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New Israel Fund Blames ISRAEL For Terror Attacks

Leftist New Israel Fund, backed by American Jews, blames Israel for attacks terrorizing Israeli Jews

A Season of Hell

We are well past the midnight hour for soliciting world understanding & support; WW III is underway

What We Can Do In Response To The Henkin Murders

There are concrete actions American Jews can take in response to the Henkin murders.

Don’t Flaunt It

Modesty stems from a sense of self-esteem and dignity. How do we develop this within ourselves?

An Early Read On The Presidential Race

One of Obama’s few accomplishments as Pres. was substantially lowered the bar for future aspirants.

Zionism is Moral: Justice Must Be Done Whether Barack Or Ahmed Agree Or Not

Regardless of whether Obama, Kerry or the EU agree, Israel protecting her citizens is moral and just

The Will To Life vs. The Will To Power: In Memory of Rabbi Eitam...

No country in the world today is more eloquent testimony to the will to life than Israel.

Application of Sovereignty – the Command of the Hour

Presenting a realistic, alternative plan to the Oslo Accords and the two-state solution.

American Jews, Including Alisa Doctoroff & Karen R. Adler Supporting Rock-Throwers In Israel

Dear "Leading Jews" who support NIF, Stones ARE dangerous – even those thrown at Jews in Israel

NY Times: No Israeli Victims of Palestinian Terrorism

NY Times "journalists" Rudoren & Hadid seem to practice “equivalency” not “objective” journalism

Jihad and the Destruction of History

When Muslims aren't blowing up Jews, they love blowing to smithereens antiquities of other cultures

Slaughter and Redemption

How can we spread our values while undermining the ideology of terrorists? The answer is simple...

Takk Fyrir

Icelanders, invest yourselves in saving both Israel & Iceland from the horrors of Islamic conquest

Mondoweiss’ Sickening Equivalence

Meitner is a sickening piece of trash who cannot condemn the Henkin murders without a caveat

Death Comes to Those Who Plot Against the Jew‏s

Ataollah Saleh, remember this lesson of history: Death comes to those who plot against the Jews

Wishful Thinking – Or Glimmers Of Hope?

More people must express themselves with positive messages & greetings instead of rocks & clashes

Obama’s Perfect Storm to Destroy Israel

Obama handed over the Middle East to Russia and Iran; Israel will pay the greatest price for that handoff.

The Truth About The Iran lobby

Since the deal with Iran, there has been active lobbying to normalize relations between US & Iran

Rejoicing – Despite An Empty Seat

Ezra & Nechemiah taught “...do not be sad, for the joy of Hashem is your strength" Chag Sameach!

Citizenship and the Uma

New US laws permit Muslims to avoid serving in US Armed Forces if US is confronted by other Muslims

Krauthammer’s Blunder

Krauthammer called candidate Ben Carson's view that a Muslim shouldn't be Pres. “morally outrageous”

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

I wonder if Wasserman-Schultz understands that being Jewish is not synonymous with being a Democrat?

Why Is the Founder of Craigslist A Leader of An Extremist Organization That Boycotts...

NIF raises $30 Million annually from prominent US Jews including CraigsList founder, Craig Newmark

The Meaning Of A Landsman

The kindness of fellow Jews can occur in the most unexpected places--benefits of being a "Landsman"

The Iran Deal: Bad For America And Israel

The Senate failed to block the Iran nuclear agreement, a deal which is bad for the US and Israel.

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