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The Hasmoneans and the Pope

The Roman Catholic Church places upon the head of its Pope the 2 crowns of government and religion

UC Riverside Course Raises Anti-Semitism Concerns

“...Israel as an ‘occupying’ power; deems it morally repugnant; guilty of ‘settler-colonialism'"

Speaking with the Fire Marshal on Safety and Halacha

Fires are often caused by careless mistakes. People must use better judgment in fire prevention.

Israel Defense Minister: Terrorists ‘Use Our Law Against Us’

Ya’alon thanked Shurat HaDin for its legal advocacy against terrorism in the international arena.

Harm The Israel Defense Forces by Funding New Israel Fund

Supporting boycotting Israel and undermining the IDF crosses all red lines and must be countered.

J Street: Desperate to be Relevant

Good News Israel Fans: The J Street conference could be held in a phone booth; AIPAC needs a stadium

A Great Leader of Israel has Passed – Rabbi Moshe Levinger, obm

Rabbi Levinger was a symbol of simplicity, always traveled by hitchhiking or by bus, despised materialism, was always on a mission, always active for the People of Israel and the Land of Israel.

Recognize the Legitimate Rights of Self-Determination Now!!

It is time to acknowledge Alaric I and his descendents, as the true & rightful rulers of the Vatican

Bitburg Bears Remembering

Some of the president’s defenders took to arguing that the overwhelming majority of German military personnel interred in Bitburg were regular Wehrmacht soldiers who died on the battlefield and likely were not involved in atrocities against civilians.

A Birthright Abandoned

The Temple hosted Jacob Labendz who claimed when Israel “occupied” Arab land he lost his birthright!

Saudis View Obama With Increasing Disdain

Obama thought he could replace the Saudis with Iran as the new ME lynchpin without paying a price

Infrastructure and Assertive Diplomacy: How Senate Must Reassert US Influence in the Middle East

Israel may serve as the regional cornerstone in thwarting the growing power of Iran & militant Islam

Rabbi Akiva: A Model For Midlife Career Change And Renewal

Drops of water impacting a stone inspired Akiva by relentless effort to succeed; a lesson for us all

The Supreme Court’s Influence

The inspiration for the US Constitution was the shared moral values of Judaism and Christianity

The Washington Post Sinks to Mondoweiss level (updated)

Now that Shaked is about to take an important post, slanderous rumors are making the rounds--again.

Iran and the Suspension of Disbelief‏

Suspension of disbelief towards Iran characterizes the Pres. administrations of both Carter & Obama

“Oudist on the Roof”

"If I were a Shaheed, yababa-deidledie, all day long I'd detonate for fun, if I were a Shaheed guy"

Yossi Beinart, CEO Of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Supports Organization Behind Boycotts Of Israel

How can the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange CEO support&serve as a leader of NIF, champions of BDS movement?

Supporting Christians in the Middle East IS Zionism

A Hareidi rabbi, a pro-IDF priest & a secular pro-Israel org working together is Zionism in action

Pro-Israel Advocates Should Support Ted Cruz’ Hosts

Weiderpass and his businesses’ are being boycotted by gay extremists for hosting an event with Cruz

Does the West Care for Rights in Iran ?

Iran commits barbaric crimes against women,journalists, artists, Christians, Baha’is, Kurds & others

A Tribute To Orthodox Single Moms

This Mother’s Day let's recognize an astounding group of Jewish "Supermoms": the Jewish Single Mom!

You Pray Your Way, I’ll Pray Mine

For coexistence, Jews (& everyone) must draw a line in the sand showing “This is where we part ways”

‘This Day’: Derech Eretz and the Study of Torah

Lag B'Omer became the “Scholar's Festival” reminding all that derech eretz kadmah l’Torah-

The Rising Star of the Middle East, Muhammad Bin Salman

The appointment of Muhammad Bin Salaman may well improve relations between Israel and the Saudis

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