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Tips for Singles: How to Maximize your Shidduchim and More Easily Find Your Bashert

Singles tend to revert to the “perfect picture” that exists only in their minds.

Operation Protective Edge: The Ugly Truth!

Purpose of Milchemet Mitzvah: Destroy the enemies of Israel to protect Jews and the land of Israel.

The Ideological War

But we can conduct an offensive. If we believe in our ideas, we can attack.


It’s because in Gaza, Hamas and the UNRWA are the same thing.

What Harry Potter Can Teach Us About Gaza

Supporting Israel, like supporting Harry Potter, is the only path to lasting peace.

The Images Missing From The Gaza war

How is it that the journalists aren't able to get any images of Palestinians fighting the Israelis?

The Vanishing Two-State Solution

A growing chorus of influential voices is arguing that Israel needs to finish the job in Gaza.

Leniencies In The Matter Of Agunot

Rambam: Regarding a husband who refuses to give a Get: "He is beaten until he says, ‘I agree.’ ”

Is An Ideological War Winnable?

"If Israel's offering of land, economic improvements, and even autonomy will not help, what will?"

The Collective Heart Of Am Yisrael

An Israeli soldier: "We feel an amazing embrace by the whole nation; we're all part of one family"

The Gaza War, and the New U.S. Jewish Consensus on Israel

" When asked about the Gaza War, 93% of American Jews said they sympathize with Israel;"

On Sacrificing Our Soldiers

Why couldn’t the artillery barrage have been implemented before the soldiers went into that hell?

The Empty Spaces in Gaza

Re-posted with permission from The Gatestone Institute How many times have you heard on television or read in the media that the Gaza Strip is...

If the Leaders are afraid to Lead, Let Them Step Down

A government afraid to complete a justified military campaign must step down from leadership.


When it comes to Israel, the US State Department has invented different rules.

Barack “Hussein” Obama: Enemy of G-d

"I was banned from the Times of Israel. And I am proud of it!"

Stress On Diversifying IDF Capabilities

Protests in Israel in 2011 reflect a change in priorities of Israelis: “More butter, fewer guns.”

Obama’s Gaza Game

Obama went to begin the Arab Spring in Egypt which is still his target; Israel is just the lever.

The Faux Investigations Of Human Rights Watch

HRW “investigations” reflect anti-Israel bias, lack of research, and flat-out fabrications.

Why I Look At Israel And Don’t See Tragedy

his Tisha B’Av, and this Tu B’Av, remember: Hashem will protect us if we unite and rally around Him

A Nation That Stands Alone?

Israel’s morality is underscored by its unprecedented restraint and care for loss of life.

Where is the Outrage?

Where is the outrage against Hamas ..?

For the Shloshim of Our Boys: The Blood of Our Brothers

When will the world realize, by the grace of Gd, we are here to stay?

What A Century Has Wrought

World War I had sown chaos throughout the centuries-old Jewish communities of Eastern Europe.

Combating ISIS influence in India

ISIS poses a great threat to the entire civilized world in general and liberal democracies in particular.

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