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The Golden Opportunity

17 Nisan 5774 – April 17, 2014
Freeing convicted murderers returns the status of Jewish existence to something less than sanctified.

Smile, Ehud – You’re Convicted!

“The bigger they are the harder they fall” describes what God had in mind for Olmert.

Quick Takes: News You May Have Missed

15 Nisan 5774 – April 14, 2014

Pollard Again

12 Nisan 5774 – April 11, 2014
Spies who caused American deaths and worked for enemy states received lighter sentences than Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard: An Israeli Hero

11 Nisan 5774 – April 10, 2014
What won’t we do for the privilege of chatting with Mahmoud Abbas for another half year?

The Slave Mentality’s Long Shadow

10 Nisan 5774 – April 9, 2014
Despite the exodus thousands of years ago and our break from the ghettos hundreds of years ago, the slave mentality follows us like a long shadow.

The Problem Of Peace

4 Nisan 5774 – April 3, 2014
The cleansing of Europe of its non-Muslim population will be accomplished in another two or three generations.

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25 Adar II 5774 – March 26, 2014

Quick Takes: News You May Have Missed

18 Adar II 5774 – March 19, 2014

Aliyah, The Musical

11 Adar II 5774 – March 13, 2014
The Drama Mamas are not an ordinary theater troupe. “When we audition actresses,” says Elisheva, who also serves as the show’s director, “we like to explain to them that the main qualification is that you can honestly say, I have never been on a stage before, but I have always wanted to be an actress!”

An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

Under the plan, a person who was not a citizen of either the Jewish or Arab state was to be appointed governor to administer Jerusalem and to conduct external affairs...

Despair, Hope And Explosives

The haredim are not afraid of connecting Israeli nationalism to its faith. Just the opposite. They are afraid to connect the Jewish faith to the Israeli nationalism reawakening in Israel.

Traitors In Our Midst

While Brooklyn College is famed for its plethora of Jewish professors and students, it is not a Jewish institution. The 92nd Street Y is. According to its own mission and history statement, it’s “a proudly Jewish institution since its inception.”

Quick Takes: News You May Have Missed

11 Adar II 5774 – March 12, 2014

Is Europe Lost to Israel?

9 Adar II 5774 – March 11, 2014
The answer is an emphatic no.

Is the Temple Mount in our Hands?

5 Adar II 5774 – March 6, 2014
If the nationalist Knesset members don’t provide the answer, the Arab MKs will do so in their place.

Quick Takes: News You May Have Missed

4 Adar II 5774 – March 5, 2014

Anti-Israel Speakers and Jewish Self-Hatred

2 Adar II 5774 – March 4, 2014
The gradual trickle of self-hatred into the Jewish soul is evidencing itself in the American Jewish public.

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