in Jewish scouting, the Jordanian Mrs. Doubtfire and is there really a Jewish connection to weed?

The End of Covid Has Come – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week on Lighten Up Steve and Matt discuss their take on the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin cures Covid, pathetic corporate wokeness, and another mask incident. When will that insanity end?

News to Amuse – Lighten Up! [audio]

Well, the reviews are in and Lighten Up is a hit. With everyone except Steven's mother. This week Steve and Matt offer their take on news from Israels recent Gaza bombing (not what you think), Covid Craziness, a German man forced to sell his working WW2 Panzer tanks and Anti Aircraft guns, and much more. Don't miss out on the fun

The Hannukah Show: Lighten Up Style!! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Lenny visits the show again and they discuss Hannukah and Rainman the Anti Semite !

Food Insecurity – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt recap their Rosh Hashanahs, plus Joe Biden's Rosh Hashanah party. Where he told the Jews he probably went to synagogue more than they ever did. Seriously. Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Auschwitz and causes a stir with his guest book inscription. An executive at Beyond Meat chows down on some guys nose, during a fight, and of course, Florida Man.

Alexa! What are my notifications – Lighten Up! [audio]

Steven Explains to Roya the adventures of living with an 80 year old woman ( aka Steve's mom) and much more on this week's Lighten Up on Israel News Talk Radio

Quiet Quitting – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt discuss the Queen's funeral and the King's ascension - and his circumcision. Smoke salmon is off the menu at a progressive, virtue signaling NY synagogue, non-binary racers, and of course, Florida Man. All this and more, on this week's Lighten Up.

Matt Quits – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt return to the airwaves after visiting each other's countries and take on the world of Jew hatred and how not to handle it.

Post Passover Program – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt share Passover stories and offer up more Bible movie reviews. Plus, they discuss the death of mask mandates, trans-women (AKA biological men) competing in full contact, women's sports, and it's Barbara Streisand's Birthday.

50th Episode Extravaganza! – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steve and Matt celebrate 50 episodes and take a trip down memory lane. Also, Hitler wine is a hit with German tourists in Italy, the WHO is renaming Monkey Pox and wants your input, and a family who buried their cat and get a big surprise when the pet walks in the door. All this and more, one this week's Lighten Up

Tough Jews! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Lighten Up welcomes special guest host Aaron Hadida !! Aaron and Steve discuss everything from Kanye to A beauty pageant for Camels!

Gay Weed, Evangelical Rabbis, Alaskan Jews, Cis Gender what? – Lighten Up! [audio]

Another fast hour, with too much material and not enough time. This week Steve and Matt take on a college professor who claims Jewish pot is making black men gay, Kamala Harris should not give up her day job, Evangelical Rabbis, coming soon History of the World Part 2, and LETS GO BRANDON must be banned!

New Years Special Edition – Lighten Up! [audio]

Merry New Year! This week Steven and Matt recap 2021, one of the worst years ever. Bette White passes away, winner of anti Semite of the year is announced, Flurona is here, and shmita violations cause havoc in Brooklyn. That and much more.

Press Meets the Real Palestinian Authority- Lighten Up! [audio]

Join Matt and guest hostess, Tamar Yonah as they try hard to lighten up, after a not so funny week.

I LOVE MY PAIN!!! – Lighten Up! [audio]

Steven shares his personal pain and trauma with Roya and uses humor to get through it! Oh and funny stories too

Lunch with Hitler – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steven and Matt explore why female terrorists don't get 72 studs, free crack pipes for racial equity, and lunch with Hitler.


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