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Rivers & Borders

The Jordan River became a border between the vast Arab world and the tiny Jewish nation.

The “Everyone Loses” Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Congress must take a stand to fix this deal which hurts Israel and makes peace more remote

Does this Deal Prevent Iran from Developing a Nuclear Weapon?

Burden of proof's on Obama to demonstrate the deal "prevents" Iran from "obtaining a nuclear weapon"

Time to Call Obama and Kerry What They Are: Traitors

We have met the enemy; He is in the White House.

Let’s Stop Saying Kaddish for Living Jews

Let's tone down the rhetoric and declaring we will say "Kaddish" for Jews who are very much alive.

What to Do…

What do we do next? We can and should pray. Not to America but to G-d. Perhaps a Fast Day?

Dignity – “New” Definitions

Society's path on health care (considering "quality” of another’s life) is morally wrong, un-Jewish

The Greatest of Fools‏

Pres. Obama, you foolishly speak of peace and agreements with a nation sworn to annihilate Israel.

Peace-Loving Jewish Left-Dwelling Americans

Jewish Americans opposing the "Occupation" believe Jewish people have no indigenous rights to Israel

New Israel Fund Supporting & Openly Funding BDS Against Israel

"Israel advocates" must cease funding organizations encouraging & supporting the boycott of Israel.

The WORST Agreement in U.S. Diplomatic History

The devil's not in the details; It’s in the entire Iran nuke deal, animated by Obama’s delusions

Money: Reflections On The Blessing And The Curse

Overcoming the challenge of affluence and remaining a down to earth baal-middos is worthy of praise

Anti-Semitism: A Brief Portrait

How has anti-Semitism persisted throughout history? Times may change but people & human nature don't

Welcome To The Counterculture

As Torah-observing Jews should we re-evaluate our view on Gay Marriage? The answer, of course, is NO

My Rabbi Needs Legal Aid

"Rabbi, how will you answer 2 Jewish men when they ask that their wedding be performed in our shul?"

Michael Oren Names a Villain

ALLY is a terrific read because Oren has a mission: Defending&protecting the Jewish State of Israel.

Hillary: George Soros is NO Friend of Israel

George Soros: “European anti-Semitism is the result of the policies of Israel and the United States”

Stand Up Against Iran

Those who suggest further capitulation to Iran are wrongly harming the interests of the West.

Who Is Damaging Relations Between Arabs and Jews?

Few Arab Israelis found anything positive in the decision of its MKS to join any Gaza flotilla.

Michael Oren is Tired of American Jews-and So Am I

US Jews prefer to be like their non-Jewish liberal friends complaining about "settlements" and Bibi

The Jim Joseph Foundation, The Jewish Communal Fund & Others Must Stand With Israel...

New Israel Fund & its supporters must be countered; Israel's in the midst of an unprecedented storm

The New Peacemakers – ISIS and Iran

PM Netanyahu this week identified ISIS and Iran as Israel's primary threat. It is a planetary threat that carries the promise of peace.

Haym Salomon: Remembering a Founding Father on Independence Day

Haym Solomon, overlooked hero of the Revolutionary War, was America's "Funding Father."

The United Nations Has Israel’s Blood On Its Hands

There's blood on the reporters' hands AND New Israel Fund for funding groups feeding lies to the UN

Life, Liberty, And Gratitude

Respect & appreciation for our country is not only a civic value but an essential Jewish one as well

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