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A Disgraceful Precedent

Roosevelt sneaked out of the White House through a rear exit rather than meet with the 400 Rabbis

Israel Education: The Assimilation Buster

Jewish life in Israel due to global aliyah is truly remarkable-it's a portrait of cultural diversity

They Were Killed Because They Were Jews And Christians

The White House spokesman went out of his way to avoid acknowledging that the killers were Muslims.

Finally Understanding: How Being the Son of a Holocaust Survivor Shaped My Life

Father grew up poor in Europe. He slaved so we should be comfortable and to remain observant Jews

The Left has Learned Nothing from the Rabin Murder

Last night I arrived to a Bayit Yehudi campaign event in Haifa. My security detail would not let me enter the building because of radical leftist activists who had entered the hall...

A Nation in Freefall

Repeating the mantra “Israel has the right to defend itself” ad nauseam is not an adequate defense

The Mount of Olives- The Most Significant Forgotten Component In Israeli-Palestinian Arab Relations

Jews outside of Israel would spread soil from the Mount of Olives on the graves of their loved ones

Kalman Samuels Proves Dreams Really Can Come True

Shalva founders, the Samuels understood that special-needs children and their families needed more

Immanuel: G-d is With Us!

Immanuel defies stereotypes; Hareidi/Hassidic learning and living Torah while supporting themselves

Open Letter to The Jews of Europe: Be Accountable for Your Own Self-Defense

The cherished 2nd Amendment was conceived for exactly the situation European Jews are now facing

Silence on “New Fascism” Immoral

Leaders of the liberal democratic world must combat the rise in "New Fascism" wherever it is found

To Those Contemplating a BDS Vote Against Israel…

BDS'ers invoke "human rights" (a concept the Jews introduced to the world) in attacking Israel

Of Wings and Cognitive Restructuring

Remembering the bitter in life to find the sweet is essential-Like at Seder: Embrace your narrative

A Jew And A Catholic Went To Congress….(Just Saying)

Boehner invited 2 leaders to speak to the Congress checking on neither with Obama-Bibi and the Pope

Decades Of Anti-Israel Hatemongering By Sweden’s Social Democrats

A record number of hate crimes complaints in Malmö from 2010 through 2011 led to zero convictions

The Yarmulke

Jews cover the head not as ID but because wearing it makes concrete to ourselves our devotion to God

Remembering The Master Historian Sir Martin Gilbert

Martin Gilbert was knighted in 1995 for “services to British history and international relations”

Abraham Lincoln and Jewish Thought: A Union Made in Heaven

Lincoln proved a great friend to the small US Jewish population by granting them generous benefits

How to Fix the Israeli Economy in Five Steps

Israel's political system prevents bold economic reforms. Economist Gilad Alper offers 5 grand moves

Tax Tips: Choosing the Right Accountant

The question is, how do you choose the right accountant? Knowing the right answer can save serious $

US-Israel Ties: The Mutually Beneficial, Two-Way Street

In recent years, the US-Israel relation has been transformed into a mutually-beneficial 2 way-street

Netanyahu Purges the Bias out of the Israel Prize Committees

The Israel Prize, the nation's premier prize, is awarded in a range of areas for various disciplines

Palestinian Authority Studied Details of Each Terrorist Act Before Issuing Salaries

Abbas scrutinized details of each case details of each terrorist act before awarding $ and honors

Saudi Historian Claims Women Should Not Drive Cars Unless They Want To Get Raped

A Saudi woman's like a queen without a chauffeur, driven around by Saudi men whenever she commands

The 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: My Visit

"and then the smell, 70 years later, offending the olfactory, an unwanted gift to remind the future"

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