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Hamas is Not Alone

There are also 4,000 or so members of smaller well-armed Gazan terror groups, not just Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The Holocaust and Jewish Morality: The Views of a Survivor

The question of Jewish identity, for example, has been greatly affected by the legacy of the Holocaust.

‘A Road Never Traveled, Leading Nowhere’

If a child is seldom required to yield his desires and needs to those of others, surely doing so as an adult will not come naturally to him.

Tradition And Technology: E-learning In Jewish Day Schools

Day schools can have boys and girls participate in the same online class but they don't meet or interact in "real time."

Jews In Space

Jews so hostile to their own people they’ve spun out into the orbit of rabid anti-Israeli and pro-Islamic radicalism.

Breaking The Fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd Chain

Rav Pam said we must realize that God has no pleasure from such negative speech.

Talmudic Journalism

Since Torah is the great equalizer, the great reconciler of divergent but valid opinions, this is also the place where common ground is reached.

Mass Shofar Blast Against Anti-Israel Enabling on April 29

Some American Jews feel their community has been hijacked from within by groups waging war against Israel seemingly in the name of the Jewish people.

Islam’s Tenuous Connection to Jerusalem

Jerusalem only seems important in the Islamic world when non-Muslims control or capture the city.

Jordanian Blame Game On Temple Mount Hints Future Trouble

Jordan's king is adding fuel to the fire on the Temple Mount, blaming Israel for violence by Muslim Arab rioters.

Brandeis’s Dishonor Diaries

At Brandeis, much of what counts as Western civilization got cold feet and won’t stand with Hirsi Ali.

Ukraine and the Question of Jewish Identity

But the lesson from this meditation is that hidden behind the anti-semitic act is the greatest light.

Would HaLevi have Turned in Rushdie? Or Banished Spinoza?

As support of their messianic dream, Halevi and Antepli approve dishonoring Hirsi Ali as a 'renegade.'

Throwing Stones of Love

When we are united with unconditional love, no stone will be raised against us by our enemies.

Start-Up Journalism

The reporter simply reports the news, but it is greater to be inspired to better the situation.

Echoes Of The Big Bang

The Big Bang theory marked the scientific community's first sense of the universe having a beginning.

Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz, Chief Rabbi of the IDF, Shares his Thoughts for...

We, soldiers of the IDF, who stand guard over the people and the land, fulfill the hopes of the millions of Jewish people across the generations who sought freedom.

The Deeper Dimension Of Passover

How much is the human mind able to grasp of the Divine?

Trite But True: A Lesson For Passover 2014

Jews have brought the baggage of the galut (exile) mentality to the modern state of Israel.

Pesach In Exile: Why The Haggadah Was Compiled

The Haggadah is an instruction manual on how to survive as strangers in strange lands.

April 1944: A Jewish Exodus From The Polish Army

Jewish soldiers in the Polish forces often encountered anti-Semitic prejudice.

Halakhot of the Seder: Korekh

At our seder we emulate the way it was celebrated in Temple times, as if the Temple still stood.

What’s Really Holding Up Middle East Peace

Not one world leader holds Abbas accountable for his part in the breakdown of negotiations.

Passover Guide for the Perplexed, 2014

The 1948 re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty was a modern day Exodus and Parting of the Sea.

Precisely to Whom is Gov. Chris Christie Pandering?

Christie's "good friend" is an Imam who supports murderers of Jews and defames Israel and Christians.

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