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The Case For Big Shuls

There are several reasons – aside from the aesthetics – why big shuls should continue to exist.

A Tone-Deaf Dialogue On Ferguson And Race

Academicians often offer the obscene rationalization that terrorism is "the weapon of the weak”

The Maccabee In The Senior Center

The longer we have suffered in galus, the greater the miracle of Jewish survival.

Europe Reverts To Anti-Semitic Form

Perfidious and hypocritical as it is, Europe claims the high moral ground for itself

What Would Israel Look Like Without Jewish National Fund?

JNF-USA and KKL are two completely separate and entirely independent organizations.

Palestinians Want Jordan Out of Al-Aqsa

Those dreaming of a Hashemite controlled West Bank should view this event as a strong wake-up call


Last week there were several sightings of "Santa" in Judea/Samaria in Israel, all protesters.

Muslim Brotherhood Against Humanity

Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 as reaction to Ataturk's abolishing the Caliphate in 1924

Muslim Women Sue in US Courts for Right to Wear Islamic Garb on the...

Niqab(Facemask) & burqa (body sack)mask all 5 senses,so what’s wrong with the hijab (head covering)?

Israel and the NON-Omnipotent US Presidency

The Constitution upgraded the role of Congress to the primary branch of the US government

When Playstation and Xbox Go Down, We Go Up

There is no difficulty today recognizing the “doubled and redoubled” darkness of the world.

Beyond “Correct” Political Analysis

Is not Israel's policy of “territory for peace” with Arab leaders criminally irresponsible?

The Straightforward Message of the Arabs VS. The Convoluted Jewish Argument

Israel must develop it's truthful message to be as clear & simple to comprehend as the Arab's lies

Aristotle and Jewish Thought: A Harmonious Encounter

2 basic aspects of Aristotelian thought remarkably like Jewish thought: "Involvement" & "Purpose"

Bill Cosby And Believability

It shakes our sense of justice when allegations against a famed role model are covered up or ignored

“Gam zu l’tova” and the Knesset

The silver lining with early elections is the chance to change the current dysfunctional government.

Time To Rethink Holocaust Remembrance Day?

The Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland informed the host he could not say “Israel or Jewish state”

Kosher Certification for Maccabees

It's fascinating how sources attain the status "traditional," or its equivalent level of kashrus.

The New Russian Agenda: How Would Reagan Respond?

The West needs to ensure Russia understands that aggression comes at a significant cost.

‘My Son Is Not A Learner’: Time for Changes in the Yeshiva Educational System

What benefit is a learning experience that leaves kids confused,disillusioned&harms self confidence?

NYC Cop Killer Motivated by Radical Islam

Girlfriend and double cop-killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley apparently was influenced by Islamic extremism.

The Menorah Revolution: Activism Through Light

A revolution is taking place between good and evil; light and darkness. Make the light activism!

The Countdown to the Next Gaza Conflict Has Begun

Hamas recently stated publicly that a new explosion of violence against Israel is imminent.

Yes, Israel should officially designate herself a Jewish State

We can never allow Israel in the name of democracy to turn herself into an Arab or bi-nationalstate

ISIS on The Borders of Israel

The Jordanian public is a fertile ground of anger that could be easily exploited by ISIS.

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