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Sleeping Better At Night With George W. Bush In The White House

But the most jubilant people here in the Middle East are the vast majority of the Iraqi people themselves.

Joe Lieberman’s Jewish Inreach

The Jew committed to moderate religious observance was the one most likely to have been impacted by the senator's candidacy.

In Ninth Grade And Already Fighting The Liberal Thought Police

When someone says, "That's stupid," the next words spoken are often, "Not as stupid as George Bush."

Peres And The Gaza Transfer: A Scenario of the Imagination

Imagine! Shimon Peres - perennial antagonist of the settlers, self-appointed apologist for Arafat, tireless defender of the Arabs - had suddenly sprouted feathers of a different color.

A Whiff Of Auschwitz: Mel Gibson and the Gospel of Anti-Semitism

After his death, his followers - most of whom were simple fishermen and artisans - lived on in Galilee and Jerusalem.

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned About Sharon

There is an apparent need on the part of human beings, and certainly Jews, for a hero.

A-Morality: A New Standard

Our society to a great extent does not look upon itself as fostering immorality. When it comes to lifestyles the very term is stripped from our lexicon.

The Test of Jewish Leadership

How tragic and painful it is that our prime minister chose these days of song and rejoicing upon the blossoming of Jewish Life in our homeland to reveal his cowardly plans of uprooting Jews from their homes and land in Gush Katif and the Shomron.

The Bones Of Our Dead

Why are Israelis so willing to trade so much for a single life when the Palestinians are willing to expend their own so needlessly?

Six Comments On The Situation

The Times neglected to print that Yassin was held for murdering Alex Singer Ronen Weisman and Oren Kamil.

Debating Israel’s Demographic Time Bomb

She also ignored the Israeli commitment to a Jewish state, a commitment which, she assumes, becomes irrelevant when the new engineered social order is put in place.

Why Israel Should Not Withdraw From Gaza

Through the centuries there has been a large Jewish presence in Gaza - in fact, it was the largest Jewish community in the country at the time of the Muslim invasion (7th century CE).

A Deafening Explosion

There is another side to trauma and to traumatic events that we experience and survive in life.

My Last Meeting With Ronald Reagan

As it turned out, my services were not really needed. Ilya Zaslavsky, the young Russian parliamentarian, was quite fluent in English.

The Gift Of A Yeshiva Education

Observant Jews must never adopt an aura of superiority. We must never consider ourselves "better" or greater, or a cut above those who are not affiliated or observant.

Happy Birthday, President Reagan

"We all love you very much, Mr. President," I ventured, as I shook your hand for the last time. Immediately and to my surprise you came to life!

A Bird’s Eye View

Using the abacus as a functional teaching aid, Lazer taught me to understand the basics of math. He planted an old/new concept in my mind.

Don’t Demonize All On The Left

Those who insist that it be built only along the Green Line undermine the status of communities in Judea and Samaria that most Israelis want to permanently retain.

A Matter Of Mindset

Arafat himself had opposed the 1991 Gulf War that ousted Saddam's forces from Kuwait. Palestinians cheered when Iraqi Scud missiles crashed into Israeli cities.

Save The Golan

And so the Golan is in need. It needs Jews to recognize its unique importance.

Conservative Christians Put Principle Ahead Of Pragmatism

The behavior of those Christians who broke ranks deserves attention because it is a powerful rebuttal to the worst stereotypes about the Christian Right - stereotypes that critics are likely to dredge up as the debate over gay rights heats up.

The Blog Revolution: Holding Journalists’ Feet To The Fire

The Internet - particularly the blogosphere - has leveled the playing field, making it possible for anyone to hold media outlets accountable for what they publish or broadcast.

Aliyah: A Realistic Option

Imagine what your great grandparents would think if they knew you were rejecting an aliyah that is only a short planeride away.

A Bad Case Of Stockholm

As for Belgian Jews, in additional to their own EU taxes, they also have to fund the prosecution of Ariel Sharon as a war criminal.

Letter To An Anti-Zionist Jew

If this means that much of Judea and Samaria become Arab-free that is how it may need to be.


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