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Election 2004: The Israel Factor

12 Heshvan 5764 – November 7, 2003
Ironically, Lieberman, who is attempting to move up on the ticket this time and become the first Jewish president, isn't the only Democrat candidate with Jewish roots.

And Gabriel Spoke To Shimon…

"Here lies a man and here a child...and there a mother and here her daughter...and here... and there... All ages, both genders. Thousands of mounds, fresh and raw. Ignore them. They would have been spared had they only harkened to your warnings, my faithful servant Shimon."

Dershowitz vs. Dershowitz

The Arab and Muslim nations of the world must . . . come to accept not only Israel's continued existence as a fact but also its right to exist as a Jewish state in safety and security.

My Encounter With Madeleine Albright

When it came time for audience Q&A, Albright was blessed with one big, fat softball cream-puff question after another

Wesley The Weasel (II)

10 Heshvan 5764 – November 5, 2003
Last week's column on Wesley Clark drew letters of protest from several Clark boosters, one of whom castigated the Monitor for "an ad hominem attack with no substance on a distinguished general." All right, if it's substance you want, it's substance you'll get - though certainly not from candidate Clark, who thus far has shown very little of it.

Israeli Left’s Creed: Love Your Enemy, Hate Your Brother

5 Heshvan 5764 – October 31, 2003
The Peace Now demonstrators also denounced the Sharon government's policy of 'targeted killings' on the grounds that the policy helps perpetuate an endless cycle of violence.

Democrats Put Jews On Notice

A couple of years ago Rabbi Shmuley Boteach escorted the Rev. Al Sharpton on a visit to Israel, a move that backfired as Sharpton went back on his word and paid a visit to Yasir Arafat.

Secrets Of Successful Prayer

You can daven - every time - with the kavanah you want.

Time To Get Tough With Saudi Arabia

Despite all of the evidence against them Saudi leaders have the nerve to tell us that they are making efforts to stop terrorist funding.

For A Beloved Daughter On Her Sheloshim

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, for whatever reasons known only to Hashem, she had to face some serious challenges.

Our Self-Serving Criticism Of Israel

28 Tishri 5764 – October 24, 2003
As to the pros and cons of possible Israeli action, Arafat was and is a terrorist.

Will ‘The Passion’ Crucify the Jews?

In a huge media blitzkrieg, Icon executives argued in numerous interviews that 'the film is not anti-Semitic at all.' And then, in a not-too-ingenious effort to demonstrate this point, they insisted that 'the movie will meticulously follow the New Testament's narrative of the crucifixion.' How comforting.

No Solution Short Of War

22 Tishri 5764 – October 17, 2003
A similar "peace" deal as was crammed down Israel's throat ten years ago, and that led to where we are today.

Jewish Guilt Comes Calling

"Seeing that you pretend not to recognize me, let me re-introduce myself. I am the one known as Jewish Guilt.

It’s The Values, Stupid

Sasson for his part said: I'm proud of Jewish values which are values of justice and compassion. A lot of other people share those values.

Stop Supporting Israel

Next time you're in Israel or for that matter at the airport going to Israel take a good look around.

The Bride And The Uninvited Guest

The wedding invitation stated that in the cities of Judah and the outskirts of Jerusalem, the voices of brides and grooms would still be heard. The prophet had guaranteed it.

Bush Equals Hitler? Loony Left Slanders America And Trivializes The Holocaust

15 Tishri 5764 – October 10, 2003
And yet in polite and supposedly sophisticated circles in America today it is acceptable to say George Bush is akin to a Nazi and that America is becoming Nazi-like.

Why Terrorism Works

How did terrorism transform itself into freedom fighting and what are the reasons it has emanated from the Muslim world?

Depriving Children Of Belief: A Form Of Child Abuse?

Needless to say, not much in the way of mathematics, history, or even basic fluency is being learned.

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